Foreign bands arrive for CircuitFest 2013


When you have eight pop- and punkrock bands sitting in one room, expect nothing but a fun, wild and energetic atmosphere.

Such was the case when Yellowcard, All Star Weekend, Downtown Fiction, This Century, Before You Exit, A+ Dropouts, We Are The In Crowd and Mayday Parade met the local press on Friday at the Buddha Bar in Makati City.

The all-American band line-up is here in the country for the much-anticipated CircuitFest 2013: Music and Skate concert happening today from dusk to dawn at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds in Circuit Makati.

Jetlagged and all, the beaming faces and eager replies of the rock musicians were a promise that they will stage a knockout performance.

What exactly they will do, the bands told The Sunday Times Magazine.

The band members shouted a number of things from “fun,” “good times,” and “a lot of rock and roll.” There were even promises of fireworks lighting and guitars shattering.

For Ryan Key, the vocalist of Yellowcard, his band as the headliner, vowed they won’t let crowd lose their energy until the end of the concert.

He said, “We are honored to be the headliner of this concert but it also makes us nervous. By the time we play, people will most probably be already stoked. It’s up to us to keep the energy up.”

He added, “As you can see, the line up of the concert is just awesome. And this positive energy [that we share], it will translate to the audience.”

Key’s bandmate, Sean Mackin, then went on to share what makes music festivals better than solo concerts: Friends.

“All our friends are here!” the violinist exclaimed pointing his fellow artists.

Note that the first time Yellowcard was here was for a solo concert in 2011.

Key also praised the concert for being a venue for bands like them to get together. “Pop music is really prevalent today. It has taken over radiowaves and TV. So it’s good to bring us together in festivals like this where thousands of fans gather. It inspires us to know that we still have a place to perform.”

Before You Exit, the youngest and less-traveled group among the batch, also expressed their excitement. Composed of good-looking, teenager brothers Connor, Riley and Toby McDonough, the band said, “The fact that it’s your first time to perform in a place already makes everything so much crazier!”

Completing the roster of music performers is YouTube singing sensation Megan Nicole who also graced the press conference. Set to give the rock festivity a breath of fresh air with her music covers, the pretty face said, “I am excited to perform with all the rock bands. I am fans of most of them myself.”

Also present at the event were two renowned skaters, Riley Hawk, son of skating legend Tony Hawk, and Willy Santos, a Filipino-American who’s made a name in the international skating arenas. The two will provide the skating factor of the concert with high-flying tricks.

Asked what he thought of skating in the Philippines, Santos replied, “It needs support of the government . . . One thing is for sure, the local skating talent is growing.”

Then for Riley, will he be able to name a stunt after the Philippines, like Manila Flip. He answered, “We’ll see what happens tomorrow.”

Mark Salling, aka Puck of hit TV series Glee, will be the host of the festival. Unfortunately, the actor, who is both a musician and skater himself, missed two press conferences for the CircuitFest.


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