• Francisco Verano exhibits for arts month

    ‘Morning Echoes’ (2010

    ‘Morning Echoes’ (2010

    VMEME Art Projects, in collaboration with Galerie Y, presents the solo exhibit of Francisco Verano that will be on view until February 28 at Galerie Y.

    Entitled Rhythm: paintings and sculptures by Francisco M Verano, the exhibit is a collation of abstract and impressionistic pieces from several decades of the artist’s practice. Verano, an award-winning painter and sculptor, is known for sophisticated palettes, carefully edited abstracts and very spontaneous landscapes. Transitioning from landscapes and flora to abstracts, Verano suggests something improvised and deeply felt in a process where the mind, and most times the heart, dominates the hand.

    It is in the series of movements and pauses, utterances and silences, that rhythm is formed in varieties that only the pure creativity of wise and seasoned artists like FM Verano comes to life. Verano’s artworks are always given much thought but spontaneously formed, never forced but never unanticipated.

    “We all welcome this genuine rhythm. Sometimes unpredictable in all its syncopations, at times straightforward as waltz, and every now and then as ambient as jazz, but always, always, connects to those who listen in visual utterances that whisper to our hearts as soulful, masterful and insightful as its source. Here are masterpieces perhaps calling your name, singing you a lullaby, humming the memory of a moonlit night, chanting your dreams, or serenading a part of you that has been kept hush,” shares the exhibit curator Avie Felix.

    Rhythm is an artist’s collection of thoughts carefully pieced together to create a sort of chant, or percussion ensemble, a fusion whistled in hues and images, all calling out to our hearts in a musical manner. These are pieces that share to viewers something more than a combination of colors and exhibition of skills.

    Galerie Y is located at 4th Floor, SM Megamall.


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