• Foreigners must have passports re-stamped


    The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has urged all foreigners to have their passports re-stamped by the agency to ensure authenticity of the documents.

    Under the law, the Immigration spokesperson, lawyer Elaine Tan, said the foreigners and their dependents staying in the country are required to report to the bureau for the re-stamping of their passports.

    She added that those who fail to comply with the law may be “penalized or, worse, face deportation and cancelation of their Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) I-cards.”

    Failure to do so “may also result [in]investigation and institution of deportation proceedings and the denial of arrival and departure clearances.”

    The re-stamping, Tan said, will also simplify  verification of the BI’s updated database and will surely help expedite the foreigners’ future transactions with the bureau.

    Such transactions include processing of annual report and renewal of the ACR I-Cards, she added.

    According to Tan, the re-stamping will be done only at the BI main office in Intramuros, Manila.

    Republic Act  (RA) 7919 granted permanent resident status to qualified aliens who entered the country before June 30, 1992.
    Meanwhile, RA 8247 extended the period to file petitions for RA 7919 status until June 30, 1997.

    All applicants for re-stamping are required to pay P1,010 and must secure a BI clearance for the same amount.
    Processing may be completed within three days.

    The filing period for the re-stamping started last September and will end on December 15, 2014, the BI said.


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    1. The government is just giving us legal permanent resident foreigners some trouble by requiring us to do this. Isn’t that all the requirements was presented already before when we applied for icard? Some of the requirements are not readily available, we still need to go to our mother country to get some of the requirements. Some older foreigners doesn’t even have birth certificates and marriage contract since countries such as China and Korea doesn’t have one several decades ago. This is just a redundant check for the government. Will just squeeze more money and make the life of the foreigners more miserable. Isn’t it that if you already have an icard, immigration will be able to check whether you are a legal or illegal alien?

      The information that says re-stamping only takes 3 days is not true. I had been to the BI office already three times in a span of two weeks and I haven’t finished the restamping. I am now waiting for the letter to be sent to my address but i haven’t received it yet. Heard that it will take 10-15 days for me to receive. So all in all, the process will take more than half a month to one month. BI office is too crowded, transactions which can be finished in one day, will take weeks. The government wants more money from the foreigners but they are not making life easier for foreigners. This government is not efficient at all. Instead of simplying things, they are making things difficult and more troublesome.

    2. Look at this government again. All it cares about is getting money out of people. All us foreigners have to go to great trouble all the time to remain in this country & to great expense. Now if we have all of our diocuments legally we shouldnt have to do this, its against our human rights. We have complied with everything you made us do. We paid all the money we have official receipts, now if you want to catch illegal immigrants then go after them but all us legal immigrants leave us alone. We have done nothing wrong, we have complied with all your rules & regulations & just wait till our icards expire so we can get it all done again. But no this government looks how it can get more & more money from people. Foreigners are an easy target. When we let a foreigner in my country register when he has complied & its sorted thats it, he is a british citizen & never has to re register or pay ever again. Thats the difference between a proper government & a corrupt government.