Four figures, one sexy summer


AWARD-winning actor Paulo Avelino, Filipino-Australian heartthrob James Reid, beautiful actress Jessy Mendiola and young rapper and host Elmo Magalona showed off their sexy physique at a tuna brand’s health campaign event in New World Makati.

“We believe that this powerful advocacy requires only the most influential ambassadors who can inspire others through their sexy bodies and healthy lifestyle. So this year, we strengthened our campaign with newest batch of endorsers who have also undergone stunning transformations,” said Greg Banzon, Century Pacific Food Corporation general manager just before introducing the brand’s newest faces and figures.

In turn, the four new ambassadors talked about how they were able to achieve and maintain their healthy trim bodies with good diet and exercise.

“Now that I am part of the body transformation campaign, I hope to become an inspiration to others,” said Paolo who shared he is engaged in a number of sports activities like badminton, rock climbing and jogging. He also takes one meal a day and eats tuna and crackers for the others, sometimes exchanging the canned fish for lean meat.

Meanwhile James looked to his thin, weak and asthma-stricken years. The 2009 Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition champion said, “Through swimming, gymnastics and a healthy diet, I’ve buffed up.” He related he avoids eating rice and gets his carbohydrates from cereals and wheat bread, which he turns into a tuna melt sandwich.

Jessy, on the other hand, is so excited that one of her dreams has come true. “I’m excited to show a different side of me, a grown-up Jessy who consciously takes care of her body through proper diet and exercise. A wish-come true ito dahil endorser na ako ng Century Tuna.” She advised those who are dieting not to starve themselves. “I don’t eat rice and I try to eat in moderation,” she shared, adding that she always brings her jumping rope or yoga mat when she’s taping so she can squeeze in exercise any time.

Elmo, who is just 20 years old, had a remarkable body transformation. He credited it to developing the habit of eating healthy at a younger age. “I’d like to let people know that they can—and should—start early in their journey to a healthy body,” Elmo said.



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