Forest fire rages in France


MARSEILLE: A forest fire broke out in southeastern France, destroying more than 400 hectares near urban areas, damaging two houses and forcing the evacuation of a camping site, the fire department and local authorities said Sunday. “The fire is very violent, very virulent,” a local official in Var, Emmanuel Cayron, said. Some 430 hectares had been burned and two homes were ravaged, a spokeswoman for the local prefecture said. And 165 people were evacuated from a camping site. The fire broke out in Hyeres around 10 p.m. Saturday (2000 GMT), a day which was considered high risk due to dry weather and strong wind, according to a fire department spokesman. Several roads, as well as a high-voltage power supply, have been cut off at the request of the fire department. About 450 firefighters were battling the flames on Sunday. The fire department has requested reinforcements from neighbouring districts.


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