For the love of corned beef and pizza

Janeena Chan and Chino Lui Pio

Janeena Chan and Chino Lui Pio

With excruciating hours on their sets, booths and gigs, comfort food becomes the go-to reliever for the likes of events hosts Chino Lui Pio and Janeena Chan, radio show host Tony Toni, De La Salle Universtiy Lady Spiker Michele Gumabao, and disc jockeys Sanya Smith and Ornusa Cadness. Asked of their favorite comfort food, the top two answers were corned beef and pizza.

So when pizza chain brand Shakey’s released their Corned Beef Crrrunch Pizza and invited the aforementioned celebrities for a launch, they were more than willing to go.

“Everybody loves corned beef. It’s a staple. On top of a pizza, with the cheese and the potato strips, it is definitely a winner,” said DJ Tony Toni.

The specials guests also included body image advocate Kat Gumabao, actresses Say Alonzo and Helga Krapf, TV personality Jan Marini Pizarras, model Kit Barraquias, celebrated mom Denisse Oca, and Star Magic Talent Kerwin King.


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