Foton celebrates 10 years in the Philippine shores


United Asia Automotive Group Inc. President Rommel Sytin is optimistic about the future of the Foton brand in the Philippines.

United Asia Automotive Group Inc., (UAAGI), distributor of Foton vehicles in the Philippines, celebrated the Chinese carmaker’s 10 years in local shores at the EDSA Shang-ri-La hotel on Tuesday last week.

“[The year] 2016 was no different from the other earlier nine years. We were confronted with various challenges, there’s always new bumps on the road. I recall selling 100 units on our first year, and it made me think if it is the right decision that time. Just like the other nine years, we forged ahead and kept on conquering,” UAAGI President Rommel Sytin said in his speech.

The carmaker will aim for 32 dealers across the country from the current 23, with more vehicle variants and models coming out this year. Puerto Prinsesa and La Union were the most recent dealers opened.

“At the general onset, our general direction was to divide our objectives, establish a reliable team, cooperate a process, build and expand our dealership network, and sell,” Sytin added.

UAAGI also previewed the new Gratour minivan and will continue to add vehicles on its line-up. Sytin added that the vehicles will be exempted from the price surge caused by revised excise tax.

“The pending implementation of the revised excise tax can be a potential avenue for our Gratour trucks and our light duty trucks since these will not from part and will be exempted from the surge of prices,” Sytin said.

Foton started off in 2006 with two models in their line-up, and expanded to 10 models after 10 years.


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