• For a forensic examination of Smartmatic’s AES system and platform


    IF YOU, dear reader, have not yet read today’s Let’s Face IT! (LFIT!) column by Namfrel’s Lito Averia, who is one of our country’s topmost information technology and election process experts, please do read it at once.

    Our P1 banner story and the sidebar to it also shows the dreadful things that Smartmatic has done to our election process, in 2010, 2013, and in the just concluded election. Not known to many is that as early as when Smartmatic did pilot use of its Automated Election System (AES) using the PCOS machines in the ARMM, expert observers already saw how open to fraud and manipulation its system is.

    What Mr. Averia and his fellow experts—including our roundtable guest yesterday, Antonio Contreras, De La Sale University Political Science professor, whose study showed him that statistically impossible shifts in vote counts happened in this election–is for the system to be opened for review and examination.

    This will be a tedious and thorough process. The review will tell the truth.

    Our columnist Lito Averia concludes his column today with these words, which we wholeheartedly endorse:

    “Let’s face IT. In the eyes of many, Mr. Garcia’s action threatened the integrity of the AES and the accuracy of the election results. The matter merits full investigation. It must be done regardless of the personalities involved. It must be done for our country, our Republic. Smartmatic must be held liable.”

    * * *

    We also print in full below, the formal call of our partner in seeking the best for our democracy, TanggulangDemokrasya (TanDem) Inc. “for the immediate conduct of a digital forensic examination of the system (software) and platform (hardware) of the automated election network by the anti-cyber crime group of the Philippine National Police, with representatives of independent IT groups as observers.”

    Let the people’s voice prevail! Protect the people’s will!

    The people’s vote is sacred. The free results of the elections are the collective voice of the people. As such it is every citizen’s duty to protect it and let it prevail.

    We, members of the Tanggulang Demokrasya, believe that a clean, honest and credible elections are the cornerstone of a democratic society.

    We view with grave concern the blatant attempt by those mandated to conduct the 2016 elections to tamper with the computerized system that may affect the true results of the elections.

    We denounce the widely publicized unauthorized uploading of a computer script (instructions) to the transparency server in the course of the quick count, as publicly admitted by both the Comelec and Smartmatic.

    Accordingly, we call for the immediate conduct of a digital forensic examination of the system (software) and platform (hardware) of the automated election network by the anti-cyber crime group of the Philippine National Police, with representatives of independent IT groups as observers.

    We demand that Comelec address this call right now in the interest of transparency and truth of the 2016 elections.

    Let the true voice of the people prevail! Comelec must protect, not thwart, the people’s will.

    Makati City, Philippines. 17 May 2016.

    The instrument is signed by the officers of Tanggulang Demokrasya (TanDem), Inc.


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    1. The Comelec will block any sttempt to initiate an investigation as long as the commissioners appointed by outgoing president Aquino are still in office.

    2. emmanuel mallari jr on

      if push comes to shove and comelec not budging to open its servers (AES) for forensic audit and congress declares robredo as the winner, sure as hell that BM will go to SC. at this point in time, BM is just doing a waiting game of what will happen next before making a move. I cannot say the same for the lady…she’s too presumptuous.

    3. during the pilot use of the (AES) PICOS machine in the ARMM most of us didnt vote for the regional gubernatorial position since there was no real opposition to the candidate but when the ERs came out he won overwhelmingly in our precinct (and this happened in almost all precincts in our province). also, the recent news about the VCM in Lanao del Sur is true – the shade for Duterte came out as a vote for Roxas…i didnt vote for either Marcos nor Robredo but since the result of this counting (for VP) has become truly doubtful, a complete recount should be done. the truth must come out in fairness to both candidates and especially to the Filipino people.

    4. opinionated na pinoy on

      Excellent move, by conducting digital forensic examination on both, hardware and software of the system and COMELEC should not block nor impede this process for the sake of transparency and truth of this year’s election.

      This digital forensic examination will mainly focus on the effect of the “script program” that was introduced or loaded by Smartmatic technician during the transmission of votes to the transparency server. The COMELEC should respond by saying “Just Do It!”

    5. zero votes will not happen like what was in marcos result done in basilan ARMM coz the member of iglesia ni cristo member vote for marcos . so it must be recounted to surface the truth of clean honest election result .

    6. william cartledge on

      So exactly what is being done to get this rectified .Obviously it cant go on forever, either a complete independent recount, or call a snap election for the role of Vice Presidency only.

    7. Electronic voting machines are perfectly designed to steal elections. That’s their principle purpose. Ireland has just gotten rid of them altogether. Germany, Japan, Canada, Switzerland all use paper ballots. Why? Because you can actually count them in public, and then count them again..But in the US, elections are corporate-owned and operated. Anyone who experienced pushing the e-spot for John Kerry and having the name George W. Bush light up—as happened so often in Ohio 2004

      • We can all go back to the paper ballots but based on history of Philippine elections, it is much worse. In manual elections, there are more cases of electoral fraud, instances of cheating, delayed results, dagdag-bawas, canvassing irregularities, etc.
        At least the recent elections are clean, credible and speedy although tainted by one instance of tampering by Smartmatic which has not been proven if it will change the result of the Vice-Presidential contest. Now there are many experts after the fact. They should have advised the Comelec before the elections of the potential risks so they could have been prevented.

      • I agree, machines are easily manipulated. The insertion of a command, makes a path ” other” PiCOS to their job. Its simple loop provided in the program.