• Former Trade Secretary conferred Japan’s Order of the Rising Sun

    Former Trade Secretary Peter favila

    Former Trade Secretary Peter favila

    The Government of Japan announced former Philippine Trade Secretary Peter Favila as one of the foreign recipients of the 2015 Autumn Imperial Decorations.

    Favila received The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star in recognition of his valuable contribution to strengthening and deepening the Japan-Philippines bilateral relations.

    Favila has earned three decades of expertise in the banking and finance industry. He led three local commercial banks and later chaired the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), after which, he was appointed as the Secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in 2005.

    During his five-year term, Favila made his significant contribution to the conclusion of Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) negotiations and its subsequent ratification.

    As JPEPA is the first comprehensive bilateral trade agreement entered into by the Philippines, the negotiation process involved long periods of reviews, consultations and coordination efforts from both countries. With Favila’s strong leadership as a Trade Secretary, JPEPA was finally ratified by the Philippine Senate in 2008.

    The former secretary also co-chaired the JPEPA Sub-Committee on the Improvement of Business Environment. Under the JPEPA framework, the Government of Japan and the Government of the Philippines continuously foster its strategic relationship by bringing together both the public and private sectors to address the overall business climate of the Philippines, creating a friendlier and enabling environment for Japanese investors.


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    1. Congratulations, Mr. Peter Favila one of Aling Gloria’s able and accomplished cabinet secretaries for a very well deserved honor given by the Japanese government.. This will showcase once again that the Arroyo administration were manned with competent personalities who helped the country but negated by yellow propagandistas. Unlike PNoy who appointed only his KKK,s and other allies, the cabinet of the Arroyo were manned with an assortment of personalities who were known to be experts in their respective fields. The Arroyo administration however were tarnished in the temporary presence of Purisima, Abad, Soliman, Celes and other Judas Escariotes who were later fired and replaced with equally competent persons. Unfortunately for PNoy, he hired Arroyo’sl wastes who are now and will be giving him problems especially when criminal and corruption cases will be filed after his term.