Four Makati policemen arrested for kidnapping


Four Makati City police officers were arrested on Tuesday evening in Paranaque City for kidnapping, robbery extortion and frustrated multiple murder.

They were identified as Police Officer 1 Tim Santos, PO1 Jeffrey Cañete,

PO2 Harley Garcera and PO2 Clarence Maynas.

The four did not resist arrest during an entrapment conducted by the Counter-Intelligence Task Force (CITF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

The CITF was created by the PNP chief, Director General Ronald de la Rosa, to go after rogue police.

Senior Supt. Jose Malayo, CITF head, told the media that Garcera, Maynas, Santos and Cañete threatened to kill the entire family of their victims who had accused them of kidnapping and robbery extortion.

A police report showed that the four had kidnapped two persons whose identities were not revealed.

The four initially demanded P400,000 for the release of their victims, who said they could not afford it.

The victims told their kidnappers that they could only give P250,000, which the suspects accepted.

They, however, said they would first give P100,000 if the policemen freed them.

The suspects agreed but angrily told the victims that they would kill their families if they failed to give the balance of P150,000.

This led the victims to seek the help of the PNP.

Malayo ordered the entrapment operation that resulted in the arrest  of the four past 11 p.m. on Tuesday in Paranaque City.

He said the CITF is running after three other members of the group. NELSON S. BADILLA


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