BEIJING: France’s foreign minister offered China his country’s help on Sunday in locating 10 workers feared kidnapped by Boko Haram militants, as African leaders joined forces to fight the terrorist group. “We have already told our Chinese friends that we were at their disposal in helping them find their citizens,” Laurent Fabius said on a visit to the Chinese capital, where he will meet Prime Minister Li Keqiang on Monday. The Chinese road workers were apparently taken from their camp in a night-time attack in northern Cameroon on Friday night. They were likely taken back across the border into Nigeria, a police source said Sunday. Fabius noted the attack took place as French President Francois Hollande convened heads of state to decide how to curb the havoc Boko Haram terrorists have wreaked in their base of Nigeria and in neighboring countries.



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  1. Before the kidnapping of the Nigerian school girls, the Boko Haram were not so well known, now everybody in the world know about the terroristic activities of these group in Nigeria. Because of the egregious act, wreaking havoc, among the people of Nigeria, it will not surprise anybody that there are already plans to attack and kill them, and rightly so, they deserve the retribution coming to them, for the criminal acts, they committed against their own people, and among others. These are misguided souls, full of evil spirits, this needs fervent prayers from all of us, to ask our Lord God to melt the rock solid heart of these people to save their souls to deliver our kidnapped children back to their family soon. Only God can solve these problem and guide them to become a force of goodness to our world, full of evil spirits, for only God, knows the way.