Former activist lawmaker seeks removal from ‘terror’ list


FORMER congressman and activist Satur Ocampo asked a local court to remove his name from a petition by the Department of Justice (DoJ) to declare him and several other individuals as terrorists.

In a 40-page motion filed before the Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 19 earlier this week, Ocampo said that his “arbitrary labelling” as a “known officer” of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) was “without punitive consequences.

The motion added that the terrorist tag being sought by the DoJ was being used to “stigmatize and vilify” Ocampo, a former journalist and a former deputy minority leader of the House of Representatives.

“Movant [Ocampo] vehemently denounces the inclusion of his name as one of the alleged ‘known officers’ of the CPP and NPA in this petition and will continue to challenge and refute any allegation against him and labeling [him]as ‘terrorist’,” the motion read.

“Movant will certainly not allow the state’s overly powerful finger to continue violating his rights, security and liberty,” it added.

The motion also argued that the Manila RTC Branch 19 has “no jurisdiction” over Ocampo, citing reasons that its summons were “invalid and defective.”

“Jurisdiction over the person of the defendant is acquired through a valid service of summons or his voluntary appearance in court,” it said.

“Summons is a writ by which the defendant is notified of the action brought against him,” it added. DEMPSEY REYES



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