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    Edbert Tiu shows a sampling of the products he markets in the Philippines that include CTEK battery chargers.

    Edbert Tiu shows a sampling of the products he markets in the Philippines that include CTEK battery chargers.

    AMONG the inconveniences motorists do not want is to get stuck on the road because of a dead battery. That can even be a nightmare if that happens at nighttime in a place that is not familiar to them.

    Having experienced the inconvenience battery failure can cause, Edbert Tiu did not hesitate to introduce CTEK battery chargers and conditioners in the Philippine market. The company is based in Sweden.

    “After a year, I have to replace my [vehicle’s] battery. There are cases where I get stalled halfway traveling. There are cases in the morning, I am in a hurry and I cannot start the car. It won’t start because the battery is down,” he said.

    “When they came to me [CTEK representatives] and explained to me what their products do, I believed it would help car owners,” Tiu added.

    He said once a vehicle is started, electric power is drawn from the battery. Once the engine is running, the vehicle’s alternator recharges the battery but getting a 100-percent charge is not always assured.

    “Once you start the car, you actually draw load from the battery for the starter to run. And you reload it and that is what the alternator is for. But when you are running, you are still consuming power,” Tiu explained.

    Power consumption also becomes higher when a motorist uses gadgets or is in stop-and-go traffic frequently. Vehicles with engines that stop and start automatically during traffic will drain their batteries faster.

    But a CTEK battery charger and conditioner is not like the usual battery charger found in most automotive shops, which force-charges batteries that can shorten their life span.

    Also, the main purpose of CTEK products is to make sure a battery is always 100-percent charged helping extend its useful life.

    “And when your battery is at a 100-percent charge, you are actually maintaining it. And the charger will enhance, prolong the life of the battery,” Tiu said.

    Compared to battery chargers in automotive shops that force-charges batteries, CTEK products slowly charge a battery to 80 percent and then fast charge it to 100 percent.

    Also, before charging, CTEK products diagnose if a battery can still take a charge or should be replaced.

    “Once you clamp it and turn it on, what it actually does is first analyze your battery, whether it will it still be able to take a charge,” Tiu said.

    He added that depending on how much load a battery still has, it can take up to eight hours when charging a battery using a CTEK product the first time. Lesser time is needed in the next charging. It is best to charge a battery using CTEK products once a week and the minimum is once a month.

    The good news is there are CTEK charger models that can be used on hybrid vehicles.

    With prices ranging from about P3,000 for motorcycle batteries to P19,000 for the professional or shop models, CTEK products may not be exactly about extending the life of a vehicle’s battery to generate savings.

    “Yes we can talk about the savings, but what about the inconvenience a dead battery causes? For males, it is not a problem if a car stalls in the evening. But I have daughters, I don’t want to get them stuck like that,” Tiu said.


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