Follow-up transport infra study ready by November


A follow-up study on a transport infrastructure development roadmap for Metro Manila and nearby provinces – an area also known as the Greater Capital Region — is expected to be finished in November, the Japan International Cooperation Agency said.

“It’s timely to identify new strategies and solutions to present traffic situation in Metro Manila and surrounding areas as the administration aggressively pushes for transport infrastructure development under the ‘Build Build Build’ agenda,” JICA Senior Representative Tetsuya Yamada said in a statement on Monday.

“Together with other government agencies and local government units, the follow-up study aims to come up with urban transport strategies addressing traffic demand in the coming years, improve mobility, identify land use management, and identify reforms in the transport sector,” Yamada added.

The original study, called the Roadmap for Transport Infrastructure Development for Metro Manila and its Surrounding Areas, was conducted by JICA along with the National Economic and Development Authority. It was approved by the Philippine government in 2014.

JICA has said that daily traffic jams lead to the loss of P2.4 billion per day, which could rise to P6 billion by 2030 if remain unresolved.

“With the follow-up study, we hope to contribute to helping spread economic opportunities in areas outside Metro Manila, attract more investments, and promote a better quality of life for all,” Yamada said.


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