For love of the Minstrels and Circus band


After a successful reunion concert on September 20 at the PICC Plenary Hall, the New Minstrels and Circus Band, fans of the 1970’s most popular show bands can bring their music home with them through the Greatest Hits CD.

The collection is a throw back to the bands’ heydays when they rocked the local entertainment circuit and dished out soul, funk and disco music night after night.

The New Minstrels and the Circus Band have disbanded years ago but the but the talented members of these groups took the solo route, and in the process provided Philippine pop music with some of its most memorable songs. They are Hajji Alejandro, Tillie Moreno, Pat Castillo, Jacqui Magno and Basil Valdez of the Circus Band, and Louie Reyes, Ding Mercado, Joey Albert, Ray-An Fuentes, Chad Borja and Eugene Villaluz.

These artists and their songs is what the Greatest Hits album is all about. Enjoy such tracks as “Never Ever Say Goodbye,” “I Can,” “Sa Isip Ko,” “Kahit Na,” “Hindi Na,” and “Let the Pain Remain,” over and over again.


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