Four aviation police sacked


Four police officers from the Philippine National Police-Aviation Security Group (Avsegroup) who were implicated in an alleged extortion racket at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) have been sacked.

Chief Supt. Pablo Francisco Balagtas, Avsegroup director, on Wednesday identified the four officers: Chief Insp. Eugene Juaneza, head of the Avsegroup investigation unit; Chief Insp. Adriano Junio; Senior Police Officer 2 Romy Navarro; and SPO1 Rolando Clarin.

The policemen were temporarily transferred to the Avsegroup headquarters pending investigation over an alleged extortion attempt on Lane Michael White, a 20-year-old American.

Junio, Clarin and Navarro were the three policemen identified by Lane who allegedly try to extort P30,000 from him.

On September 17, Lane, along with his father and Filipina stepmother, was stopped by security screeners at NAIA after a bullet was discovered in his luggage.

He denied owning the .22 caliber bullet and said he was not aware of how the bullet got inside his bag.

Senior Supt. Ricardo Layug Jr., Avsegroup-National Capital Region Unit head, was earlier removed office amid the “bullet-planting” controversy at the country’s premier airport.

Balagtas explained that the move was a “rotation” of police officials holding key positions in the Avsegroup.

Layug was replaced by Senior Supt. Adolfo Samala.

The rotation of officers came when Avsegroup conducted its own investigation over the alleged collusion of its personnel with the “bullet-planting” extortionists.


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  1. Transfered? They should be arrested, jailed with no bail immediately. Then finish the investigation. They have brought great embarrassment worldwide to the Philippines. I sure there are more involved than just these ones. MAIA director still needs to be fired along with many others.

  2. Good to see these ‘firings’ take place. A culture of extortion and scamming can only be changed by the swift and public firing of individuals like this. Other ‘scammers’ will take notice and stop this offensive behavior.

    Let’s hope they are criminally charged also.