• Foton Euro4 Blue Energy engines now in PH


    Foton Motor Philippines has launched the Blue Energy Euro 4 Cummins engines in the country, which will help a number of the brand’s new vehicles comply with the Philippine Clean Air Act.

    American engine maker Cummins in 2008 established a modern engine plant with the Chinese global vehicle manufacturer Foton, called Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co. Ltd. It can manufacture about 400,000 environment-friendly engines a year.

    “The company has always been committed to providing exceptional product lines through scientific and technological innovation,” said Foton Motor Philippines president Rommel Sytin. “Blue Energy is a continued expression of this promise – a product of earnest R&D [research and development]that serves up a host of benefits such as power, durability, reliability, efficiency, and clean operation.”

    Engine improvements
    There are five new design features that make the Blue Energy Cummins engines better than the previous design: more efficient turbocharger, an efficient exhaust gas recirculation system, a new computer controlled common rail direct injection (Crdi) system, a diesel oxidizing catalyst, and an improved turbo intercooler assembly.

    These improvements can be found in the new Foton Cummins ISF 2.8- and 3.8-liter Euro 4 engines. These lower the intake temperature, prevent abnormalities in the combustion process, lower the engine noise, improve the torque output, improve the fuel efficiency, and lower harmful emissions.

    Blue energy vehicles
    The local Foton passenger vehicles that will have the Blue Energy Cummins engines are the Toplander AT SUV, and Traveller and Toano vans. The popular light truck Tornado with the 2.4C, 4.4C, 4.8C, and the newly-launched M4.2C variants will all be “Blue Energized.”

    The new M4.2C has the modern ISF 3.8-liter Foton Cummins engine that generates 600 Nm of torque, which can easily pull its 14-foot long, high strength, steel chassis.

    The new Tornado also boasts of a full complement of new safety features like the WABCO braking technology with anti-lock braking and electronic brake distribution. These are only found in more expensive trucks and Foton has also employed an air-brake system to ensure stable braking force for heavy-duty operation.

    There is a reverse sensor and camera to provide better awareness going aft. The blind spot in trucks have also been addressed with under side, bottom-facing mirrors, panoramic windshields, and adjustable height for headlights. The onboard infotainment system is the same for passenger vehicles with touch screen and Bluetooth connectivity for both music and mobile phones.

    Tornado test drive
    Foton gave its dealers and members of the motoring media the chance to test the new Blue Energy vehicles around the Megatent, Libis grounds after the launch. The Tornado M4.2C light truck was the favorite as its engine proved powerful. It also had civilized cockpit features.

    Its engine definitely had gobs of torque and can pull the light truck from a higher gear without slipping the clutch. The air brake system is very strong and gives the driver much confidence. The air conditioning system is also top-of-the-line and was never a problem during sunny weather.

    The partnership between Foton and Cummins for the Blue Energy engines is truly productive.


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