Framers of 1987 Charter condemn Marcos burial


A group of 10 members of the 48-man commission that wrote the 1987 Constitution on Thursday denounced the burial of former strongman Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, calling it “shameless treachery.”

The framers, in a statement on the eve of the anti-Marcos “Black Friday” protest at Rizal Park today, said the burial ran afoul of the Charter, which they said envisioned a clean break from Marcos’ one-man rule.

This was contrary to the November 8 Supreme Court ruling that said no law prevented the Duterte administration from allowing the interment at the “heroes’ cemetery.”

“We condemn the burial of the dictator Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, in shameless treachery, in disregard of the facts of history, in contempt of the grief and sufferings of the bereaved victims of martial law, and in defiance of the hopes of our people and their children to build a future based on the values of truth, justice, respect for human rights and caring for others,” the said.

The 10 framers who signed the statement were Felicitas Aquino-Arroyo, Adolfo Azcuna, Florangel Rosario Braid, Hilario Davide Jr., Edmundo Garcia, Jose Luis Martin Gascon, Christian Monsod, Ricardo Romulo, Jaime Tadeo and Bernardo Villegas.

The Supreme Court ruling junked the position of Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio that the 1986 “People Power” revolt that ousted Marcos amounted to a “dishonorable discharge,” which supposedly disqualified the former leader from burial at the military-run cemetery in Taguig.

But the framers said: “The overthrow of the Marcos dictatorship is the backdrop to the drafting of the 1987 Constitution.”

Moreover, the Charter reflected the “valiant resistance to ruthless dictatorial rule and vision of a new social order” of the people.

Returning from his trip to Peru to attend the annual summit of Pacific rim nations, Duterte on late Wednesday defended anew his decision to allow Marcos’ interment at the Libingan, pointing out that former presidents and war veterans were entitled to such privilege.

“All of the decisions that I have made and still have to make are always guided by the common good and the general welfare of the people,” he said.

“Never mind about a hero, because we are to document something like that. To document heroism requires history. It’s not easy,” he said in remarks at the Davao International Airport.

On Thursday, the government’s anti-coup force was put on standby for deployment anytime to reinforce the Philippine National Police (PNP) in connection with Black Friday protest.

“It’s the PNP that has the primary role and if it needs help, our Joint Task Force National Capital Region is always ready,” said Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Gen. Ricardo Visaya.


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  1. The framers of the 1987 constitution should be blamed and condemned for all these drama. They could have easily spelled out that the former dictator should not be buried at LNB, but they never did. They should denounce their error of omission, and not blame Pres. Duterte or the Supreme Court as the latter are just following the law.

  2. The framers of the 1987 constitution do not represent the Filipino people. They were handpicked by the oligarch Cory Aquino. It is high time that representatives of the people create a new constitution that will embody the ideals and aspirations of the people and not just the oligarchs and the catholic hierarchy.

  3. joefrod crawford on

    EDSA revolution? It was more of a power tripping. In this case, the tripper is the United States thru the CIA muscling its arms into capital Manila. It was a connivance with few military officers, the religious activists, the cons, and a thousands of bystander and onlookers who have always wanted to be above the law. It was a total failure, the new charter is a pro oligarch constitution. It favors US interest, together with the yellow group. It so sad that after almost 30 years, we found ourselves in a more worst manner.

    • Actually, I was surprised to find this article here, MT having a reputation approaching post-truth status. Conspiracy theories and outright lies and propaganda is more of MT’s forte with writers such as Tatad, Tiglao and Makabenta. With your comment, I guess you are as surprised as I am.

  4. But 1986 so called People power was not a genuine revolution but a power grab, military coup and US assisted takeover…1987 constitution was a defective constitution that never intended to make us a progressive country but a protectionists republic towards yellow oligarch…many times we attemtpted to change the charter but always these noisy people always interfere!!Marcos is already a dead body what arguments they have against the dead..pathetic people!!

  5. tI is ludicrous that such a man should be buried as a hero ..The real heroes would turn in their graves ..He lied about every aspect of his military service ..This whole thing is a farce ..Why not call a spade a spade .He was a dictator; and he stole millions if not billions from the public purse —

    Now his family flaunting that ill gotten wealth.and power .Yet again , laughing in the faces of the Filipino people ,

    When is going to end? –When are we going to stop these, crooked lawmakers..From making fools of us all?

    –The world watches and laughs at us

    David M Meyer {PhD Psych}

    • Laughing according to you?

      What about that idiot aquino’s dog being buried and recieving full honors? What about that traitor ninoy aquino whose murder case was never solved or is just being ignored even after 2 stupid aquino’s became presidents and even tagged him a hero and named MIA after that traitor. What about this corrupt church(CBCP) wanting to make that idiot cory aquino a saint, who murdered helpless farmers both in Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita who where just asking for their promised Land Reform for their support that went to nothing upto now? And alot of provable blunders under her and abnoy sons term.

      And the major question with simple that not even a single braincell may not be needed to answer, did Pres. F Marcos became a “President” & a “Soldier”?

      According to the “Law” nothing forbids former Presidents, Commander in Chief, Soldier, etc. to be buried there.