• Former DICT chief dared to prove corruption claims


    Malacañang on Monday dared Rodolfo Salalima to substantiate his allegations of “corruption and interference” at the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), which he headed until he resigned last week.

    Palace spokesma n Ernesto Abella issued the statement after Salalima revealed to DICT employees that the corruption and interference in the agency were the two reasons for his resignation.

    “Whoever seems to have information should [come out]. If he [Salalima] makes any claims, it should be substantial,” Abella said.

    “If that’s his point, we just have to take him for what he says. But you know, there’s really disturbing there, then this matter needs to be pursued, if it’s truly there and if it’s truly disturbing,” he added.

    It was reported that Salalima called for an emergency general meeting on Friday with DICT employees to explain his decision to step down after leading the agency for 14 months.

    “The deal was ‘no interference, no corruption,’” he reportedly said, referring to his talk with President Rodrigo Duterte before accepting the job to head the newest government agency in the country.

    Salalima reportedly made vague references to favors, which he rejected, and the struggle to do “the right thing” while heading the DICT.

    “I resisted pressures. On the issue of interference, it was not obeyed. Because of that, I had [to]and must resign,” he also reportedly said as he apologized to the DICT employees for not consulting them about his plans to step down.

    Salalima reportedly tendered his resignation on Thursday.

    Duterte said Salalima resigned out of delicadeza (sense of propriety), and confirmed the Cabinet member submitted his letter of resignation on Wednesday night.


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