FPJ’s godson ‘adopted’ by Coco Martin soon to have own movie



Character actor Amay Bisaya and godson to the late movie king Fernando Poe Jr. gamely breezed through the onslaught with style and panache all his own up to the present time.

Along with the ubiquitous faces of character actors who used to pepper the swashbuckling films of “Da King,” Amay Bisaya became an added de rigueur to the most recent cast of the top-rated TV version of ABS-CBN’s“Ang Probinsyano.”

This with Coco Martin reprising the phenomenal role once assigned for atime solely to the late Fernando Poe, Jr. whose audiences in the past included baby boomers to Gen X. Coco Martin’s TV viewers of said action teleseryenow include the short-attention span millenials so to speak.

Caveat had it, however, that it was Coco Martin himself in particular who singled out Amay Bisaya’s name to be added to the cast of supporting actors from what used to be known as mainstream movie actors who were mostly associated with Da King’s movies.

Fortunately, Coco’s strong TV fan following has helped catapult his Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry “Ang Panday” to the topmost box-office glory as receipts have shown thus far.

As for Amay, his casting in said action teleserye with Coco augured well for his acting career for the movies in the year 2018. Already on the drawing board is a comedy-action flick in pre-production billed “Ang Darling Kong Gangster” from the concept, story, and direction of William Mayo, known among others for his historical film “Lapu-Lapu” which won top industry honors from Luna Awards of the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP).

Coco Martin

To recall, the breakthrough project for Amay fell straight into his lap when actor/movie producer Romeo Ebdane, a townmate and good friend from Samar, thought it was high time for the underrated Waraynon actor famously known for showcasing his funny comedic antics mostly in the films of Da King to positively get his first big break as the male lead in his so-called launching pad.

Kim Domingo is on top of the list as Amay’s leading lady, for the plum role as postmodern lady gangster from Hong Kong marooned in the Philippines and hunted down by assassins coming from the syndicate of an international drug ring.

Considered to play the wacky sidekick to Kim Domingo is PMPC Star Awards for Movies award-winning singer and movie actor Zyruz Imperial.

Backing up Amay in said lauching movie are famous comedians like Leo Martinez, Pekto, and Brownie Pansalin with veteran actor lPen Medina, and action stars Jacky Woo, Tsing Tong Tsai, and Rylan Flores, the practicing doctor-actor of showbiz.

It’s public knowledge now that Amay Bisaya was one of the most activevolunteers from showbiz who supported all-out Rodrigo Duterte’s candidacy in the last election. Perhaps prescience made him chose to support Digongover Sen. Grace Poe,the daughter of hisgodfather. He campaigned for Duterte as far as the Visayan provinces, particularly his bailiwick in Samar and Bohol.

Through much of the crisis that the mainstream movie industry is experiencing to the present time, Amay has staunchly held on to his post as the unchallenged vice president of the Actors Guildwith Imelda Papin as president. Albeit, it’s another story to tell if he makes it on his own this time as comic lead actor.


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