For Bradley, winning is everything

US boxer Timothy Bradley performs during a media workout at the Fortune Gym on April 3, 2014 in Hollywood, California. AFP PHOTO / JOE KLAMAR

US boxer Timothy Bradley performs during a media workout at the Fortune Gym on April 3, 2014 in Hollywood, California. AFP PHOTO / JOE KLAMAR

Displaying his ripped-to-the-bone physique, undefeated American Timothy Bradley said he will not give Manny Pacquiao any chance for payback in order to erase all doubts that he did beat him in 2012. The two boxers are set to meet in a rematch on April 12 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Winning is the only thing that matters,” the 31-year-old Bradley told Luis Sandoval of “I’ve said over and over to my team: I said this fight is the only fight I care about in my whole career.”

“I don’t have to lace up another pair of gloves again if I didn’t choose to do it, if I didn’t want to do it after I win this fight. It’s a must win for me and very important.”

“I have to win this fight and I’m going to win this fight and anything after that is just gravy,” said Bradley, who holds an unbeaten 31-0 slate with 12 knockouts. “It’s just icing on the cake for me, man.”

“I need to get the fans’ approval and the world’s approval and that’s good enough for me, man,” he added. Bradley is currently in his last phase of training under trainer Joel Diaz.

But Pacquiao’s compatriot, former world champion Luisito Espinosa, who is now based in Delano, California, picks Pacman (55-5-2 win-loss-draw card with 38 knockouts) to win.

“Manny will win it. Speed-to-speed and power-to-power, it will be Manny. Even in the first meeting that they fought, it [was]Manny that clearly won that 12-round [fight]. I did not know what happened to the judges but it was clear that Manny won that bout two years ago,” Espinosa told The Manila Times via online interview on Monday.

“Bradley’s endurance is high, that’s why he’s tough but I’m confident enough to say that Manny will most likely take a unanimous decision win in their rematch,” he said.

Espinosa, 46, is a former World Boxing Council featherweight champion and World Boxing Association bantamweight titleholder.

Bradley proved that his strong chin can endure punches as evident in his previous fights last year with Russian Ruslan Provodnikov and Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez, also possessed a strong chin besides his tough ripped muscular body.

He defeated Provodnikov and Marquez through unanimous and split decision, respectively, despite being knocked down during those bouts.


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  1. Robertley Barrameda on

    Manny Pacquiao must be better prepared for this fight and MUST NOT BE CARELESS enough to put his hands down while infront of Bradley because this guy will try to do what exactly Marquez did to him. That is the reason why he built his muscles real good to be strong and deliver Pacman that same one punch to dreamland. This time again, Roach now have the same observation on Bradley that he did with Marquez that the extra muscles will just slow him down and will give the Pacman an easy win….It proved him dead wrong. Tis time, the Pacman must be extra careful to win.

  2. I love the Luisito’s style of fighting -excellent boxer. I think Manny will knock out Bradley with a straight left and a right, and left uppercut. That’s right combination because of Bradley’s tendency to just put his head down and swing blindly. KO in 5 rounds or less.