Food, glorious food: what’s cooking in Metro hotels?


Hotels and establishments offer various treats offer treats in celebrating the Year of the Fire Rooster.

Man Ho at Marriott Hotel

MAN HO is inviting you to make your New Year celebrations more memorable with a lavish 11-course feast. You may choose from following two set menus:

The Good Fortune, which includes marinated radish and black fungus as starters, assorted barbecued meat combination with a covetous suckling pig, braised dried oyster with garlic and vegetables, braised fish-lip soup with sea cucumber and black mushroom, sautéed clam meat and sliced chicken with celery chili sauce, steamed live tiger garoupa fish, deep-fried crispy chicken, stir-fried kai lan with ginger sauce, fried rice cooked Fujian-style, and desserts like sweetened red bean cream with dumplings, custard bun with egg yolk, and coconut pudding with red bean.

The Infinite Happiness Set, on the other hand, costs P42,888++ and includes appetizers like smoked fish and Japanese cucumber, roasted goose in Hong Kong style (a rare and first in Manila), roasted suckling pig, braised conpoy with dried oyster and vegetables, braised fish maw soup and shredded duck, sautéed scallops with asparagus in XO sauce, steamed live pink garoupa fish, poached seasonal vegetables with salty egg and preserved egg, fried rice with diced chicken and salty fish, sweetened red bean cream with dumplings, steamed custard bun with egg yolk, and coconut pudding with red bean.

These set menus are available from Jan. 28 to Feb. 11, 2017. For details, log on to <>.

Conrad Hotel
Bring in the luck and feast on sumptuous meals with family, friends, and business partners at the award-winning China Blue by Jereme Leung, from Jan. 15 to Feb. 2. Enjoy the specially prepared Lunar New Year set menu treasures by Chef Khorr and his culinary team featuring house specialties.

Glutinous rice cake

Toss to an auspicious year: gather around the table, chopsticks in hand, and toss the special Yee Sang ingredients up in the air while saying “Lo Hei” and your wishes for the New Year.

Give your palate a good start with braised abalone, dried oysters, and sea cucumber with seasonal vegetables for success of business and for financial prosperity. Relish mouth-watering stir-fried lobster with golden broth XO sauce. Lobster in Chinese is the King of the Sea for wealth, happiness and prosperity.

Also warm your heart and stomach with steamed seafood and mushroom money bag in dry scallop sauce as part of the Chinese New Year Hot and Cold Combination Platter for good luck and to welcome “money in the bag.” For details, log on to

Sofitel Philippine Plaza
As the Year of the Rooster promises prosperity, happiness and opportunities, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila presents a featured culinary offer available from Jan. 25 to 29.
This bountiful feast is prepared by Spiral’s culinary artisan, Chinese Chef Michael Tai. Embark on a gastronomic journey, inspiring fortune and abundance featuring three variations of Chinese cuisine: Cantonese, Hakka, and Sze Chuan.

“The Year of the Rooster is all about the Chinese concept of bian nian hao he, meaning, the perfect time for reunions to celebrate love for all season, encouraging harmony and lifelong happiness,” Tai said. “I have prepared a big feast for families to share as they welcome prosperity, happiness and good fortune into their lives.”

The featured menu showcase recipes from the Canton and Sichuan provinces and select dishes from Taiwan. Cantonese food is known for its freshness and for highlighting the natural taste of its ingredients. Sze Chuan dishes are known for its bold and spicy flavors headlined by the use of garlic, chili peppers and the famous Sze Chuan pepper.

Hakka cuisine is the definition of gastronomic simplicity yet inspires the finest flavors. Together in an epicurean ensemble, Tai presents an auspicious beginning to the Year of the Rooster. The menu showcases the luxurious abalone braised in superior sauce; steamed fish Hong Kong style; braised dry mussel with sea moss; golden prawn in salted egg yolk; sautéed scallop with sweet walnut in XO sauce; and marmite crab.

For the Hakka selection, enjoy featured dishes, including: Hakka style pork knuckles; braised pork belly with preserved vegetable; Hakka deep-fried pork organ; Hakka-style salt and baked chicken; treasure fried rice in lotus leaf; and the basin dish called Poon choi.

The Sze Chuan cuisine features Chang qing la ji chicken, cumin lamb, home-made noodle (zha jiang mian), beef (rou jia mo) Chinese hamburger, braised sea cucumber in Sze Chuan sauce and kung pao squid with cashew nuts.
For more details, log on to

City Garden Grand Hotel
The CGGH offers a special treat featuring a delightful feast at Spice Cafe. For the whole occasion of the Chinese New Year celebration, Spice Café offers a delectable Chinese lauriat meal good for three to four persons. Everyone will get to enjoy an outstandingly prepared prosperity feast by Executive Chef Dennis Peralta and his team.
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