FPJ factor cements Grace’s links to Danding’s NPC

GRACE BEFORE MEALS Sen. Grace Poe arrives at the Cojuangco clubhouse in Balete Drive, Quezon City where the fellowship party of the Nationalist People’s Coalition was held Tuesday night. PHOTO BY RUY MARTINEZ

GRACE BEFORE MEALS Sen. Grace Poe arrives at the Cojuangco clubhouse in Balete Drive, Quezon City where the fellowship party of the Nationalist People’s Coalition was held Tuesday night. PHOTO BY RUY MARTINEZ

MEMBERS of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) will support Sen. Grace Poe if she decides to run for higher office in 2016 to repay a “debt of gratitude” to her late father, the late actor Fernando Poe Jr.

Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian, spokesman of the NPC, said most NPC members supported the elder Poe when he ran for president in 2004. Their association with Poe also helped many of them succeed in their respective electoral bids.

“A lot of NPC members want to pay debt of gratitude for what her father did,” Gatchalian said in a television interview.

The NPC is the second biggest political party next to the Liberal Party (LP) in terms of members occupying elective positions. The party was formed in late 1989 to serve as the political vehicle of industrialist Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. who ran for president in 1992.

The younger Poe, who is leading recent pre-election surveys for president and vice president, reportedly remains undecided whether to take a crack at the presidency or pair up with Liberal Party standard bearer, Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd.

Poe, together with her presumptive runningmate, Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero, attended a “fellowship” of NPC party members on Tuesday night in Quezon City.

Poe on Wednesday told reporters there was no discussion about the 2016 elections in the “fellowship party”. She however admitted that there were individuals who encouraged her to take advantage of her popularity and run for president.

“I think a lot of them were encouraging and supportive [of me]. The pledge is more on individual capacities from a lot of their members. Pero ang hiningi ko sa kanila, ano ba ang puwedeng gawin, lalo na sa local government…kung anong proyekto sa agrkiultura, irigasyon, post-harvest facilities ang kailangan nila dahil hindi ito mabilis gawin. Para maaga pa lang pinag-aaralan na para maplano,” Poe added.

Hours before the NPC gathering, congressmen affiliated with the party had a meeting with Roxas.

Gatchalian said that while the NPC has been in talks with the LP to strengthen its coalition, some members are supportive of Vice President Jejomar Binay, who will banner the United Natonalist Alliance in 2016.

Poe on Wednesday said the NPC will play a big role in whatever bid she decides to pursue next year.

“Malaking bagay ang suporta ng NPC. Sila ay nationwide, marami sa kanila nakasama na ni FPJ…sila ay mga governor, congressman na makakasama natin kung saka sakali (The NPC’s support would be a big help. They have members nationwide and have been with FPJ…they have governors, congressmen, who will be our partners in case we proceed further),” Poe said.

Escudero, who is mulling a Vice Presidential run in 2016 as Poe’s running mate, echoed Poe’s sentiments that NPC support would be crucial.

“We will decide separately, but it (NPC support) would be a factor. Wala siyang (Grace) pera, makinarya, so malaking bagay iyon sa pagpapasya (She is not moneyed…she does not have the machinery, so the NPC support will be a factor in her decision making),” Escudero added.

Escudero, however, clarified that the NPC is not pressuring him and Poe to run for the top two highest elective posts in 2016.

“Wala akong hiningi [sa kanila]…walang binigay….walang pag pressure. (I did not ask anything from them and they did not give anything in return). It is an honor for Senator Poe and myself to be invited here and considered. The mood is happy and light,” Escudero who used to be an NPC member before bolting the party in 2009, added.


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  1. I am not a fan of Grace (Poe)Llamanares; she does not have the factors that would qualify the lady to be president of my country. Let us rally to elect a person who has the capacity to make our country great.

  2. I believe Grace Poe is a good person. But she has so much baggage that she has no choice but allow herself to get corrupted. Proof #1 – her NPC supporters made it clear that they are supporting her to repay her Dad’s favor. Proof #2- she herself will not leave out (walang iwanan) Escudero. The country needs decision and conviction not partisan and friendships.

  3. FPJ factor – what this means? what FPJ has done to the country except as an actor to entertain the masses at the same time making money.
    These things does not make Grace qualify as the next president.
    Then comes these politicians who knew very well that Grace would be the best for the country yet they blindly believe in her due to popularity. Look at Lito L..Bong..Pacman etc..etc..We need the caliber of Dick Gordon..Gibo..who tried but failed to get elected due to non-popularity issues but actually they are the persons that should have run our country instead of Pnoy.

    • Debt of gratitude daw. What?? my foot…. By saying that the NPC of BOss Danding owes a debt of gratitude because of Grace Llamanzares leading the polls is deceptive. Would they support Sen. Grace if she’s the tailender in the surveys? I doubt very much if NPC would do it. She,s llamado to be blunt about it that’s why they are all courting her. Hypocrites//

    • Not likely Poe will ever be less than number 1 in the polls since SWS is owned and operated by Grace Poe’s adoptive uncle, Mahar Mangahas, whom many like to call “Mahal Mang-Ahas.” Their survey “ratings” do not come for free; they are normally handsomely paid for, except that the arrangements are never disclosed.

  4. Mar couldn’t do the job as head of the DOTC, the running trains went down from 73 to just 16.

    Mar couldn’t do the job as head of the DILG, The SAF 44 massacre Mar took a tour and had lunch while the SAF were being killed.

    He did txt General Napenas at 7:12pm
    “Keep calm and keep your head.
    We will not abandon the troops.”
    Of course this was hours after the 44 commando’s were already dead.

    As DILG Chief he is in charge of

    Bureau of Fire Protection, Manila business not in compliance,result 72 dead, no fire doors, metal grills over the windows. Mar’s job was to inspect business for safety issues and make sure they were in compliance.

    Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, everyone knows the state of the Jails.

    Philippine National Police, SAF Massacre

    Mar Roxas is the poster boy for incompetence.

    • Yes, there were moments in the past where Mar can be perceived as being incompetent.

      But what about the other candidates?
      What has Grace accomplished during her term as a Senator?
      If someone as experienced as Mar can make mistakes, then what about someone who has just entered politics?

    • Grace Poe should not be allowed to sit in the senate. She is not a natural born Filopino, She lied on her application when she reapplied for her citizenship to the Philippines listing.

      Grace Poe buried the SAF 44 senate committee report by giving it to Ombudsman Morales instead of to the senate for review. Now it takes a vote by the liberal party controlled congress to reopen it and that will never happen which was the plan all along.

      Grace Poe is riding the Aquino express and trying to hide it.

  5. Mario Aguirre on

    I don’t know what is behind the reason why the Cojuangco family does not like the very close relative in blood, PNoy III. Can anybody tell the reason why, the root cause of hatred against PNoy III? If Senator G. Poe, a beginner in public office, wants to be president of the Philippines in 2016, she is absolutely misguided. Mar Roxas is an honest, very humble, very well educated and very well experienced in government activities. God is behind him, when he gave way to PNoy III to run as presidents more than 5 years ago. That is the kind of government official who knows when and how to give. G. Poe is becoming boastful, she thinks she will the next president in 2016 because she is ahead of survey for president. That is just an illusion, made by people who do not care about her.