• Why fools fall in love



    HOMICIDE raps slapped on BSAIII. It is hard to defend it as an honest mistake or an action done in good faith.

    The Court of Appeals has issued a temporary restraining order against the Ombudsman’s suspension of four Energy Regulatory Commission commissioners. I hope the Ombudsman will not harp on its independence.

    A senator wants an arrest order issued on a former poll chief. If arrested and subjected to a mug shot, I don’t expect the “angry bird” to smile and say “Chiz.”

    * * *

    Trillanes declared persona non grata by the Davao City Council.

    The city council cited Trillanes’ comment that Davao City allegedly had the highest murder rate and is the number one most dangerous city in the Philippines.

    — This man is dangerous to be loitering around any city. His rabid behavior to always besmirch anybody’s reputation is now legendary. Never an officer, never a gentleman.

    Ombudsman junks Trillanes’ plunder case vs Duterte. The Ombudsman has junked the plunder case against President Rodrigo Duterte, the Solicitor General said Tuesday.

    Sources from the Office of the Ombudsman told CNN Philippines the investigation ended because of insufficiency of evidence and lack of merit.

    –A case of “laban-laban and bawi-bawi.”

    * * *

    Welcome developments:
    DENR to shut down 51 Boracay polluters.

    DENR gives erring Boracay establishments two months to ‘shape up.’

    Cimatu orders 300 business establishments in Boracay closed.

    Forty percent, or around 300 establishments in Boracay, were found to have been causing water pollution as they have failed to comply with the country’s sewerage regulations, according to Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu.

    Cimatu said he will bring in all bureaus and attached agencies of the DENR, including the Environmental Management Bureau and the Forest Management Bureau, in addressing Boracay’s serious garbage and wastewater woes.

    I have always believed that there is a reason why General Roy was appointed. I worked with him in a previous administration and he is that kind of guy whose lips are sealed and prefers to act silently and swiftly. He ignores political affiliations and grade members of his team according to performance. He listens, evaluates, and weighs thoroughly the impacts of his decision and sees to it that they will be beneficial to a greater number.

    * * *

    News: Two justices assert that Sereno was unfit for the job. Testifying before the House committee on justice, Associate Justices Teresita de Castro and Diosdado Peralta said Sereno did not qualify for the top post because she failed to submit her SALN for the last 10 years as required by the Judicial and Bar Council.

    “I believe that a grave injustice was done to us, the other applicants, for the position of chief justice,” De Castro told the panel. “All of us complied with this requirement. Also, we executed a waiver of secrecy so that the JBC could compare bank records with the SALN… How can you compare the bank deposit if there’s no SALN?”

    — It was unfair indeed. It sends chills to my spine knowing the JBC can conspire to appoint the wrong candidate for the highest position of the highest court.

    * * *

    Garcia: “Ombudsman can’t oust me.”

    Cebu Rep. Gwendolyn Garcia does not see her position being threatened by a dismissal order of the Ombudsman. She said a mere copy of the letter sent to House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez was not enough to remove her from the House: “The Constitution states, a sitting member of Congress can only be suspended by a vote of two-thirds of all its members.”

    — Cong Gwen, did it ever occur to you the possibility of a female-to- female phone call where one is in distress and asking for help from the other?

    * * *

    I heard that someone had the bright idea of selling Valentine cards for mothers-in-law. For obvious reasons, it was discontinued as a non-moving item.

    Most husbands can’t believe it. It just started with a valentine card. It ended with a credit card and an extension.

    Valentines Day is the day your wife wonders why you bought again another refrigerator when you just gifted her a brand new ref the other day.

    Somebody asked me why Valentines Day is always represented by a heart as its symbol. Does he really think that a kidney, liver, brain, or intestine will be more romantic?

    Kung “HEART” Fat Choi. Two greetings in one. Time to right-size.

    Male seniors, please celebrate Valentines Day with caution. Your heart may not be as strong as your ego.

    The only time i enjoy being called a fool is when I fall in love.

    * * *

    The Manila Times Business Forum – Build, Consume, Grow:
    The soldiers who defeated Islamic State-inspired terrorists in Marawi City after five months of fighting were collectively given the “Man of the Year” award during the Manila Times’ 7th Business Forum at Marco Polo Hotel.

    In his speech, Manila Times President and Chief Executive Officer Dante Francis Ang 2nd said the “Man of the Year” award was “meant to recognize an individual who had great impact on this country over the last year.”

    Ang said the soldiers and policemen deployed to Marawi were recognized for their gallantry, dedication, and commitment during the battle with more or less 1,000 terrorists belonging to the Maute and Abu Sayyaf groups, which had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

    “It is to those who fought valiantly, including those who perished, that we offer The Manila Times ‘Man of the Year’ award for 2018.

    Had our soldiers failed, we would not be here today. ISIS would have gained a toehold in the Philippines, and perhaps all of Mindanao would have been off limits for security reasons to many of you in attendance here today. Worse, this country would have been the springboard to larger, more destructive movements in the Asean region.”

    I really don’t mind if someone will greet me Happy Balentymes as long as I’ll be greeted Happy Esther come Holy Week

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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