Foreign policy recommendations


    The next tenant in Malacañang must inculcate the spirit of independence and nationalism while eschewing the culture of dependence, servility and mendicancy that has characterized our bilateral relations with former colonizers.

    Malacañang must:

    1. Accelerate the rate the inflow of foreign capital to supplement rather than supplant local investments.

    2. Seek the transfer of science and technology for trade partners.

    3. Augment invisible exports such as the export of services.

    4. Seek markets for Philippine products while lobbying against the imposition of non-trade barriers and other obstacles that impede the flow of Philippine products into the world’s markets.

    Must adopt a Philippines Incorporated through the one-country team approach and optimizing the utilization of our economic and commercial representation activities overseas to support national efforts at achieving development objectives.

    Reinforce the capability of our missions abroad to prepare economic and commercial studies of host countries.

    Pursue economic diplomacy which requires a coordinated, coherent and well-communicated government position on development issues.

    Encourage the participation in international conferences/symposia that can come up with new development models, indicators, and benchmarks.

    Promote a stronger coordination between the DFA and other agencies especially the DTI which could lead to a greater focus and coherence in international decision-making process and in carrying out the development diplomacy functions of the Department. Thus, the need for a two-pronged structural change: internal changes in nomenclature and lines of coordination, and a merger of functions of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Foreign Trade Service Corps with the DFA.

    Develop a strong Management Information System and an IT database.

    On security issues
    For the new administration to veer away from bilateral, and embark on regional and multilateralrelations to advance the interest of the country it behooves our foreign service to prepare its personnel to be able to cope with this new strategy.

    It must design a national securitymodel which must be made more participatory by building partnerships with national security and development agencies, think tanks, the academe, the private sector, the media, and civil society in the interest of the nation and the people.

    Cooperationwith other countries in securing a world free from serious environmental degradation, transnational crime and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is a matter of urgency.

    This pursue of a strong republic by preparing a strategic plan encompassing defense, military, and developmental policies is long overdue.

    The new administration must helpto promote a regime of Pax Asia-Pacifica while continuing to pursue the implementation of the Regional Code of Conduct on the South China Sea to obtain a stable situation conducive for cooperation and/or other peaceful alternatives in addressing our claim. The draftingof an integrated national security strategy with emphasis on the West Philippine Sea and Sabah issue to project a coherent and consistent policy is necessary to achieve the above.

    The peaceful settlement of the problems facing Southern Philippines and the rehabilitation of ARMM and Central Mindanao. Requires promotingthe rehabilitation of Southern Philippines and the containmentof terrorism/terrorist related activities, and other transnational crimes in the region.

    The design of a national security plan must include diplomacy, military, law enforcement, economics, humanitarian assets, and similar issues, improving defense and military capabilities and the improvement of the quality and resources of civilian agencies involved in international affairs.

    On the cultural side
    The new administration must prevent cultural imperialism referred to by Pope Francis as imposed by hedonistic and ultra-secular sectors that tend to undermine Filipino values we hold so dear. These in the areas of drugs, sex trafficking, etc.

    Cultural diplomacy is a primary source of solidarity of peoples or nations. It also respects the rights of indigenous peoples and must be encouraged.

    This involves the showcasing and exposition of the artistic talents and capabilities of Filipino artists and cultural bodies abroad and helping to market Filipino cuisine, fashion and architecture and other cultural activities the Department will help to gain market share for our invisible export in the service sector.

    On the subject of OFWs
    It mustlook for improved alternative markets to Filipino labor, and at the same time, work to secure more favorable labor arrangements with host countries by seeking to open markets for more high-value labor deployed overseas, while upgrading skills of Filipino workers.


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    1. Ang matalinong Presidente ang makakagawa nito….. And she is Merriam Defensor Santiago with a teaming of Bong Bong Marcos, good combination..
      Thank you for your sharing your views and ideas sir…