• For unconstitutional acts, Boehner sues Obama, Belmonte shields Aquino


    John Boehner is the speaker of the US House of Representatives.

    Feliciano Belmonte is the speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives.

    At issue here are the wildly contrasting ways whereby the two congressional speakers are dealing with the unconstitutional acts and abuses of their respective presidents.

    The American speaker seeks to stop in court Obama’s repeated abuse of power by executive orders.

    The Filipino speaker, with a Supreme Court decision in hand, is petrified with fear of the constitutional remedy of impeachmnent of the President, and the consequent responsibility that falls on the House to hear and file the articles of impeachment.

    One speaker accepts his duty to protect the constitution and serve the interest of the nation. The other dodges his responsibility, opting to serve the interest of the president, instead of the interest of the people.

    One rallies his partymates to join together in checking the illegal acts of president Obama. The other mobilizes his party mates and his coalition to stop any impeachment complaint from coming out of the House.

    Boehner says his action will stop short of impeaching President Obama. Belmonte is determined that no impeachment complaint comes out alive from the House.

    Boehner vs Obama’s executive abuse
    US House Speaker John Boehner confirmed this week that he will sue President Obama in the long-running dispute between the administration and congressional Republicans over the scope of the administration’s executive authority to enforce laws.

    Boehner told the media: “The Constitution makes it clear that a president’s job is to faithfully execute the laws. In my view, the president has not faithfully executed the laws.”

    “Congress has its job to do and so does the president. And when there’s conflict like this between the legislative branch and the administrative branch, it’s our responsibility to stand up for this institution in which we serve.”

    The lawsuit has the potential to test the constitutional balance between the legislative and executive branches. Republicans have long maintained that the White House has overstepped its legal authority by subverting laws approved by Congress on a number of matters.

    Boehner clarified that the lawsuit was not a prelude to a Republican attempt at removing the president from office. “This is not about impeachment,” he said. “This is about his faithfully executing the laws of our country”

    But others were not as guarded. Notable Republican leaders, like former vice-presidential candidate and former governor Sarah Palin, riled by America’s border crisis, are now calling openly for the impeachment of Obama.

    Some liberals who obsessed over President George W. Bush’s abuses of executive power cautiously believe that Boehner has standing for his lawsuit.

    Commentator Kirsten Powers says she can’t support the way Obama has put his policy initiatives in place: “We elected Obama president, not emperor,”

    Belmonte and Aquino’s accountability
    In the Philippines, the impeachment of President Aquino has become a loud popular outcry, cutting across ideological and sectoral lines and throughout the archipelago.

    The overwhelming popular feeling is that some officials, especially President Aquino and his Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, must account for the plunder and waste of P149 billion pesos ($3.23 billion) of taxpayers’ money, and the unconstitutional and illegal acts that made it happen.

    Filipinos abroad have joined the cry for accountability. Their opinions are all over the web. Filipino-Americans have formally registered their concern about the DAP scandal.

    Sadly, before he could even read the SC decision, Speaker Belmonte immediately doused talk of impeaching Aquino, vowing it would be killed early on at the committee level. He said that Aquino and those involved in DAP’s use are not liable.

    Last Tuesday, after the clamor for impeachment became louder and criticism was thrown his way, Belmonte modified his stand a bit. He declared that the House of Representatives would give due course to a “valid” impeachment complaint to be filed against President Aquino III as part of its constitutional mandate

    “We will treat it like any other complaint,” Belmonte told the Manila Standard in a text message.

    He maintained that the President will not be impeached on the basis of the Disbursement Acceleration Program which was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, because “the President acted in good faith.”

    That argument is as puerile as the new contention of presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda that the issue is only “a difference of opinion between the President and the Supreme Court.”

    They are destroyed completely by the argument of one opinion posted online. It reads:

    Mas baboy ang DAP kaysa PDAF
    (DAP more porcine than PDAF)

    “PDAF has a legal basis provided by the General Appropriations Act (GAA). There was a presumption of constitutionality until the Supreme Court declared it UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Those who availed of PDAF committed no violation until COA said they “pocketed” their pork.

    “On the other hand, DAP has no legal basis. The act itself is illegal from the time it was created and implemented. The executive has no power of the purse like that of Congress. No audit has been made yet for DAP releases that amount to 149 Billion pesos. With that amount of money, how can we make sure that every centavo was used in “good faith” or for public benefits? With the kind of politicians we have, it is IMPOSSIBLE!!

    “Ibig sabihin, mas BABOY ang DAP kaysa PDAF (In other words, DAP is more porcine than PDAF).”

    The task of preparing sufficient and convincing articles of impeachment has been made easy by the Supreme Court’s 95-page decision on the unconstitutionality of the DAP, because it painstakingly details the specific unconstitutional acts and violations of President Aquino. The verdict leaves little wiggle room for the president.

    That draft will be supported and strengthened by the expected audit of the DAP by the Commission on Audit (COA). Here, the real staggering numbers of the DAP will be unmasked. And the extent of presidential abuse will be known.

    Belmonte’s stand not insuperable
    Overcoming the wall against impeachment erected by Speaker Belmonte is not insuperable.

    According to the Constitution, Article XI, Section 3.2, “a verified complaint for impeachment may be filed by any member of the House of Representatives or by any citizen upon a resolution of endorsement by any member.”

    A vote of at least one-third of all members of the House (83 signatories) will affirm a favorable resolution with the articles of impeachment of the committee.

    The resolution shall constitute the articles of impeachment, and trial by the Senate shall forthwith proceed.

    When the president of the Philippines is on trial, the chief justice of the Supreme court shall preside in his trial.

    With delicious irony, Justice Lourdes Sereno, who was snatched from nowhere by President Aquino to head the High Court, will preside at the judicial reckoning of her master.

    So far, two impeachment complaints have been announced – by Lawyer Oliver Lozano and former Tesda Director-General Augusto Syjuco, but neither filed it with the House. Kabataan party-list Rep. Terry Ridon and his group have declared their intent to file their own impeachment complaint on July 14.

    Others will surely file their own complaints.

    Dynamics of House politics
    The challenge then becomes one of campaigning for 83 House signatures to support a complaint.

    At this point, many are bewildered by the stand of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA). It justifies its cowardice as delicadeza, because vice-president Jejomar Binay stands to benefit from Aquino’s impeachment. This is more hilarious than the good faith argument of the administration, because UNA stalwarts are now languishing in detention.

    In the calculus of responsibility, the House is the crucial hinge for national deliverance. If it balks at bringing the abuse of executive power to account, it will be setting a precedent of fecklessness that could end up destroying our political system.

    The House, I submit, will honor its duty if Speaker Belmonte does not insist on standing in the way.

    It will do the right thing if individual House members will only reflect on, first, what is at stake for them individually if in this time of testing, they run away from the challenge, and on, secondly, what is a far greater stake for the nation, if a lawless and compromised president remains in charge of the reins of government and the treasury.

    The Liberal Party is proving that it is truly a party without principle. Its coalition ally, the Nacionalista Party, seems determined to prove that it has even less, with Alan Peter Cayetano serving as its foolish and ambitious mouthpiece. No wonder, the party list groups look more credible these days.

    People should remember: The House Speaker does not have a fixed term. He can be removed at any time, by the vote of a House majority.

    The dynamics of House politics will spectacularly change as momentum begins to gather behind the campaign to impeach Aquino.



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    1. Yen, how come you have so many complains against the president but you never filed a single case against him? You know that it’s not going nowhere right?

    2. Mr. Yen,

      It turns out that President Aquono’s savior is Marcos. The dictator made a law that Cory sustained and has not been repealed by any of the democratically (?) Congresses and therefore continues to be a law of the land. Loook for Raissa Ribles’ website and read her research findiongs about Sec. 49 of E.O. No. 292, the Administrative Code of 1987, which legally allows any president to act as the budget dictator of our republic!

    3. Abad and Aquino’s stand is that the DAP was an economic program. Even as an ill conceived echo nomic plan, they fail to prove or even state when this so called economic program was taken up by the Cabinet or by NEDA.

      How can you push an economic plan by giving a largesse to the Sinators to spend as
      they well please?

      Can Drilon explain who the 100 million pesos he received spurred the economy of Iloilo? Can the rest of the Sinators including Madame Cayetano explain how her DAP expenses helped the economy. If the DAP was an economic plan what is its genesis? Was it a program of the Ruling Party, the Liberal Party.

      Why do we have to put up with this Farce?

      S ETuy


      This Juliet who commented in this column seem not know what she has been
      pouting. No abuse of power done by ngoyngoy and abad? I suggest you
      read the full text of the Supreme court decesion regarding the unconstitutionality of the DAP. When a court of law declare acts committed as unconstitutional, what does
      that mean? That the person committed it violated it. In the case of the DAP, it was
      the creation of ngoyngoy and abad. So, Juliet it you does not yet know it, ngoyngoy
      and abad clearly violated the law. Now you say they did not abuse their power?
      Perhaps you are the kind of person like the Japanese Onoda who in the middle
      of the 1960’s was found to be still hiding in the mountains of Mindoro because
      he did no know then that World War II was not yet over. Maybe it will help you
      if you read the facts correctly first before defending ngoyngoy and abad. Unless
      you are also one of the yellow fanatics who are blind and does not see and realize
      the facts. If that is kind person we have in this country then there is certainly no
      hope for this country and the Filipino people.

      • Ms. Salvacion Cahayag: Thanks for your comment… My question to you is… What you will call and do to those person who wholeheartedly accepted and put into law this PDAF. For 3 decades.. hundreds of congressmen and 24 senators passed in every administration… nobody stood up for the unconstitutionality and illegality of PDAF. How many years they lavish the trillions of PDAF money. If you talk Pnoy to be fair… I summon also those involved in PDAF who clearly violated the law even worse they enjoyed decades and trillions of money were lost be persecuted! Who is now more dumb… Pnoy and Abad who enjoyed DAP for 4 years or hundreds of congressmen and few senators including past presidents who enjoyed it for 3 decades. Even in time of CJ Corona PDAF was ruled constitutional with open argument. Now during CJ Sereno time, PDAF was declared unconstitutional including past practices without argument! That’s why whether PDAF and DAP were both unconstitutional… Nobody in politics has the right to pin down somebody because they all lived in sins. Like what Jesus said… Whoever got no sin can throw a stone to the accused prostitute!!!

        Therefore I judge the politicians on their performance. I see Pnoy’s eagerness to bring the Philippine in progress. Only very difficult to do because of some selfish politicians who is using their influence to sabotage our economy. Like rice hoarding, garlic hoarding, smuggling, etc. That’s what we always called “CRAB MENTALITY”. SONA is getting close, so opposition must do something to show Pnoy is lying in what He will say!

        Don’t you consider that????

    5. The stand of Binay and UNA not to support the impeachment PNoy is because Binay will serve PNoy’s unfinished term if impeached. With only 2 years or less left, Binay cannot stake his high ratings for just 2 years of presidency, because he is afraid he cannot undo wjhat Pnoy has messed up. He cannot set free his detained allies because this too will cost him his presidential bid in 2016

    6. Politics came from two words: poli=many; and Tic = blood sucking creature.

      “Let us kill all the lawyer, kill ’em tonight” – Eagles (Get over it)

      The only way to make everything right again in our government is to re-boot the system. They are all the same! They are like leeches sucking every bloody cent of taxpayers money.

    7. Johnny Ramos on

      Our government have a funny way on declaring budget savings. On the total yearly budget of the national government only 2/3 of which are funded by revenues from taxes and other form of fees, the other 1/3 are funded by government loans or treasury notes. How in the system can we have savings? There are only a few countries in the world that has savings and one of them is Saudi Arabia. Ours is not savings it is more of deception. Some people are thinking that pnoy made this country free from debt by saying savings. Puwede mo bang sabihin na naka tipid tayo sa isang gastusin di mo kayang tustusan ng kinikita mo?

    8. Here are some of Makabenta’s statements that are unfounded and unprofessional.
      1. The Filipino speaker (referring to Belmonte), is petrified with fear of the constitutional remedy of impeachmnent of the President, and the consequent responsibility that falls on the House to hear and file the articles of impeachment. BS
      2.One speaker accepts his duty to protect the constitution and serve the interest of the nation. The other (Belmonte) dodges his responsibility, opting to serve the interest of the president, instead of the interest of the people. BS
      3.One rallies his partymates to join together in checking the illegal acts of president Obama. The other mobilizes his party mates and his coalition to stop any impeachment complaint from coming out of the House. Another BS!
      4.In the Philippines, the impeachment of President Aquino has become a loud popular outcry, cutting across ideological and sectoral lines and throughout the archipelago. More BS!! What about us OFW and professionals? Obviously it’s the outcry of those who were found corrupt or are now in jail!!
      5. With delicious irony, Justice Lourdes Sereno, who was snatched from nowhere by President Aquino to head the High Court, will preside at the judicial reckoning of her master. What snatch from nowhere… this is a harsh word and not from a professional writer or commentator. Does she not have qualification and experience?

      So far, two impeachment complaints have been announced – by Lawyer Oliver Lozano and former Tesda Director-General Augusto Syjuco, but neither filed it with the House. Kabataan party-list Rep. Terry Ridon and his group have declared their intent to file their own impeachment complaint on July 14….” These are the two biggest anemies of the country. They should be sent to Spratley Islands to defend our country!!! Waste of space..

      Others will surely file their own complaints…. Makabenta and family…

    9. Agree! nowadays,partylist are more credible and more patriotic expect BAYAN at AKBAYAN, CIBAC who are truly yellow in color. I think we have to vote more of them who are in the side of truth. Kudos.

      HS. Belmonte maybe experiencing dementia, he must #StepDown on his present position since he cannot hide his true color (trapo and corrupt) and maybe because he is too old he don’t want to take it seriously maybe due of his health reason? if that so, he is unfit to work.

    10. It’s all one sided comments. You can’t compare the two. It’s not apple to apple. I agree with Juliet. I can’t spend my time reading Makabenta’s one sided attack on the current government. Our economy is growing and for God sake help the government. If you can’t say good words about the gains in our fight on corruption, poverty, improvement in our infrustructures, good reports from WB and IMF then stay aside, you’re part of the problem.

      • Anong sinasabi mong gumanda ang ekonomiya. Sa aking pamilya, nung wala si pnoy may mga trabaho ang aking kapatid. Nung siya na ang naging presidente nawalan ng trabaho ang aking kapatid at kapatid ng asawa ko. Hanggang ngayon wala silang trabaho. Ang buhay namin ganun parin.Itong administrasyon na ito tumaas ng ganito ang presyo ng bigas. Kawawa ang Pilipino.

      • I’ve been working here in Singapore for 6 years. The exchange rate way back then is around $1=P28, now, is $1=34 to 35 and steadily losing its value. Please explain why the peso is steadily plummeting?

      • Which planet are you staying that you don’t even know what’s going on.You are in denial you must be a true blue yellowtards or a troll ready to attack…

    11. first of all, you got the information wrong. Obama issued decrees for issues that the senate did not act upon. this is the laziest congress in the united states for years, working only a few months in 1 year and shuts the government down just because they cannot stand all the good things happening to America with a black man in power. The US is much behind other nations when it comes to healthcare coverage. it is pitiful! Pathetic. But when Obama wanted to offer coverage to those with existing conditions and people who were denied coverage by their employers, republicans raised hell because they knew that it is good for the people. If it becomes successful, they will have a hard time regaining the white house back. We are still behind even with obamacare in place. that is how far the US is behind other progressive countries. Obama issued decrees to act upon issues of utmost importance like raising the minimum wage, immigration reforms where Filipinos can benefit from it (as of now the visa cap has been increased), and many other issues. Bush issued many many more decrees during his time (Obama up to only about 40% of Bush’ decrees) and the republicans said, “very good”!. That is the main difference, the fact that congress who are mostly republicans will do anything not to approve any of the issues that would be helpful to the public. they want the public poor and control them with religion just like marcos did. Boehner suing Obama? Obama told him to go ahead and sue him, and Boehner had a red face while facing the camera. I hope he doesn’t cry again, oh boy! so the main difference is the facts are not correct, you better dig up more information that are not biased before putting it in print. I understand you want to compare the guts of one vs the other, but Boehner has no guts. he is the laughing stock of people of intelligence, of the scientists, of the people who believe in global warming. Boehner said “what global warming?”. that is the Boehner that you want to compare with our political system, there is not exactly a big difference, only one is white and the other brown. Thank you.

      • blowcoldblowhot on

        If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 years hard labor. If you cross the Afghanistan border illegally, you get shot. Two Americans just got eight years for crossing the Iranian border. If you cross the U.S. border illegally, you get a job, a driver license, food stamps, a place to live, health care, housing, child benefits, education, and a tax free business for 7 years?. No wonder we’re a country in debt.

      • obamacare may be good for some(people who live in food stamps) but not to the tax-paying middleclass… our insurance premium went up significantly because of the obamacare… it feels like getting the money from the working class to subsidize the needs of unproductive (people who never pay taxes) sector of the society… Maybe you are not aware but obama’s popularity is waning to a negative level because the people who brought him to power are now disenchanted… the economy is still in bad shape after spending billions in stimulus fund (who knows where or how it was spent)… yet, I am still hopeful, and praying sincerely that in his remaining term, he could deliver his promise of a better America…

      • No point of comparison actually…the republicans dreaded the thought that the liberals most especially the black president will become successful hence detrimental to the republicans that’s they’re trying their very best to block every move of Obama…

    12. If you are correct the juliette then why cant they or wont they tell us exactly where the dap went. They keep changing the ammount that was used. They didnt tell senators when they received dap funds that is was dap funds, why not. You are more trusting of your politicians than i am.

      • Mr. Dusty: Why can’t you wait? The Palace said they will release DAP expenditures in due time. What is the rush here??? Evidence will not go nowhere… Is it a cover up for PDAF? We are still not finished with PDAF scam. Then you want DAP immediately a priority. First come first serve please! Isa-isa lng… mahina ang kalaban! Pity for the senatong whom exposed the DAP scam because there is two more senatong who will join them soon because of DAP issue… Do this issue of DAP is used as the diversion of PDAF issue??? Like the Zambanga Siege… A political technique normally used to play by previous administrations because Filipinos are easy forgetting and forgiving!

    13. In my opinion… It is far way to compare issues between US and Philippine politics. If you mean congress have the duty to challenge the executive for abuse of power… Yes they are similar. But I don’t see abuse of power in our administration. When SC declared PDAF and DAP unconstitutional…, Did Pnoy used His power or influence to circumvent the SC decision? A big NO! He just keep silent and abide the ruling of SC. DAP was created similar to PDAF, with good faith, the concept of DAP is to accelerate the release of funds for vital projects. Waiting for the next year GAA or request to transfer the money to another branch, as concept of PDAF will be a waste of time and will result for delayed delivery of proposed projects! That’s why economic analyst said our economy is growing slowly because of delays and PDAF system! But after the creation of DAP, we received comments from international economic analysts as the “promising next Tiger of Asian Economy.”

      PDAF was declared unconstitutional last November 2013. However, during PGMA administration, the LAMP filed the case crying PDAF unconstitutional. The LAMP loss the case as the court ruling declared PDAF is constitutional under Chief Justice Corona. Not long when Chief Justice Sereno seated on position, PDAF was declared immediately unconstitutional. People’s voice were heard. Yes.. I agree Pnoy used His power as executive head, or others say He abused it… in good faith. His intention is no other than to fast track the disbursement of funds and to fast track our progress as we slowly see the results nowadays. Progress cannot be felt just overnight as most people expected from Him. It is a long process… You must pass different obstacles similar what Pnoy is experiencing right now.

      On the other hand, I’m not against to those people whom you idolized were in jail. I am only deeply angry to their acts as they used the “power of the purse” for their own interest. Those who misused the use of funds deprived the million poor people to improve their lives.

      • blowcoldblowhot on

        The previously unheard of DAP program — a brainchild of Budget Secretary Butch Abad that was allegedly meant to spur economic growth — was declared unconstitutional and illegal by the SC. The tribunal said Malacañang didn’t have any power to realign funds meant for other projects by Congress to the DAP, which it did by simply declaring these as savings.
        Ironically, when he was still a mere senator struggling under the shadow of his more illustrious mother, B. S. Aquino was responsible for filing a bill entitled the “Budget Impoundment Control Act” seeking to limit the discretionary powers of the Palace, ultimately preventing it from usurping the power of Congress over the public purse.
        Also, not a few will distinctly recall that one of the resounding promises he made, which formed part of his campaign platform to entice the public to vote for him, was the early passage of the mothballed Freedom of Information Act to promote transparency and eliminate corruption in government. With less than two years left in his presidency, P-Noy still has to keep this important promise to the Filipino people, whom he claims are his “boss.” Daang matuwid? Heck no. Daang ipokrito or daang baluktot is more like it.

      • Juliet that is your own opinion and I absolutely disagree with it.Have you forgotten the dictum that “justice delayed is justice denied”?Same thing with the longer u delay the release of where the DAP was spent the more time the criminal will have in shredding the evidence…geez what economic gains are you talking about?if ever there is,only the oligarch benefitted from it plus the addition of remittances from the OFW’s that keeps the Philippine economy floats….can you name any projects that he fast tracts?you must be referring to the removal of Coronal using taxpayers money…By the way,Aquino wasn’t elected yesterday,he was elected 4 years ago,more than enough to feel if there is really progress but sad to say there is none,poverty is so high,unemployment is overwhelming,criminality is so high and a lot more…

    14. A Bad Boy Abad on

      Asa pa kayo sa politiko sa Pilipinas, eh pare-parehong magnanakaw ang mga iyan! Si Pacquiao lang ang di magnanakaw diyan. Instead of depending the constitution, niyuyurakan pa ng mga gunggong na ito ang fundamental laws of the land.
      Si Belmonte at si Drilon parehong nakikinabang sa Administration ni Noynoy yang mga iyan. Ay naku, wala ng pag-asa ang buhay ng mga pilipino – hayyyyy!
      Makakapal na talaga ang mga mukha ng mga taga Malacanang at Kongreso! Di na tinatablan ang mga apog! Mga buwisit!

    15. gising pinas on

      There is a very very big difference between American and Filipino attitude.
      Most Americans are for the interest and common good of their nation
      Most Filipinos are for the interest and good of their own selves

    16. I think most will be against impeaching this president as he will help protect them to a certain extent if they have stolen any money. It needs people power to get something done but i think most are like my wife, she doesnt like to talk about it & ive noticed most filipinos just let it pass, they are ambivalent about it all.My wife gets annoyed that i read about these things & that i want to talk to her about them, she says other foreign husbands read it but dont discuss it with their wives. But it wont stop me talking about these things as this is exactly what affects the country & everyone needs to stand up & be counted.

    17. Looking at the political landscape at a vantage point, I can readily see the schadenfreude behavior of Filipino politicians that their quirky attitude does not augur well to the over all welfare of the country. Stealing of taxpayer’s money with impunity is so rampant without fear of the consequences of final judgment after death. Pres. Benigno Aquino III, because of his lofty position in he government, and suppose to be a political doyen, should have lead his countrymen with good example – good example means that he should explain to the people how he used the DAP funds illegally.. Napakakapal naman ng mukha mo PNoy! In Japan, even a trivial or insignificant blemish suspicion on their leader’s integrity, that leader either he commits hara-kiri or resign immediately from his government position . Here in the PH, my goodness – PNoy and his allies are all a bunch of B$$$###^^&&&& S. They are like leeches in human flesh. I take my hats off on the crusading efforts of Mr. Yen Makabenta. Though his voice is just a whisper in the wilderness of corruption, but sooner or later he will finally be heard. Please continue your crusade against this corrupt administration.. May your tribe increase! God bless you.

    18. Our own Speaker of the House is a good example what is a lame, weak and noynoying Speaker so scared of King PNoy and will act like his dog if need be. Speaker Boeoner is one who can stand on his own feet and defend the rights of the chamber and the citizens, unafraid of the President. Belmonte is like a bamboo who sways wherever the wind blows. Very big difference between the political practices between the Philippines and the U.S. Maybe this is the reason why we, as a country is still in the bottom of the 3rd world and the U.S. is still up there where they are.

    19. Rogelio C. Lim on

      Ang Supreme Court bilang isa sa tatlong independent branch of government ay ginawa na kanyang tungkulin sa pamamagitan ng desisyon na ang DAP ay unconstitutional. Ito na ang magandang pagkakataon ng Kongreso na ibalik ang pagka independent branch of government at hindi isang rubber stamp ni Noynoy. Huwag patayin ang impeachment complaints upang mabigyan na pagkakataon ang taong bayan na malaman ang katotohanan tungkol sa DAP at bigyan din pagkakataon si Noynoy na ipagtanggol ang kanyang sarili sa bintang ng corruption..


      You know Mr. Makabenta it is different in this country. In the United States
      there is at least fairness. You can impeach a president by a simply lying offense.
      Like what was done to Bill Clinton. He was almost removed from office. In this
      country, even if these people like abnoy and abad are lying through their teeth,
      even if what they did was declared unconstitutional by the supreme court, they
      continue to justify their illegal acts. The best thing to be done with these people
      is for the sovereign Filipino people to unite and act in order to right a wrong.

    21. VP Binay and his UNA party are indeed laughable. They only showed their true selves that they are not there to serve for the welfare of the country but for their party and themselves. Very cowardice indeed, afraid that he will lose votes from his yellow supporters.

    22. Sharp contrasts indicated prove the kind of leaders both countries produce and have, especially this modern era. This is the opportune time for ‘statesmen’ and sincere leaders to come out. There is no DAP available for Pres. B.S. Aquino to ‘bribe’ members of congress.

      The pronouncements of Belmonte right after the decision on DAP came out clearly show the kind of leader he is and disservice to the Filipino people. While he is expected to do so, being a “tool” of the president, he should have not even ‘preempted’ what will be the result in his pronouncements. No wonder, the Philippines has a weak government and vulnerable to drastic changes, short of constitutional means, as shown in the past. Sadly, sometimes, we really deserved what we get with the kind of leaders elected. Any chance of going away from the “quagmire” of politics as usual? Quo vadis, Philippines?

    23. Alejo Rosete on

      Wala naman PDAF at DAP sa mga Americano eh. The American Congress are miles . . . . . . . . . .and miles apart to the Philippines Congress. You cannot compare the two.

      One is Belmonte(Filipino) and the other Boehmer(Americano).

    24. in d Philippines politicians/lawmakers usually does things opposite ,unlike lawmakers in US.The only thing they did right is to embezzle d public coffers and public coffers/govt.coffers and those are are our money.Curse to them

    25. what can the people expect from Belmonte? a veteran turn coat who will kowtow to the wishes of his master. he will move heaven and earth to protect the evil genius in malacanang. never mind the country, the president is more important. belmonte, barzaga, tupas, evardone, et al… they are the scum of the earth and a traitor to the people, the constitution and the country. these are the kind of people that must be hanged in public. don’t throw them to jails, it will even loathe them.