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    The Nokia Lumia 1020

    The Nokia Lumia 1020

    “Photo-bombing” and taking “selfies” or self-photos make up the majority of social networking nowadays. In fact, according to the International Data Corp., there are 1.5 billion pictures taken using mobile devices daily, a phenomenon attributed to the ease with which smartphones allow photos to be taken and shared.

    Recognizing the public’s clamor for high quality selfies, Nokia launched its newest Lumia 1020 unit with a well thought-out event October 1 at the Ayala Museum in Makati City. A photo exhibit titled Zoom. Reinvented, featured four professionals in various fields of photography and their works using the Lumia 1020 smartphone lens. They were Gianina Gonzales, a noted food stylist; Yukie Sarto, a sought-after fashion photographer; Niña Sandejas, a concert photographer; and Aaron Mendoza, an award-winning documentary director.

    “I’m really impressed with the phone’s ability to play with colors and its sharpness,” Gonzales enthused to The Sunday Times Magazine.

    Sandejas joined in the conversation and shared, “I first tried out the phone by taking selfies. In all my pictures I looked surprised because each photo was so clear. They were the best selfies ever!”

    According to the product packet, it is the PureView technology’s second generation 41-megapixel sensor, and six-lens Carl Zeiss optics with optical image stabilization, which allows users to capture, edit and share professional quality photos and videos.

    Moreover, the new Pro-Camera application, which is installed in every unit, allows users to “shoot first and zoom later” thereby making it easier to play around with photos.

    The same app also simplifies the use of shutter speed and ISO setting that is usually found in a professional cameras.

    And finally for a bit of fun the “Color Pop” and “Collage” icons allow users to be artists with their selfies.

    “Consumers want to capture and share memorable experiences with their smartphones, and the Nokia Lumia 1020 marks a giant leap forward in smart phone photography,” declared Gary Chan, marketing head of Nokia Pan Asia. “This technology boosts creativity and makes it easier to shoot, edit and share pictures with unrivaled quality.”

    According to Chan, the smartphone is also better by design with its slim 10-millimeter look, available in black, yellow and white. It is also 30 grams lighter than its Lumia 920 predecessor, and the unit’s pixles are supposedly more sensitive than before.

    With the price point of the Nokia Lumia 1020 pegged at P36,650, it should indeed be able to deliver the above promises since one can already buy an actual camera for the figure. But for those who love taking selfies, it may well be worth it.

    The Nokia Lumia 1020 is now out in the market.


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