Foreign players in Superliga under fire


Officials of the Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) decried the blatant disregard and abuse of Philippine laws by Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas Inc. (LVPI) for allowing foreign players to see action in the ongoing Philippine Superliga (PSL) Grand Prix without proper documentation.

PVF President Edgardo Boy Cantada particularly put to task PSL top executive and also LVPI official Tats Suzara for allowing this mockery of Philippine immigration and labor laws.

“While we have a pending case against the LVPI for its unjustified claim as the legiti¬mate volleyball national sports associa¬tion after Suzara, along with few others, masterminded the disenfranchisement of PVF before the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), they are at it again and this time made a mockery of our ph laws,” said Cantada.

“We cannot let this pass unnoticed, even with the slow action of the Bureau of Immigration. We don’t even expect the POC to act on this. But we will keep on questioning the LVPI and Suzara for the answers they owe not only to PVF but to the whole Philippine volleyball community,” Cantada stressed.

There are more than 10 foreign volleybelles who are playing in the PSL.

“There have been numerous violations by these imports that have been validated by immigration personnel, print media and television. Not even a tap on the wrist on the part of the Bureau of Immigration. The least the BI could do is to stop these foreign players from playing until they comply with requirements and pay the corresponding fines,” Cantada added.

Recently, the BI released a memorandum circular saying all foreign players working in the country without ‘working permits’ might face sanctions under the Philippine law.


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