Four survive after landslide engulfs car


EXTRAORDINARY video footage captured during torrential storms that hit northwest China this month shows four men making a miraculous escape when a landslide engulfs their car as they travel along a mountain road.

The vehicle is making its way steadily along the road, its hazard lights flashing in the rain, when it is suddenly battered by huge quantities of mud, stones and trees crashing down from above.

The impact was so heavy that even the camera, mounted on the roadside some distance away, shakes.

When the torrent finally stops the car is covered in debris, but two passengers quickly emerge, followed by another man, and the three then help a fourth person out of the vehicle.

A pedestrian walking under an umbrella ahead of the car appears to have been just outside the impact zone, although he cannot be seen after the landslide.

The footage was recorded in the northwest Chinese city of Yan’an earlier this month when destructive storms hit Shaanxi province.

Parts of China are hit by heavy rain every summer.

Floods and landslides have killed 50 people so far this month in Shaanxi, China’s official Xinhua news agency reported. AFP


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