• Food Network’s Nigella Lawson coming to Manila

    Nigella Lawson

    Nigella Lawson

    If men have the famous Gordon Ramsay championing their league in the culinary world, the descendants of Venus have the beautiful and multi-talented Nigella Lawson to raise their flag.

    Initially a food enthusiast, the beautiful Lawson first turned heads in the food world as a book and restaurant critic for several publications. A master of words and not just of flavors, she was formerly Deputy Literary Editor of The Sunday Times in the United Kingdom before breaking out as a successful freelance writer.

    With her name steadily rising as a favorite among foodies, she went on to publish books on a variety of topics on food, eventually accumulating nine best-selling titles to her name, the most successful of which, How to Eat, sold more than six million copies worldwide.

    With a beautiful face to go with her wit and sophisticated palate, Lawson naturally branched out to television, churning out feel-good food in various shows on the Food Network such as Nigella Bites, Forever Summer with Nigella, and Nigella Express, among others.

    To add to her long list of credentials, the culinary star has also launched her very own iPhone and iPad applications. Her influence on social media rings amounts to 1.8 million followers on Facebook, 1.39 million on Twitter, and 781,000 on Instagram.

    With all these achievements, Lawson has jearned the title of “domestic goddess” with good reason, and as The Manila Times has learned, will bring her enchanted ways in the kitchen to Manila on September 6.

    The 56-year-old international celebrity chef will visit the country to help introduce Contadina, a brand of Italian-inspired tomato-based sauces, olive oil and pasta, in the local market. More importantly, Filipino fans will get to ask her where she puts all the rich recipes she whips in her voluptuous frame.



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    1. How to eat sold like 300,000 copies. Worldwide she has only sold 3,000,000 copies of all her cookbooks over the last 15 or so years.

    2. “More importantly, Filipino fans will get to ask her where she puts all the rich recipes she whips in her voluptuous frame.”

      Actually, NO. That’s not important at all. What does her figure have to do with anything? It’s not relevant to her work was a cookbook author, cook, and TV personality. And it’s certainly not so important to her fans as to ask her about it. Not only is that statement poorly written, it’s terribly sexist, disrespectful, and intrusive. And to think that a woman wrote this story.