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    It’s Mother’s Day on May 14 and everybody’s preparing how to give tribute to the first woman in our life. We can splurge or give her simple things but no gift can compare to the mother’s love. Here are some gift ideas and ways how to make her happy and loved on this special occasion.

    Say it with flowers. You don’t have to buy expensive flowers if you have time to make your own arrangement. Find your own simple vase and buy those flower bundles then you can turn it into a lovely bouquet. Just take time to know what are her favorite flowers.

    Plants can be refreshing. If she loves gardening, this is the best to buy new plants for her. Farmer’s markets and local gardening society can be good source of these plants.

    Handmade gifts can cheer her up. A well-thought out handmade gift can be worth far more to our mother than money can spend. For example, customize a picture frame with memorable mementoes and insert her favorite family picture.

    Volunteer your services. Does your mother have a favorite piece of furniture that is in need of repair? If you think you can do it, volunteer to do it for her.

    Hobby fillers. If you know your mother’s hobby, try to find subtle ways on what accessories she need and buy them for her.

    Scribbles and drawings from little ones can cheer her up. Encourage your little children or your grandchildren to create cards for their moms and grandmoms.

    Gift cards can be perfect. If it’s really hard to please her because she has everything, consider giving her gift cards or gift certificates that she can redeem or use when she needs it.

    Prepare well before shopping. Mother’s Day celebration is full of sales, rebates, coupon opportunities. Make sure you check your local stores, newspapers and websites/social media deals related to your choice before going to the mall.

    Splurge and treat her to a fancy hotel or restaurant. She’ll be delighted to be treated like a queen on this special occasion. See related article on page 7.

    The most important thing of all is to know your mother’s likes and dislikes. It’s a good idea to notice potential gift ideas throughout the year so you can prepare well next time.

    With a little time and effort, you can make Mother’s Day even more special. However, don’t forget to give your mom the most important gift of all—your time and attention. Mom will value this more, for sure.


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