• Ford Mustang GT 5.0: A pony visits The Manila Times


    mustang20141021JUST hours after the all-new Ford Mustang was launched at the Paris Motor Show early this month, Ford Philippines brought their enviable pony to The Manila Times for the Fast Times team to admire. We just had a few moments to enjoy this iconic car but even then, it still left us with a lasting impression that made us yearning for more. Much more!

    The ‘gotta have it green’ pony that arrived in our office was the top of the line 5.0L V8 GT Premium with Performance Package variant that will make anyone green with envy.

    The retro-inspired design cues of the 2013 Mustang were traced from the classic body lines of the original 70’s pony—a shape that the original Stang was known for. It sports a long hood and the fastback profile that makes it extremely gorgeous. We got to drive it along the cobblestone-paved roads of Intramuros and everyone’s head turned as we slowly passed by—definitely enthralled by the Stang’s black racing stripe on green paint job and the enormous 19-inch wheels shod in low profile tires that easily crawled over the centuries old cobblestone roads.

    The performance package that came with this variant is clearly evident as one enter’s the cabin. Welcoming the occupants inside are leather-wrapped, body-hugging Recaro bucket seats that offer an ideal blend of comfort and support.

    The dash is also impressive as it takes one back in time as the instrument cluster sports two round odometer and speedometer gauges that are similar to the old Stang. Cabin space up front is more than enough for the driver and passenger but at the back, expect it to be a bit crowded because of the transmission tunnel that runs towards the back as well as its fastback profile that significantly lessens the headroom.

    At the center of the Mustang’s dash is the 4.2-inch LCD productivity screen that allows the driver to electronic information relating to the car’s performance and fuel economy. Screen navigation is done through control buttons on the steering wheel. Complementing the productivity screen is the Track Apps. The application measures g-forces, acceleration times in quarter-mile and displays braking times, complete with automatic and launch/countdown starts.

    The Mustang’s audio system is also quite impressive. The Shaker Sound System offers eight speakers that provides extreme sound clarity.

    Standard on the Mustang is the Ford SYNC®, which provides hands-free, voice-activated in-car connectivity. The award winning system allows customer to connect mobile phones or digital media players via Bluetooth. The driver is also able to control the music player and make calls either via the steering-wheel mounted controls or via voice commands.

    Power Plant
    Powering the Mustang GT is the 420hp 5.0-liter V8. With just a flick of the switch, the engine utters that ubiquitous growl that muscle cars are known for. There is nowhere in Intramuros can we unleash the power that’s under this pony’s hood but we’re sure it will come in very handy in the expressways just outside of the metropolis. Helping transmit all the power to the rear wheels is the SelectShift six-speed automatic transmission. This system offers the driver a choice between fully automatic and manual shifting, through a selector button on the side of the shifter.

    Extra Features
    The Mustang 5.0L V8 GT Premium comes standard with the Brembo brake package which includes 14-inch vented front discs. It also comes with selectable steering settings to match the driving style of the driver. The Comfort Mode requires the smallest amount of steering effort to turn the steering wheel and as such—also provides the least steering feedback. The Sport Mode, meanwhile, provides the highest level of steering feedback to the driver, but also requires more steering effort. In Standard Mode, a balance between Sport and Comfort is provided by the system to the driver.

    Although we never got drive the Mustang as much as we wanted, one thing is for sure, the new Mustang still delivers the styling, performance and affordability that has been a Mustang trademark for decades.


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