• Foodies given ‘fresh choices’ in Lucena resto


    Live crabs, eel, Lapu-lapu in their respective liner-aquarium await diners of an unassuming nook in Talao-talo village, Lucena City.

    And the “catch” for prospective clients? The restaurant has no menu, so they would not get confused on the dishes they prefer to partake of.

    “We don’t offer a menu because we serve what’s in season or what’s available at a time diners are here,” said restaurant owner Vincent Yam in halting English, adding that he is more adept in speaking Chinese and Tagalog dialect.

    The restaurant is named after Vincent and his wife Rossana, Anncent Seafood Restaurant, which is located in Lucena City.

    Vincent is a Hong Kong national who chose to move to Lucena City five years ago with his Filipina wife and two kids, and is now try his hand at running a restaurant.

    He assured that he do not use artificial seasoning and spices, instead he uses herbs and spices imported from Hong Kong. Hence.

    Yam has his own version of Calamares—fried squid coated with eight kinds of herbs and spices, sea urchin ‘Sisig,’ luscious mussels or “tab,” sotanghon with fried crabs still with their “sipits,” and sweet and sour Lapu-lapu.

    Though Anncent started dishing out in December 2014, their clientele is steadily growing, particularly Chinese families in Lucena City, most of whom, are known to enjoy good food.


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    1. Great article and even better to see that the restaurant has no menu giving the customers full control of what they want to order! Recently I’ve been cooking a lot from home and I’ve been using a diet outline from a cookbook that I recently purchased. It’s great and helps me stay on top of my eating. Hopefully one day I can dine at this place :)