Four-year-old US child dies from enterovirus D68


NEW YORK: A four-year-old boy in the northeastern US state of New Jersey died suddenly and without warning as a result of the outbreak of a respiratory virus, enterovirus D68, officials said.

Eli Waller, who lived in Hamilton Township, died on September 25, but his cause of death was only diagnosed at the weekend.

The youngest of triplets, he didn’t go to school during the day and went to bed with red eyes. He never woke up.

“I think Eli’s case is an exception to the other cases in the country,” Jeffrey Plunkett, health officer in Hamilton Township, told ABC television.

“He had no sign of any illness that night and his passing was sudden and shocking.”

Enterovirus D68 typically causes flu-like symptoms, but in some cases it can cause wheezing and breathing problems that may require hospitalization.

A spike in cases among patients nationwide has reached 538 people, most of them children, in 43 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The death of a little girl was announced last week in the state of Rhode Island as a result of an unusual combination of enterovirus D68 and a staph infection.



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