• Ford Mustang marks 50th birthday atop Empire State Building

    Spectacular, and the view from top of Empire State Building isn’t bad, too.

    Spectacular, and the view from top of Empire State Building isn’t bad, too.

    FORD last week celebrated the 50th birthday of its beloved Mustang by displaying a new model of the convertible on top of the Empire State Building in New York.

    The Triple Yellow 2015 Mustang was taken apart, whisked up by elevator to the observation deck and painstakingly reassembled overnight in freezing wind, rain and snow. More than 300 meters above the crowded streets of Manhattan, the observation deck is too high to send the car up by crane, and although open-air, too narrow for a helicopter drop. So a team of around nine people spent more than five hours reassembling the car by hand overnight, battling strong wind on the 86th floor of New York’s second-tallest building.

    “Zero visibility to start with,” said George Samulski, manager of Ford North America design fabrication. “It got better as the night went on but it was bad, it was cold, it was windy.”

    By sunrise, the convertible was glittering and the views across Manhattan stunning.

    Second time
    It is the second time a Mustang has gone on display atop the Empire State Building. The first time was in 1965. Back then, the Mustang was sliced into three main parts and was taken up separately by elevator.

    But the new convertible is 17.8 centimeters longer and 10.2 centimeters wider, making the logistics even more complicated. A team of experts measured all the elevators and doors at the Empire State Building, before engineers sat down with a scale model of the new Mustang. They worked with two prototype body shells.

    The car that was chosen for New York was stripped down and cleaned to make sure everything looked perfect before it was sectioned and painted.

    The second body was used as a test run to determine where to make the cuts, and custom-made rolling carts and wooden crates were produced for each section of the car.

    Leaving nothing to chance, a wooden copy of the smallest lift was even recreated to verify that everything would work. Each of the loaded carts was also weighed to ensure everything stayed within the weight limits of the elevator and the observation deck. Once the parts were transported, the final challenge was to assemble the vehicle overnight, outdoors and in just a few hours.

    50th birthday
    The stunt marks 50 years since Ford put the first Mustang on sale during an expo in New York on April 17, 1964. Ford received 22,000 orders on the first day and sold 418,000 in one year. Since then, Ford has sold more than 9.2 million.

    The 50th birthday was also celebrated amid great pomp at the New York International Auto Show, which ran from April 18 to 27.



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