For dads, disease begins at 40


Fathers everywhere (and men in general) face a lot of health problems, especialy when they grow old. As Father Time catches up with them, they need to stay in top shape to be with their families and remain with their loved ones through the years.

Much like the constant pressure for damsels to be slim and curvy, men are considered in tip-top shape if they embody the “alpha male” image—a standard that would have been a perfectly easy thing to do for men in their 20s, but a much more challenging goal for someone who is slowly but surely approaching middle age.

As men near the age of 40, their bodies become fragile and a lot of things start to happen. Activities that might have been a walk in the park in the past years may take some effort now.

Indeed, life begins at 40, but so do most ailments that progress into diseases. Proper diet, exercise, and the right kind of supplements will help the man on top minimize the risks of developing these common midlife maladies:

Hypertension. Studies from the US National Institutes of Health reveal that men who approach the age of 40 are exposed to a higher risk of hypertension due to arteries becoming stiffer as they age. The effects are much more pronounced for men who smoke, drink or dine generously. Needless to say, hypertension is often the first stop on a fast-track road to stroke or heart attacks. Regular, vigorous exercise, and supplements with energy boosting components can help minimize this risk.

Heart Disease. Men approaching 40 should start looking out for the telltale signs of heart disease. Age remains a top factor in developing heart disease. Just like sludge that gathers in a car engine over time, plaque also starts accumulating in the arteries of the heart, causing them to narrow and harden. The US National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute said not all of the risks associated with heart disease are controllable, but cutting down on smoking, a high-cholesterol diet, and embracing an active lifestyle will definitely help.

Fatigue. Diet, sleeping habits and physical activities (or lack thereof) are some of the common causes of this problem. Inadequacy in any of these three factors can cause testosterone levels to drop, leading to fatigue, according to the US National Center for Biotechnology Information. Stress is also a factor, which is why a decisive change in lifestyle is in order to ensure top form. This includes regular, balanced meals, strict sleeping schedules, regular workouts, and vitamins that help increase physical and mental potency.

Discipline is the key to maintaining endurance, potency and vitality in midlife. One way to enjoy the full benefits of being healthy at middle age is by taking a special supplement like Rogin-E. This is the only multivitamin for men loaded with three powerful ingredients – deanol, royal jelly and Korean panax ginseng. This combination helps stimulate the brain to improve concentration and mental agility, helps prolong youthfulness and restore vitality, and enhances physical and mental endurance against weakness and exhaustion.


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