For declaring PDAF illegal, Congress wants to get even with SC


After losing their annual pork barrel due to the Supreme Court’s ruling declaring it illegal last year, members of the House of Representatives now want the High Court’s Judiciary Development Fund (JDF) abolished too.

Two House bills that seek to abolish the JDF were filed days after the High Court ruled that even the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) of the Aquino administration, whom Pnoy claims as spending “in good faith,” was also illegal.

But unlike the lawmakers’ Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) that is part of the national budget, the JDF comes from court fees and is used to pay for allowances of court employees, purchase and maintenance of equipment and upkeep of its facilities.

Buhay party-list Rep. Lito Atienza cautioned his colleagues to carefully study the bill as this may be construed as retaliation by the House for the SC’s recent decisions.

But Malacañang ally and Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone clarified that the bills seek to review this fund as it has been in existence since martial law, and that the government might probably need a new source of funding.

Critics and observers, however, doubt Congress’ motive, stressing that the bills were meant to pressure the Supreme Court and send a strong signal not to mess with lawmakers again.

Whether the bills will be approved or junked, the lawmakers have sent a stern warning to the magistrates…to mind their own business.

What a stupid move!!!

Govt wasn’t prepared for ‘Glenda’
A week after Typhoon Glenda hit the country, government statistics listed 94 dead, 317 injured and half a dozen people still missing, mostly coming from the Southern Tagalog and Calabarzon regions.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) fears the number could still go up as communications from remote areas have just been restored and reports continued to trickle in during these past few days.

One wonders who is to blame for this huge number of fatalities and casualties when Pagasa issued an early warning that the typhoon was packing strong winds and could damage structures and topple trees?

According to the Calabarzon Regional Risk Reduction and Management Council (CRRMC), 67 of those who perished and 107 of the injured came from the region after being hit by uprooted trees, collapsed walls, falling roofs and flying debris.

Now, after incurring a surprising higher death toll, officials of CRRMC wanted the national disaster officials to include people living under or near big trees and big structures to be included in the preemptive evacuation during typhoons. TOO LATE!!!

It seems like disaster officials did not anticipate, and were caught by surprise, that those who died and who were injured will become victims even inside the comforts of their homes.

But common sense tells us that most houses in the country are made of light materials, particularly in slum areas, and do not stand a chance against strong winds like those generated by Glenda, and will definitely topple or crumble. The end result…dozens and dozens of casualties!

The NDRRMC failed to do its job once again!!!


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  1. Alejo Rosete on

    If this bill becomes a law, which I doubt – it will reach the Supreme Court again and surely, it will be declared “Unconstitutional”.

    Chief Justice Sereno should defend the institution. She should be the one to pen the decision.

    If this particular law will be declared “Unconstitutional” Ilan na ba ang Unconstitutional under this Administration magmula noong “Truth Commission”?

    From they way it looks – this administration has the most “Unconstitutional”.

    Ang kasabihan nga sa atin – “Sour Grapes”. Nanakot lang sila. Sino ba ang tinatakot nila? Taong Bayan? Ang taong bayan will not vote for them anymore.

    • You are correct, Brod. the lower chamber is trying to agitate the public into believing that their efforts to declare the JDF also unconstitutional is amusing and funny. They are thinking that the JDF is like the PDAF, like bypassing the fact that the funds of the JDF comes from court fees and other collections, not coming from the purse of the Legislative. In short, these useless legislathieves want to take part of the pie from the JDF. He, he. these people always think that we can be fooled so easily as before.


    Vindictiveness is the name of the game. Kapag agawan mo ang isang bata ng
    laruan siempre maglulupasay yon. Congress is likened to this. When the
    Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional the DAP & PDAP. nawalaan
    sila ng palabigasan. Remember these members of congress, the congressmen
    and senators who according to Sen. Jinggoy received bribed money from
    malacanang during the impeachment of corona? Nawalaan sila ng dilehensiya.
    Kaya they are trying to get back at the Supreme Court. What about binay what
    is he doing? This is a kind of person who is playing safe. He cannot show his
    true color whether is an administration ally or opposition. He is still occupying a
    very important position in the administration. He is an opposition in name only,
    I say only. He is a mestizo who is afraid to come open. A very poor quality.
    He cannot say who he is. Kaya kong maging presidente itong klaseng taong
    ito, baka mas masahol pa.