• For fear she will spill more beans…Senate will no longer call ‘Gay’ Tan?


    What’s this I heard from the contractors’ circle that Patricia “Gay” Tan, one of Janet Napoles’ agents in the “pork barrel” scam, wont be invited to the Senate anymore?

    Rumor has it that Tan has been bragging to her friends that the senators can’t afford to send her a subpoena to appear before them because they knew she would name those lawmakers who had business dealings with her.

    Tan and Napoles reportedly are comadres and worked together for a long time until the “pork barrel” queen developed her own contacts in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

    The story circulating among the contractors in various agencies these days is that “Gay” has reportedly called some of the senators who have been her clients and asked them to persuade the blue ribbon committee not to call her so as to avoid implicating them further in the scam.

    Tan, who is married to a nephew of tycoon Lucio Tan, allegedly even made bets with other contractors that she will never be summoned to the Senate because of its repercussions that will further damage the image of the Senate.

    Is this true, Sen. Tito Guingona???

    DepEd cold to overpricing inquiry
    Between 2008 and 2010, a group of suppliers and some key officials of the Department of Education (DepEd) made themselves filthy rich by overpricing textbooks and computers purchased through the agency’s annual budget.

    A former contractor of DepEd, who requested anonymity, said at least three suppliers during that time, namely Merryland Publishing, Vicarish Publishing and Books on Wheels, allegedly made hundreds of millions through overpriced books and computers they delivered to the department.

    The overpricing scam continued for almost two years with the blessings of high-ranking officials then of the agency who allegedly received 50 to 70 percent commissions from these suppliers.

    The current DepEd administration, under Secretary Armin Luistro, reportedly has ordered the non-payment of some these suppliers who were found to have delivered overpriced books and computers.

    But it has not charged in court these unscrupulous contractors and their cohorts inside the department who are still holding key positions at present.

    Some DepEd employees wonder why Assistant Secretary Mandy Ruiz and Director Vicky Dawang have not been dismissed from their posts when they allegedly approved the release of funds to pay for these overpriced materials.

    Even the DepEd “fixer” or middleman between the suppliers and DepEd officials who was only identified as “Bingo” still has access to all levels of the department to this day, my source said.

    Rumor also has it that “Bingo” and one Aflredo Madamba Jr. are one and the same person who allegedly continues to facilitate negotiated biddings inside the department.

    I wonder if Secretary Luistro is aware of this ongoing scam under his watch? If he doesnt… he needs to find out and order an immediate investigation.



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    1. jessa ongyo on

      FYI: its not just the publishers who needs to be investigated. Those transactions will only be possible because of the so called ” ahente”. They are the ones who goes to the lawmakers and make the impossible to be possible. They are the first reason why all the transactions are being done. Try to check their lifestyle too and you will find out they are as rich as the publishers. 5 cars 2-3 houses 2-3 lands both everywhere then luxurious living their friends and relatives cant imagine how they get all of those money when they used to have nothing at all before.

    2. Almost 2 years nalang ang term ni Pnoy, kailangan na rin ni Sec. ang retirement fund. Pls. understand him. Straight Path is no longer straight because it is very near the end so you have to make a curve.

    3. Strike while the iron is hot! File a case against all of them. For sure, these scalawags in the government must be arrested and punished for stealing from the people. First, they wanted the K-12, then longer high school and college education. Now, they are reaping the harvest of ill-gotten wealth out of the misery of the people.

    4. Alejo Rosete on

      If the Blue Ribbon Committee will not subpoena Patricia “Gay” Tan – then they are covering up the whole story, which only means this inquiry of the Blue Ribbon Committee is only for show – “moro-moro”. For all we know the Senate President name is already deleted – “off the hook”, not yet, not that easy.