• Foilacar offers premium look and ultimate protection


    Foilacar20160614Protect your investment and give it that premium look with Foilacar.

    Known as the innovator in paint protection technology and colored film wraps, one can change the color of a car in a snap, without the hassles of going through a tedious paint makeover process.

    “It is the ultimate in car protection and aesthetics, initially developed for industrial use. We have different color hues to choose from and a professionally trained service crew. Imagine lesser maintenance and change of color anytime at a practical price. We also offer clear film protection to protect your valuable investment,” said Lester Codog, managing partner of Foilacar Industries.

    “My guideline is that Foilacar guarantees the paint job of the car to be preserved. We can guarantee it to be scratch and weather-proof and can last for at least five years. After five years and you decide to sell the car, we simply remove the foil and your car’s paint job is still shiny from the day it left the showroom floor,” he added.

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