Frat library CCTV missing; police smell cover-up


THE Manila Police District (MPD) on Friday said computer hard drives containing footage from closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras inside the office and library of Aegis Juris Fraternity were missing, as investigators to looked for evidence against those behind the brutal hazing that killed UST law freshman Horacio Castillo 3rd.

A court-issued warrant allowed homicide investigators and scene of the crime operatives to search the Aegis Juris library outside the UST campus on Thursday.

“When we entered the premises there were no hard drives to show the CCTV recordings. Right now, evidence shows there was an intent to cover up this incident,” said Joel Coronel, the MPD director

Coronel also claimed the suspects might have been drunk or high on illegal drugs during the hazing rites that claimed Castillo’s life.

“They might be using illegal drugs in the course of hazing, [and]remember there were alcoholic beverages recovered inside the frat library which presumes that those who might have been involved were intoxicated,” he said.

Among the objects seized from the office were paddles with Aegis Juris markings.

“I cannot say any further details about the evidence we have gathered but I can confirm that indeed the hazing or the initiation rites were conducted inside the frat library,” Coronel said.

“After examination and findings show that there is a direct connection to hazing, initiation and eventual death of Castillo, these will be submitted to the Department of Justice as evidence,” he added.

Hot pursuit continues
Coronel assured the public police were still conducting pursuit operations against the suspects in Castillo’s death.

The MPD is being assisted by the National Bureau of Investigation and Bureau of Immigration to locate Ralph Trangia and her mother Rosemarie, who boarded a flight to United States via Taipei last September 19.

“We have requested the Department of Foreign Affairs to cancel or revoke their travel documents and we were assured by Interpol that they will give us feedback,” he said.


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