• The DNA of Japanese jeans

    At the fore of fashion technology


    A GOOD pair of jeans will always be a fashion statement—that perfect pair that can take you from a day of errands to a chic party no matter what the season.

    It will always be a challenge, however, to find that perfect pair what with rough edges, flimsy belt loops, uncomfortable fits, low-quality fabrics and shallow pockets an issue for many.

    Japanese jeans brand Bobson hopes to provide solutions to denim troubles with a grand

    These jeans boast of a 12 STI technology that makes denims more refined and durable

    These jeans boast of a 12 STI
    technology that makes denims more refined and durable

    re-launch in the country.

    “Bobson is here to redefine the jeans scene in the Philippines. The brand aims to stand for comfort, style and quality that is rooted in superior Japanese craftsmanship,” brand director Chris Magnaye declared at a well-attended gathering at Sakura by Edo San in Alphaland Southgate Mall, Makati City.

    Founded in 1945 by Toshiharu Ozaki from the Okayama prefecture—known as Japan’s “denim capital”—the brand has since perfected its “eight DNA” signature feature that is a testament to the world-known Japanese craftsmanship.

    These key elements include the “left hand twill,” a softer way of weaving that makes for comfortable fabrics; the “stitch belt loops” for stronger construction; and the “pewter rivet buttons” that promise to be more durable than other denim brands.

    Also setting itself apart from regular jeans, Bobson boasts of its 12 STI (stich per inch) technology that makes denims more refined and more durable than the common seven to nine STIs.

    Moreover, the Ozaki family crest gives each pair a signature Japanese heritage and craftsmanship that dates back to 54 years of denim jeans creation.

    “We give denim lovers pieces that make them look fashionable without the effort. Bobson goes beyond face value because a touch of the fabric and examination of its construction will reveal that the fine craftsmanship is present in every pair,” Magnaye stressed.

    With its presence in the Philippines, Bobson hopes that Filipinos will come to appreciate “the difference” of Japanese technology in every day jeans.

    “The red dot logo, which symbolizes the Land of the Rising Sun, assures every wearer that the style and quality of Bobson meets the standards of its Oriental country of origin,” concluded Maganye.


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