Fourth server ‘can’t overturn’ VP victory


The existence of an additional server won’t nullify the victory of Vice President Ma. Leonor “Leni” Robredo in the May 2016 elections, her camp said on Tuesday.

Lawyer Romulo Macalintal, Robredo’s counsel, noted that servers have nothing to do with results of the elections for any position because servers have no means of changing the results, either to add to or deduct from the votes of any candidate.

Macalintal was responding to claims of the camp of defeated vice presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr. that there is a breakthrough in Marcos’ protest because of the fourth server, whose existence was not disclosed to the public prior to the conduct of the May polls.

“Former Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos and his supporters are dreaming if they believe Marcos would win in his election protest against Vice President Robredo on the basis of alleged ‘secret servers’ used by the Smartmatic and the Comelec in the May 9, 2016 elections. All he has to do is present even just one of the 94,000 election returns generated by the Vote Counting Machines (VCMs) that does not tally with the 30 other authentic copies of the election returns,” Macalintal said in a statement, referring to the Commission on Elections.

Under Section 22 of Republic Act 9369 or the Automated Election Law, 30 copies of Election Returns (ERs) are printed per precinct by the VCMs and distributed to all political parties, candidates and accredited citizens arms and additional 30 copies of same ERs could be requested by any candidate.

“If Marcos could show even just one genuine ER of one precinct in his possession that does not match with the genuine ER of same precinct issued to other parties, then that would be the time for him to claim a ‘major breakthrough’ in his case,” Macalintal pointed out.

“There were 50 million ballots cast into the VCMs in the last elections. If Marcos could show just one ballot from just one precinct where the VCM credited his vote in favor of Robredo, then that would be a ‘good day’ for him,” he said.

Robredo of the Liberal Party beat Marcos in the nail-biting vice presidential race by 263,473 votes.

Macalintal then cited that to this day, Marcos’ camp failed to show a single ER or ballot to prove any discrepancy in any ER generated by the VCMS or any ballot inaccurately read by the machines.

“If Marcos insists on proving said alleged election anomalies through these ‘secret servers,’ then the Presidential Electoral Tribunal should suspend proceedings because Marcos also claimed that he was ‘cheated’ due to vote-buying, terrorism and pre-shading of ballots. These are inconsistent grounds because the alleged frauds through ‘secret servers’ would appear to be machine-generated while the others are supposed to be man-made irregularities,” he said.

“Indeed, Marcos should wake up to reality. Said ‘secret servers’ have nothing to do with the results of the elections. Marcos did not and could not even say that Robredo benefited from that,” Macalintal added.


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  1. Prinze Fisher on

    Impostor VP! Never will I honor or respect her as one. Not until after result of an actual recount of the ballots will be done…

  2. Maribel Calanda on

    Macalintal should just answer the protest before the PET and not before media. The appearance of the fourth server is just one among the electoral fraud committed in the last election. Other instances are mentioned in the petition. Hence, he should start doing his job by answering the petition rather than crying so much about many things such as the several documentary evidences, fourth server, long protest and others. The petition is that BBM was robbed of more than three million votes enough to overturn the results of the elections. Aside from the fourth server, there was padding of the election returns. Shut up Macalintal, if you are really good and if you really believe that your client won the election fair and square, then. just answer the petition before the PET. You are acting afraid and plain stupid.

  3. Pusong Pinoy on

    Kung may dayaan, hindi pupuwedeng sa VP president lang ang kakalkalin. Kung may dayaan, lahat, mula sa presidente, hanggang sa senatorial (at least national level), ukalkalin dahil baka apektado.

    Kalokohan yang sa bise lang, dahil napakalaki ng lamang sa presidente. Kasi kung mandadaya pala, dapat malaki ang idagdag, para iisipin ng mga tao na dahil malaki ang lamang, kaya walang dayaan, dahil magiging ‘obvious’. Kalokohan!

  4. We are now counting the days when the real VP is proclaimed. Mabuhay Bongbong Marcos, the real VP winner. The fake VP must now ready to vacate her position. And Macalintal, isama na sa palutangin sa Pasig river.

  5. Bongbong Marcos should accept that there are 263,000 filipinos still cannot forget marshall law.

    • And I cannot forget how you spelled Martial into Marshall…it’s truly embarrassing. :D

    • hahaha….you can not even spell a simple word and you have the guts to write in in English,,,,,no doubt, your name is bobski, in short, BOBO

  6. No one should care at all the opinion of Robredo or her camp.
    Comelec refuses to allow a system audit to prove if there was cheating or not which if there was no cheating they would be happy to allow a system audit.

    The government should seize the servers and audit the system, letting Comelec continue to refuse the audit is wasting time.

  7. It is not for Macalintal to make pronouncements regarding what servers can or cannot do to alter election results. He is not a computer specialist or expert. Let the IT experts tell us what the effects are of the additional servers. If Macalintal talks about the law, I will listen. But if he talks about something outside of his competence, I will say “shut up”. You are speaking “ultra vires”. You are out of line.

    • even though you are not an IT expert the common sense answered your doubts.
      simple what Macalintal’s statement makes a lot of sense.
      but for you ignorant guys that have no ability to think better quit now because you will become crazy of misguided corrupt mindful.

  8. jeff jaramillo on

    Gagong Makalintal na ito. Machines are machines. These are brainless. These are reliant to human beings. These needs operator. As such, irregularities coming out of the machines are from the operator, therefore, man-made.

    Nangungoarta lang itong Makalintal kay ROBredo.

    • how about you?? are you lawyer too. you have a bad mouth maybe it runs in your family. get the facts straight and not be ignorant.

  9. Iit’s unfortunate that a lawyer Macalintal , ( remember both Robredo and Macalintal) are lawyers) who should be an example of equality under the law but they are denying or even discouraging BBM of filing protest to PET saying it is tedious and will require millions of money to protest Are they scared to uncover the truth that the last May 9 election has been rigged by LP only to benefit Leni Robredo? and the !% rich elite. Does it mean that a poor candidate who wish to protest the election has no choice to file a protest and be heard? it is very, very sad that this is happening to my beloved country that is now a country only for the rich and elite Filipinos.

  10. atty. makalintal can say anything to defend her client but whats the purpose to had a fourth server them if not intented for cheating wicth indeed

    • the 4th server is not the main computer brain. look for the meaning of the word server in computer business.

    • ernie del rosario on

      The dumbest comment I have ever heard about this matter. Obviously person who uttered this dumb remark does not understand what he is yakking about. Is this his defense ? OMG !