‘Foreign intel supplied evidence vs de Lima’


PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte told senators over dinner Tuesday that evidence against Sen. Leila De Lima was supplied by international intelligence sources, and were not trumped-up charges as what the detained senator has been claiming.

NO LOYALTY CHECK President Rodrigo Duterte (fifth from right) dines with the new Senate majority block at Malacañang Park grounds Tuesday. No serious stuff was discussed, but the President revealed that the government’s drug trafficking charge against Sen. Leila de Lima was supported by foreign intelligence. PHOTO FROM SEN. JOSEPH VICTOR EJERCITO

Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito, one of the 15 senators who joined the dinner at Malacañang Park, said the issue on de Lima’s detention due to drug trafficking was briefly touched by the President during the affair.

“He only said the evidence against her (de Lima) was international intelligence-supplied. It’s not only the locals who supplied the intelligence report against de Lima,” Ejercito reporters Wednesday.

Duterte, he said, wanted to explain the basis for the filing of cases against de Lima, who is accused of being on top of the illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison when she was Justice secretary.

Other senators who dined with the President were Senate President Aquilino Pimentel 3rd, Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto, Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto 3rd, and Senators Juan Edgardo Angara, Nancy Binay, Alan Peter Cayetano, Sherwin Gatchalian, Richard Gordon, Loren Legarda, Emmanuel Pacquiao, Grace Poe, Joel Villanueva, Cynthia Villar and Juan Miguel Zubiri.

No serious agenda

Pimentel in a separate interview said he agreed with the description of Ejercito that the dinner was intimate and that nothing serious was discussed.

“There was no output expected except that we get to have a dinner with the President and get to know him better,” the Senate President said.

Zubiri said the President asked for their support and some time to fix the problem of peace and order in the country as well as the economy.

“I know the attitude of the President. He never asks for a favor of help. But in this particular dinner he basically mentioned that he needed our support. For me, I appreciate that. I completely appreciate his effort,” Zubiri said.

Asked if the dinner could be considered a “loyalty check” following the expulsion of the opposition Liberal Party from the Senate majority bloc, Zubiri responded in the negative and said it was normal for any president to seek the support of the legislature.

“I think that’s very human of him, for him to actually say ‘Help me with our programs.’ ‘Give me time to do it. Just let me…allow me to do my job.’ I think that’s very human of him. And very humbling as well,” he said.

Ejercito said the President also talked about the anti-drug campaign and showed them the list of local officials, including barangay (village) captains, involved in illegal drugs.


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  1. Sawa na tao sa mga palusot at alibi ng administrasyon. Nagsimula kay Aguire, Yasay, Andanar, Montano, Abella, lahat na lang kayo mga guilty na laging nagpapalusot, ngayon yung pinuno ng palusot kesyo may foreign intelligence kuno. Di tanga pilipino, dutertards lang yung mga hindi nagiisip, masyadong fanatico sa presidente nyo! Fentanyl pa more!

    • Mas malala ang Aquino Admin. Puro druglords at magnanakaw!!!! walang nagagawa. lahat puro nakaw, yolanda fund nawala, barilan sa luneta walang nagawa, laglag bala at airport lounge nagigiba at walang nagawa. MRT hindi napalitan. etc etc…… sa bulsa ng mga Magnanakaw na magkakapatid at KKK ni Aquino napunta ang mga donasyon ng ibang bansa at mga pera ng bayan. Kaya ang yabang ni Kris Aquino milyonarya na raw siya…. walang nagiging milyonarya saPilipinas sa pag aartista kung hindi ka magnenegosyo……. at marunong mag ipon….. Hindi ito hollywood!!! Ibig sabihin Magnanakaw ka thru her brother……..

    • Galeight Kay Christie on

      Mali ka diyan KRISPULO. Isang commercial ni Kris Aquino sa mga big products, 10M ang minimum asking price niya. Sa mga small or unknown products, 1M naman. Kaya nga PHP 50 million ang tax niya last year sabi mismo ng BIR. Mas mayaman si KRIS kaysa sa buong angkan ng mga Cojuangco noon pa. Wala namang dealings o project si KRIS sa government before at during the term of PNOY kaya hindi siya dapat pagbintangan na nakakurakot.
      You’re stressed to the bones, KRISGULO! Please unwind. Watch TV. On March 26, the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino would have her pilot episode of TRIP NI KRIS on GMA7. I’m sure you will fall in love with KRIS again. I bet!

    • Wow ayaw mo sa Presidente ,?! Bakit ? Ayaw mo ba na maging free ang tuition sa school ? Ayaw mo bang maalis ang lag -lag bala sa NAIA ? Ayaw mo ba na matulungan ang mga bata sa lansangan, na nasa kalsada arawaraw….at ngayon ay may lugar na mapuntahan para safe sila at hindi palaboy laboy sa lansangann ? Ayaw mo ba na nababawasa ang kremin sa buong Pilipinas ? Ayaw mo ba na bawal ng mgagsigarilyo sa loob ng building at pwedi lang magsigarilyo sa disignated olace ? Ayaw mo ba ang libring ospital at gamot ? Ayaw mo ba na nadagdagan ang sweldo ng mga teachers, sundalo at police ? Ayaw mo ba na Duterte is working hard para tumaas naman ang standard of living natin sa Pilipinas ? yaw mo bang wala ng kidnapping at rape ? Ayaw mo na tumaas ang pension ng mga matatanda ? Ayaw mong libre and water irrigation para sa mga farmers ?, Ayaw mong mag-improve ang ating magagandang tanawin at sinira na nga ng dating goberno dahil sa pagtanggap ng pera galing sa Minahan ? Ayaw mong mahinto ang paglaganap ng druga sa Pilipinas ? Kalahati lang itong binanngit ko sa mga improvement from the previous government ! Is it safe to see what kind of a person you are ? SIR , ARE YOU A USER….OR A PUSHER ! ???? I AM A FILIPINO WITH 3 FAMILY MEMBERS WHO DIED BECAUSE OF DRUGS !

    • One has to be precise on who actually committed the crime. There are lots of possibilities. All these reported EJK’s should not be construed as being perpetrated by the government. For all we know, drug syndicates, gangs or other organized groups could have been involved to silence their fellow member for good in order to insulate its leaders.

  2. i think it is a wrong argument to say that if these evidences came from foreigners their respective goverments would stand down. You assume they came from those critical of Duterte. And why would the president divulge his sources and evidence this is what makes him the president and all of us armchair strategists.

  3. Gotta love how the Liberal Party and Delima supporters all now demand evidence, follow due process, rule of law and go to great lengths trying to explain complex judicial process all because the tables have turned.

    I remember not far back the same things are being spoken of and them being warned of the dangers of such underhanded tactics, trial by propaganda, railroading and weakening Government institutions through shear political intimidation.

    Did they listen?


    Instead they brushed people aside and boxed together in labels like “Utak Wangwang”, “Kakampi ng mga Kurap” and “Gusto Bumalik ang Kurakot na Kalakaran”

    They started this fire and now they are burning from it. I am not even a Duterte fan, but the sight of the Liberal Party’s fall from grace is just too beautiful to watch

  4. Huwaw! Another gawa gawa story na naman. Parang si Aguirre na kesyo meron daw bribe na nangyari, hahaha at kesyo binaril pa kunyari yung asawa ng isang convict pero ni police incident report wlang mapakita! Nililinlang nyo lang yung bayan pero di tanga mga pilipino, kung totoo yang foreign intelligence kuno na yan, sige nga anong source? Ganyan kayo eh ididiin nyo pag nakicriticize ang presidente. Kayong mga senators na nandyan gumawa kayo ng listahan para hindi iboto ng taumbayan!!! Nakakahiya kayo!!!

    • Mas nakakahiya ang maging Pilipinong keber sa menace ng droga. Let the government’s teeth gorge the lawless.

  5. Usually, when a intelligence is given from one country to another. That receiving countries does not reveal the exact intelligence since it might give clue how it was gathered. They usually do their own investigation using this intelligence.

    Wikileaks alone will reveal that US have intelligence about politicians of other country. It is necessary to know who you are dealing with.

    Philippines is a narco state, ranking 2nd in the world on amphetamine use. For such a small country to rank 2nd, that means a big percentage of the population are drug user. There are some foreign articles about how judges and politician are under payroll of criminals. It is sad that the Pilipinos does not know these.

  6. arnel amador on

    the court will settle her case. she has all her time to clear her name, regardless. let the trial begin….at the end of the day your opinion, my opinion, our opinions won’t matter anymore….

  7. Could the ‘foreign intelligence’ have come from Russia, a well-known source of ‘alternative facts’?

  8. Foreign Intelligence working for or attached to foreign embassies in the Philippines can gather better information than Filipino Intel Agents because they have better tools and devices specially designed and built for their purpose, to gather information. Are these devices legal? Hell no, even the method on how the information is gathered is absolutely NOT legal under the law. Because the miniaturization of electronic circuits and devices, science fiction 20 years ago is a reality now. A good example are fiber optics, that can transmit signals at a higher speed have cores smaller than human hairs. A camera that can record movements and conversations with very high resolutions can come to the size of a pin head and can be imbedded in a place where nobody would suspect. Listening device for cell phones that can record conversations and can read your text messages as well, both “data and voice” have been perfected since first came out. Telephone numbers suppose to represent RF frequency levels, and I will not need to scan the airwaves if I already have your phone number. I can go directly record your conversation (voice) and do the same thing on your text messages (data). All of these very advanced equipment and devices are product of (RD) Research and Development. I think we will do better after five(5) years because of our own RD, Rodrigo Duterte.

  9. Ronnie Molina on

    To paraphrase… “The President said the he’s got some foreign Intel evidence against De Lima.” Did he disclose his evidence? where is it? None. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Think. If indeed there was one such foreign Intel, would the International community still ask for her release? These intelligence agencies would have communicated it to other advocacies and told them to “stand down. She’s guilty!” but nothing like that is happening. Instead they continue to mock your Duterte. It’s still his words against her. All talk and accusations.

    • lol, what part of the article says the “International Community” and “Foreign Intelligence” are the same? Other than “universe” or “world” i can’t think of any term broader than international, so your line of reasoning in unbelievably shallow or irresponsible..
      Show it to the public? Why? Remember there is gag order? meaning, a request to prevent the disclosure of this info to the public is there, so not only that there is no compelling reason to disclose these info, but it now becomes illegal…

    • Ever heard of confidential information? why must be disclosed for publicity purpose? they can be disclosed in proper forums and setting like in trial courts. Ever heard of lobbyists? ever heard of hiring pr firms and paying the news media to do the dirty work of trying to change the opinion of people? ever heard of lazy journalists who don’t really do any proper research but just pick up news feeds?

    • Kiko Saniram on

      I am yet to see a collective international community requesting for the release of De Lima. And with allies from the outside, it is not impossible that information such as intelligence reports would get into Malacañan.

      IF you could just read your comment again, you will know that there is in no way should a foreign organization get in the way of a duly-elected President where his popularity remains high and public trust remains intact.


      To Ronnie Molina…is it not enough proof to show how the bilibid was during her tenure as DOJ Sec? Is it not enough immoral act for a senator to get involved withher driver and use him as a conduit for her lagays? is it not enough for at least 6 criminals and officers under her to admit that they collected for her and now is it not obvious that since she was jailed ,the black Propaganda went wild fire on accusations incl wanting to impeach a president who has been chosen by its people to help the neglected massa?..she deserves every minute in Jail..she is also a major player on the destabilization acts of the sourgrape liberal party…too obvious to be disregarded.i am not pro du30 but for the people and GOVT WILLING TO WORK FOR IT PEOPLE AND NOT JUST TO ENRICH THE POLITICIANS NOR GIVE THEM A FREE HAND TO STEAL FROM THE KOFFERS OF A SUFFERING NATION:

  10. It’s all hogwash that the evidence against de Lima is supplied by International intelligence.

    • i understand your sentiments…have you gone to delimas detention cell? she needs your embrace…not that her desire is unfulfilled over there. I heard shes on a saba diet. Some woman has all the luck.Nasa pihitan paraiso pa rin.

    • Well, its is well know outside the Philippines that your country is a narco state. With judges and politician brought by drugs money.

      Why do you think all these politician are hell bent on stopping this war against drug by your president.

      It is people like who don’t know what is going on in the world that have a narrow vision.

      Most major country have data of politician on other countries.

      Read and be informed before commenting. It is sheer stupidity to assume that there is not foreign intel about de Lima.

  11. Any country shares Intel reports since drug related problems are a global menace. Why can’t you just accept the fact that Intel repots can help our country in tracing the drug network the operates globally? Why doubt and comp!ain instead accepting this foreign Intel assistance?

    • Hindi tanga mga pilipinong katulad mong bulag sa katangahan at kabobohan ng presidente nyo!! International commty na nga nagsasakdal sa presidente nyo eh, tapos gagamit kayo ng foreign or international intelligence na palusot. Political killings pa more!! 8000 EJK pa more and DDS pa more, Yung mga isla natin pamigay pa more!!!

    • No one is saying they cant help you we are suggesting there isnt any. Im sure they would have said what it was & im also sure the accused is allowed to see that evidence to try to disprove it. I dont believe in blindly accepting anyones word. especially here in the philippines, do you

  12. matino na pinoy on

    It is not a loyalty check, but a “power check” and it seems that the President is sincere and dedicated in accomplishing what he had promised to the Filipino people, and therefore, he asked these legislators for their help. Majority of Filipino people, to include Filipinos living and working around the globe, myself included, silently behind the President, supporting him in doing his mandate, and also saving the next generation of Filipinos from destruction. His next battle is going against giant mining firms presently operating in the country and with the support of these legislators, he will succeed. I think political analysts call this a political will.

    • Political will is undeniably there.. Let’s rally behind the man who has undoubtedly change the way people see leaders.. Tough talk? yes.. Profane language? You bet.. But this man in malacañac is undoubtedly is just the one we need.. no nonsense, doesn’t need the limelight, he does what gotta do..

  13. it seems that our local intelligence are so ” inútil ” that we got the info about de 5 from foreign intelligence.

    • All countries does that. Lahat nagcocoordinate para sa kabutihan ng mamamayan. Di lang Pilipinas nangyayari ang pagshare ng intel.

    • “He only said the evidence against her (de Lima) was international intelligence-supplied. It’s not only the locals who supplied the intelligence report against de Lima,” Ejercito reporters Wednesday….

  14. Now let me guess, these international sources will be kept secret. Hhhhhmmmm i wonder why. Its always hush hush in the philippines. Well it all sounds very fishy to me & why arnt people asking questions about this

    • well dusty, if you are following the news about drug wars in other countries ie. Mexico, Columbia, Panama, it was all a coordinated effort among the countries involved. El Chapo is in New York jail, Noriega is rotting in an American jail, Escobar is long dead. It was not only an efforts of the countries involved. You like the Interpol? Never mind the CIA. I like the FBI. And it’s almost all were kept on secret.

    • Silly, they need to be kept secret so that it will not give clue how they are gathered. That’s how it works.

  15. “He only said the evidence against her (de Lima) was international intelligence-supplied.” and just who supplied this evidence and what exactly is the evidence they supplied and how did they get it?

    i distinctly remember Duterte telling the USA ambassador to shut up and threaten him for “attempting to influence the election” and i distinctly remember him telling the UN to “go to hell” so why is Duterte listening to foreign intelligence? Who about he concentrate on ending the decades of terrorism in the Philippines?


    • Astrid Alexa on

      Widen your perspective, David Roxas. Foreign intel does not necessarily need to be sourced from western countries. Asian countries are also monitoring drug trade movements here. You can say Japan has intel too. Or Malaysia.

    • Fool, that was when Obama, our meddling ex-president was still the president.

      Now, Trump is the new president and he does not give a damn about the useless UN. Why do you think your politician is going to EU instead of US ?