• Four reasons why Aquino must go


    Despite everything I have already said on the subject, I have been asked by anxious friends to elaborate further, if I can, on why I believe President B. S. Aquino 3rd should step down now, “two years before the end of his term.”

    It is not everyday that one asks a president to step down, so this is but a fair and just request. But since very little has changed from the time I first raised this issue, I may not be able to completely avoid repeating myself.

    I will limit myself to just four main reasons.

    The first reason or set of reasons is that Aquino has committed unconscionable crimes against the Constitution which no president before him had. These have caused manifest injury to the Filipino people, beyond the present generation. He has become completely impeachable on all the grounds provided in the Constitution, but the Congress, which has the power and the duty to impeach and remove the President, is now a virtual appendage and tool of his office.

    I have already dwelt on this before, and I see no need to repeat anything except to underline the fact that his series of unpunished crimes has completely destroyed the constitutional order in favor of a lawless and unaccountable regime, minimized only by its bungling incompetence. It has abolished all distinction between right and wrong, good and evil, legal and illegal, and installed the wicked rule of “I am in power and you are not.”

    Second, he has shown not only a total lack of competence to run government but also a total lack of awareness of his appalling incompetence, resulting in a state of absolute dysfunction and disorder where nothing at all works anymore but where he alone seems not to know about it or is undisturbed by it.

    Third, a growing number of Filipinos have come to believe that he was not at all legitimately elected in 2010, but was simply processed into office by the Commission on Elections and Smartmatic, using the precinct count optical scan machines, which had been illegally divested of their safety features and accuracy mechanisms by the Comelec. He is, in effect, a pretender, a de facto president.

    Fourth, it would be good for the nation and the Filipino people to see this bogus pretender booted out. It would allow the National Transformation Council (NTC) to repair what is broken before the next national elections are held, hopefully under radically altered circumstances.

    Of these four reasons, I have already lengthily discussed the first, even before the Lipa and Cebu Declarations expounded on it, so I shall no longer discuss it here. In this column, I shall discuss the second reason, and leave the third and the fourth for my next pieces.

    So let me begin by asking the reader if anything under the care, management or supervision of the Aquino government still works. Does one overstate his case when he says that whereas King Midas mythically transformed everything he touched into gold, Aquino transmogrified everything he touched into the cheapest metal? Indeed, does anything under his administration still work?

    For starters, let us talk of the Manila traffic. This used to be merely a city problem; the Aquino government’s unparalleled incompetence has turned it into a daily nightmare of the national government, as the slightest rain floods various parts of the metropolis, drives away the traffic enforcers, and creates the worst imaginable gridlocks.

    On Oct. 1, while a multisectoral assembly in Cebu called on the NTC National to pursue all necessary and available lawful means to compel Aquino to step down at the soonest possible time, and to immediately organize an ‘alternative government’, composed of men and women of integrity and proven worth, to assure the nation that Aquino’s removal and the prosecution and imprisonment of all government officials who have committed acts of corruption “will not create a political vacuum,” the whole of EDSA in Metro Manila became one huge parking lot, and some people had to leave their drivers on the road and walked home to avoid spending the night on the road.

    The next day I flew home from Cebu on a scheduled 1:50 pm flight that left Mactan at 2:45 pm and arrived in NAIA at 4 pm. I had to crawl along EDSA on my way home to Quezon City, but after two-and-a half hours I had not gotten past Ortigas, so I had to stop by a friendly coffeeshop at the Podium to be able to beat my 6:30 pm editorial deadline at the Times. I succeeded in sending my email using the SM Wifi, but as soon I had sent out my column, the Internet went out and did not come back until much later.

    While the motorists bore the pains of hell on the road, non-motorized commuters endured worse torments queuing along the sidewalk on both sides of the road, waiting for a bus or jeep that came only after an eternity, or lining up the steps leading to the ill-maintained MRT, which Rigoberto Tiglao has been writing about on this page, and which could fall into pieces anytime.

    There has been no relief since for the motorists on EDSA, or for the commuters on the sidewalks or on the steps leading to the MRT. If you are a car owner, you can no longer park your car anywhere for free. If you are going out of Manila, you will have to pay a toll on almost every road you use, because these are no longer for free. Before the national budget got over-bloated with lump-sums that went inside the politicians’ pockets, roads and bridges were known as “public goods,” which the government provided the citizens for free, in return for the taxes they paid. The government still bleeds the citizens for their tax money, even at the expense of the good name of BIR Commissioner Kim Henares, but it has sold almost every public good to the private sector, which now bleeds the public for their use.

    So what exactly do you get from this government? Aside from the political humbug from its juvenile president and his sycophants, you get nothing but inefficiency and incompetence heaped upon inefficiency and incompetence. This began with the August 23, 2010 hijacking of a tourist bus at the very heart of Manila, where eight Hong Kong tourists were killed during the clearly incompetent rescue operations by the police; this soured relations between Manila and Hong Kong (and to an extent Beijing) after Aquino refused to apologize for the incident.

    Now, on Nov. 8, 2013, super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, the strongest typhoon that ever made a landfall anywhere, flattened Tacloban and battered the rest of Eastern Visayas. The entire international community responded with dispatch to this calamity, sending men, money, ships, planes and supplies to help in the massive rescue and relief effort. But Aquino and his secretary of interior and local governments Mar Roxas spent the best part of their lives during the first hours of that emergency trying to blame the city government for failing to dodge the typhoon, and trying to exempt the national government from any responsibility of responding to it.

    This prompted CNN to wonder where the national leadership was at that time of crisis, and to ask Aquino, in an interview, whether that kind of performance would define his government. An entire year will have passed in a few days, during which the Aquino government will have received a considerably large but undisclosed sum of money from foreign governments and institutions, but nothing substantial has gone to the victims. In fact, Aquino has not even approved the proposed rehabilitation master plan for Tacloban, assuming he has in fact read it.

    Recently, Aquino went on a five-nation European-American tour, purportedly to invite tourists and investors to the Philippines. Yet Manila’s premier airport, named after his late father Ninoy Aquino, has become the worst airport in the world without any competition from any source, and is doing everything to make this distinction permanent.

    The port of Manila is in no better condition. A trucking ban stopped the loading and unloading of cargo for months on end, causing such a congestion in the harbor, which stopped the traffic of people and goods through the port. Smuggling is rampant, but instead of bringing charges against the known rice smugglers, who have destroyed the rice industry, among other things, the government has filed charges against the truckers contracted by the smugglers to haul the smuggled goods.

    What kind of justice system is that? And what kind of international commerce is Aquino trying to conduct?

    Aquino continues to talk of attracting foreign direct investments, but has done nothing to address the lack of infrastructure, the excessive red tape, the extensive power shortage and the sky-high prices, the threatening water shortage and the runaway prices as well, the poor service offered by the telcos, and the hilarious procedure that allows some village idiot or small town activist to put on hold an important development project.

    For the first time in their lives, Filipino housewives have to pay P400 for every kilo of imported garlic; Jolibee ran out of chicken; and the fish mongers could only offer estrogen-cultured cream dory to their non-meat eating customers.

    An egomaniac has taken over our republican and democratic state. But aside from taking over the treasury and going after politicians he does not like, while coddling all the wrongdoers who worship his name, he has exercised power for no public purpose, and without any reference to the common good. His continued presence has become an unacceptable anomaly and an unnecessary burden to the society and the state.



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    1. My observations it would be hard to get rid of the president at this time because most people affected by administrations mismanagement are financially hard-up due to all happenings in the country. But if the US gov’t gives the blessing for the Presidents removal then it would be possible as what happen during the time of Pres. Ferdinand Marcos because of health reason they convince Pres. Marcos to leave giving way to Cory Aquino assumed the leadership inspite being inexperience but it becomes a good reason due to the death of Ninoy, people were supporting her. When there was discontentment in her administration, some soldiers made a coupde’tat but US warned them and Pres. Cory completed her term. In Pres. Eraps time all is well but the issue of the use of hueting money in gov’t makes the big issue & with US approval VP Gloria Arroyo takes over. At present if US will be insecure with the administration of Pres. Noynoy, surely they will help finding ways to get rid of him. They will bankroll the protest against the Pres. That’s the situation in the Phil. eversince. Our President really lack the knowledge of running the gov’t. he is too dependent of his kickers. The president only rely on his advisers. He doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. One proof that he doesn’t know when he said the philippines is really progressing as you can see of too much vehicles traffic jam anywhere.

    2. juan de la cruz on

      It is everyday every president has been opinioned to step down. I can’t think of any president after Marcos who was not asked to step down due to incompetency or inefficiency. Be that the case we have no one competent to be the head of state. However in my opinion we have what is the “lesser evil” running the country. Economy seems to be thriving and he seems to rule with a little more transparency than others. I do hope one day we have a president who will restore the Phillipines’ former glory. It just seems there is always someone who thinks he can do better or is better. Maybe we should stop all this criticizing and actually do what we can to help the president run the country better. All the problems mentioned are due to the lack of cooperation between government offices. As long as there are personalities and not proffessionals in government these teething problems to growth will never fix itself. The writer seems to think he is better maybe he should run for office and let’s see if nobody asked him to step down.

    3. Cont.
      -President BS Aquino’s veto of the 2011 budget on grounds that disaster preparedness should not be funded from the Calamity Fund could make him criminally liable for fatal delays in the government’s response to the crisis in the Visayas following Yolanda’s visit. Section 20 of RA 10121 stipulates the following penalties for persons found to be in violation of this law
      On top of these charges where the facts are in the public domain, Aquino has never answered questions about what Trillanes – a twice-convicted traitor – was doing in China last year. The Philippine ambassador’s notes suggests that Trillanes completely sold out the Philippine negotiating position – that is consistent with him being a twice-convicted traitor – and that leaves us with these questions:
      1. What was Trillanes doing in China?
      2. What were his orders?
      3. Why hasn’t he been investigated for selling us out according to the ambassador’s notes?
      Then we have the hocus PCOS affair with the nationwide 60/30/10 voting pattern in May 2013:
      1. Was Aquino elected courtesy of the same corrupted programming of these machines?
      2. Despite the evidence from May 2013 of corrupted programming of these machines, why has Aquino never ordered an investigation of this theft of the most basic of democratic rights?
      I realized these questions are not going to be answered because we already know what the answers are. Aquino is fortunate that his mother’s economy-destroying, oligarch-protecting Constitution offers no way for the public to demand answers to these questions, and no way to hold Aquino accountable for his failed maladministration

    4. “A trucking ban stopped the loading and unloading of cargo for months on end, causing such a congestion in the harbor, which stopped the traffic of people and goods through the port.”

      Im sorry sir, but its mayor erap who did this.


      Mr. Tatad claims that “Aquino continues to talk of attracting foreign direct investments, but has done nothing to address the lack of infrastructure…”

      Mr. Tatad must be misinformed or is just hell bent on being on creating bad news in order to sell newspapers.

      On the contrary, it is the PNoy Administration that has laid out a plan to bolster government spending on public infrastructure –- roads, airports, water supply, transportation -– to 5% of gross domestic product (GDP) by the time President Benigno Aquino III leaves office in 2016, up from 1.8% when he took power in June 2010.

      This year, the government is spending 399.43 billion pesos ($9.1 billion) on public works, or around 3% of GDP. That is projected to rise to 826 billion pesos by 2016. Tell us of a previous administration, including the one you served in, Mr. Tatad, that has allotted that much money to improve our infrastructure?

      Mr. Tatad, you just gave us a reason why readers should stop reading your columns.

      source: http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2014/06/03/philippines-bets-on-better-infrastructure/

    6. Mr. Tatad,
      If Pnoy violated the constitution and should step down, the dodging vp who is obviously guilty is not suitable to take over. in choosing between Pinoy and Binay, I think Pnoy’s integrity is less questionable than the vp. I hope your articles will also include your views on vp binay and his family .

      REPLY: Sir, the NTC will take over. Not Binay. Please read the declarations and my columns more carefully.

    7. We filipinos should stop complaining and criticizing. It seems like it is what we do best and sadly it does nothing for any of us. In fact it simply aggravates matters all the more. It gives the impression that we, as a nation, can do nothing right.

      Do not get me wrong by thinking that I am yellow politically. I am not. Neither am I red, orange, or blue. I am filipino like most of you who read this article. I just chose to do my ‘very little part’. I think doing your ‘little’ part will do this nation a whole lot of good.

      It is very easy to criticize and destroy another persons name with what could be the truth. In the end what do we get as a result I ask ?

      We all complain that this nation is going nowhere. It may be going nowhere but what have we done? It’s easy to blame Pnoy for all the sins but then again a man can only do so much good or bad.

      What’s my point? Let’s stop blaming others for all the wrong in this country. Why not start doing what is right to a point that anyone doing wrong will be ashamed to do so? Ex. If everyone followed traffic rules and were disciplined on the road, it would be glaring for a corrupt cop to do his evil deed.

      It ain’t easy. It won’t be happen overnight. But we need to start somewhere and sometime. So unless I can affect change, I’ve chosen to keep quiet and do my little part.

      Mr. Tatad, what have you done to affect change in the complaints you just mentioned? You seem to have all the answers and makes me wish you were president. And for those who complain against or otherwise believe in Pnoy, what have you done to affect change in this country?

      This a question I do not ask of you but something you must ask yourself. And when you do have an answer to this question, you and I can believe in this country again.

    8. “Are you watching or listening the Blue ribbon subcommittee hearing about overpriced makati parking building? why don’t you in next hearing. PNoy is the only president of the republic to jailed corrupt lawmaker . ”

      “Mr. Luis” I have no interests with whatsoever with the Binays and their hoarded loot after many years of dynastic governance of the rich city of Makati – but these triad lapdogs of the Yellow cult Trillanes, Koko, and Cayetano has practically hijacked the Blue ribbon committee into a Yellow cult sub-committee to expose the Binays and thereby shutting down the opportunity to open up and expose all these Malampaya, DAP humongous-gargantuan Plunder-malversation concoction by this Riding in Tandem hoodlum of Penoy and Butch Abad. Pare-pareho sila’ng mga Mandarambong ng fondo ng Bayan pero ang Blue ribbon kuno ni Gunggongna ayaw imbestigahan ang Dambuhalang Pagnanakaw at maniobra’ng illegal nang Penoy at Butch Abad.

    9. The country needs a firm president. One who strictly implements laws upon all persons regardless of life status and degree of consanguinity with any government official. Others may see me insensitive and inhuman for suggesting martial law but this is the only way we can get rid of weeds in the country. I would rather see the death of perpetrators of crimes today and think that tomorrow will be safe for my children than to allow the devils to live, grow offsprings with the same tendency, and contaminate the next generation. Our country is just like a neglected garden that is dominated by weeds. If we allow weeds to grow and cover all corners of the garden, i’m afraid that one day every innocent person will just hide behind the shades of the weeds without seeing and feeling the light of the sun, will beg to be spared of for a little water during rain and will suffer stunted growth until he dies when he lose the spirit of wanting to live in the realm where being uselessly violent is the key of survival. I know this idea is not favorable to God but for sure He understands it. If he can forgive those who killed innocent lives i believe if he is fair enough, he does the same to one who kills to save innocent life. One thing more, what are we afraid of martial law if we are obedient to what we must and must not do. The only weak point of martial law is if it is used for personal reason. But if its sole intention is to discipline those who dispose their trash anywhere, contaminate bodies of water, corrupt our money and perpetrate rape and other forms of killngs, then we can be hopeful that in time we shall see a bright tomorrow. For sure the government is not in favor of this because if it is applied, they themselves will first reap its harshness.

    10. Mr. Tatad, why don’t you put in your column the reason why VP Binay should resign as Vice President instead of PNoy? Are you watching or listening the Blue ribbon subcommittee hearing about overpriced makati parking building? why don’t you in next hearing. PNoy is the only president of the republic to jailed corrupt lawmaker . If PNoy resign .VP Binay is the next president. THINK about what are you saying in your column.

    11. Does forcing a president to resign in a matter of more than one year really worth the trouble, and have VP Binay assume the presidency considering what is happening at the Senate? In forcing the issue, the columnist personal agenda is showing. Notice the kind of language chosen to persuade his readers. That is the clue. He wants to agitate people to jump into his plan, not with prudence and critical thought, but with blind anger, forgetful of past historical lessons. History tells us how this tactic of inflaming the emotions had been employed by infamous leaders to achieve their objectives to the horror of the world. So beware.

    12. Sonny Dela Cruz on

      The military should act now and form a junta government for one year then schedule for an election. The government official of the three branches of the government should be clean up. Jail all the guilty corrupts & thiefs of the people’s money. Stabilize the peace & order in the country. Eradicate all the murderes, KFR, drugs mfr, dealers and pushers. People should be discipline to obey the law, no more compadre system, no fraternity brothers, barkadas and friend in need. The constitution must be change to FEDERAL SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT so that there will an equal distribution of development in the country and not in malacanan only to be use as DAP & pork barrel of the Senators & congressman. These legislators do not need pork barrel because what they do is legislation only. The Pork barrel should be given to the regions of the country the governor to develop their jurisdiction, provide employment, free education for the children rich & poor. Feed the hungry and provide medicare especially the seniors who needs medical attention. Develop their regions for tourism. Philippine is a very beautiful country that we can be proud of only if we put it in order. The people should protect the foreign tourist first and not rob them or kill them. The country is very rich. We have the ocean that provide foods, we have the mountain that provide foods, we have the forest that provide logs for our shelters, you name it. We have it all.
      The Philippines should be on top in Asian if we only put our act together. What is your take.

    13. Like in the bible, when God became so disappointed with mankind, he caused 40 days and 40 nights of rain that flooded the earth. Now, may be God is so disappointed with us Filipinos, because he flooded us with idiots, thieves, and all other evils in all branches of the government, more especially the head of our nation, causing sufferings to all of us governed.

      • what you are asking will affect mostly the common citizens who toil to earn a living day by day… the idiots, thieves and evil persons in the government and the privileged few (the haves) can weather most calamities -unless God specifically targets them!

    14. Nailed it… Pnoy is indeed *&^#!^$)&*#*& its something i can’t describe anymore…. unless he step down. we might expect more from its incompetence. this is horrible…

    15. With the line of succession, it appears that Speaker Belmonte is not yet tainted with corruption allegations and he is very capable to lead the country. He was once the head of SSS or GSIS, 3 terms mayor of QC, Congressman and presently the speaker of the house. He led QC to be the most efficient in services to the constituents. If Pnoy steps down, VP Binay, and Drilon should as well step down; they are either corrupt or incompetent to lead the country.

      • that is a wishful thinking on belmonte. perhaps you can ask the residents of quezon city? moreover, he is a butterfly that goes from one flower to another sipping out the nectar while it last.

      • Ha? He sold 4 Philippine properties in New Yorkv during Cory’s regime for a song 500$ each for a total of 2000 and freed the Aquino-Cojuangcos from paying their remaining loan taken in acquiring Hacienda Luisita practically giving the hacienda for free.He is corrupt early on in his political career

    16. concerned citizen on

      Thank you very much for voicing all my concerns about this administration, Mr. Tatad. I was wondering why the NTC has not held any assembly in Metro Manila, where I live. I know that there are a lot of people here who are just waiting for any opportunity to voice their demand for this egomaniac in the government to step down, but many don’t want to join the leftist organizations that have been holding protest rallies to date because they don’t trust these leftists. We’re all raring to go!!!

    17. Kit, Now, the bosses Pinoy was referring to are not we who trusted him, campaigned, voted for him, and him to be our best president. His bosses are only his classmates, friends and his cabinet members, they are whom he follows. I feel theses must be emphasized well because, from this word “BOSSES”, he was successful in deceiving the many Filipinos.

    18. I wish Francisco Tatad could have said all what he said in his column here in 1973 to 1986 during Marcos authoritarian rule! While it is true that both Marcos and Aquino violated the Constitution, Marcos muscled in desecrating the 1935 constitution and abolished all institutions who could oppose him, not to mention the oppositionists and activists whom he all threw in jail; while he bribed the military and his cronies with the money of the people from National Treasury, which he treated as Marcos personal bank! Although Aquino violated the budgetary requirements of the Constitution and resorted to bribing lawmakers to get what he wants (impeached Corona, jail Arroyo and the three oppositionists), Marcos dictatorial rule was even more violent and destructive physically and ideologically devastating and suppressive of the people’ s right. Marcos Martial Law was a death knell of democracy for 22 long years. While Aquino’s rule is full of mal-governance and corruptions by his allies and friends, Marcos and wife are the icon of corruption itself. In Marcos regime, public services were supplanted by public fear! Public protests and grievances were muzzled and leaders disappeared and never came back alive. Ironically, Tatad now has all the freedom to attack, demand the resignation of Aquino and call.for the people to throw out Aquino from office, while Martial law years ago Tatad was the one disseminating Marcos heinous decree that sowed fear to the people and cowed them to submission to the dictators whim and command. In Marcos time the population was only 27 million coward Filipinos easy to scare and manage; now it is 100 million vocal and whining Filipinos, hardheaded and more wiser and courageous to disagree with the President or any other devil. Another good question to Tatad, do you think the country will be better off if VP Binay takes over as legit constitutional successor if Aquino voluntarily steps down? My own answer is NO! Binay will be like…

      • Jun Adan we cannot be manipulated by any of your untruthful comments, there were more infrastructures built under former President Marcos which help the 20 million Filipinos who lived thru Martial law. Martial law prevented any communistic take over and that matters most. EDSA people power were not represented by the 20 million Filipinos but by the minority 2% oligarchs whose personal interest was the only main purpose at the expense of the majority poor,period.

    19. It will be difficult for the palace to rebut or deny the long list of incompetencies and failures detailed by the writer. Because they are all true. This Abnoy of a fake president has nothing but MALEVOLENCE for the whole country. It seems that the be all and end all of his illegitimate tenure is to destroy the country and its institutions.

      All the items in the list of Mr. Tatad constituting the reasons why the Abnoy must go are all factually true. The list mirrors the true state of the nation. The Abnoy is a plague and a curse that must be excised from the fabric of the nation. The sooner we are rid of him, the better are our chances of surviving.

      • Aces, the infrastructures Marvos built were the principal source of his stolen wealth via overpricing by Rodofo Cuenca’s group, a crony of Marcos who is still hiding up to now. At least the Philippine govt. Have seen these infrastructures out the corruptions of Marcos. Marcos thru his military enforcers and killers have kidnapped political oppositionists and student activists who had never been found. A Hawain Court judgement of 2billion dollars were handed down in favor of these Marcos victims of human rights violations. Marcos and Imelda grabbed private mining, media and other big local companies for their own. Marcos fooled the people by promising to crush the oligarchs who exploit the poor, but instead he extorted wealth from Chinese Taipans who were just scared to follow. Marvos raided the treasury of GSIS,,SSS, DBP, Land Bank, United Coco Bank and made PNB their personal paying ban for all Imelda buying spree of valuable, jewelriies, paintings and buildings in New York City. Marcos transferred the Central Bank gold to his Swiss acct bank in Switzerland accompanied by then CB Gov. Jaime Laya. ACES, you may not have been manipulated by Marcos then but all Filipinos did suffer some kind of Marcos atrocities. Any protestors then was branded Communists and used them to justify declaration of Martial law. The fact was that Marcos used his military to create chaos and society disorder as guise of approaching commies takeover of Mamila, including Enrile’s fake assassination attempt. Filipinos did not benefit one bit from Marcos rule. Rather, his suppression of rights, corruptions and violence in society perpetrated by the military were pervasive to instill fear in the minds of the people. Marcos was a ruling monster and evil leader who was abetted by now holy Tatad. Now Tatad has the guts to assail the establishment which he lost including his tail during Marcos regime.

    20. Mr. Tatad

      I like you piece. I always read your column. Your articles are very insightful.


    21. I agree with you reasona for PNoy to step down. But wait, who will take over if Binay is not in jail? Binay is not fit for his questionable ill-gotten wealth. Drilon? He could be in jail too for plunder. Perhaps, the Supreme Court could act as interim government care taker until after elections are held.

    22. Jose A. Oliveros on

      Congratulations Sen. Tatad for another brilliant piece on why PeNoy should step down voluntarily from the presidency. I am sure you articulated the sentiments of similar-minded Filipinos who would have wanted to express the same thoughts but could not do so either for lack of a forum like the Manila Times; or do not have the same analytical mind that you have, nor the literary skill that you possess.

    23. I bet P’noy will not read any word of your good column or at least hear a bit of this news because he is completely shielded by his sycophants in the Palace unless there is unusual noise or events around that would open the shield and probably draw his attention. And that’s the time or the chance anyone can hammer the unfavorable issues into his head to realities going around this miserable country.

    24. Mr. Tatad,

      If you and NTC are all for good governance of this country, is it only fair that you include the VP Binay in your call for “real transformation” ? The Dynasty is the real headline, i could understand The Prez is totally hopeless and the VP is downright guilty, they are supposed to be in tandem to make our lives better, but instead the nightmare duo are still in denial of their crimes, is BINAY included in Lipa Declaration? perhaps you can give us readers 10 reasons why the BINAYS should be in jail……..

    25. Sir Tatad, I could not add more to the litanies of crimes you have mentioned above. Indeed this president who is mentally derailed should not have been there in the first place. I prefer that a kind of punishment for aquino in the future will be according to the criminal acts he committed against the Filipino people. But the most urgent task now would be to remove him forcibly in malacanang if only to save the people from further suferrings. Drag him out now before its too late.