• Fraud claims set to hound VP Leni


    LENI20160530CONGRESS will proclaim maverick Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte this afternoon as the 16th President of the Republic uncontested after a landslide victory, but neophyte Leni Robredo’s slim edge over the heir of the Philippine strongman Marcos is set to usher her to the vice presidency amid claims of election fraud and legal protests.

    Camarines Sur Rep. Robredo clinched the second highest post of the land in a tight race with a lead of just more than 263,000 votes over Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. in an election that used the hotly debated automated system provided by the Venezuelan firm Smartmatic. Voters’ turnout was roughly 82 percent or 45.7 million.

    At least two university professors, one a mathematical economist from Ateneo de Manila and another, a political science analyst and statistics expert from De la Salle University, said Robredo’s supporters continue to harass them online after they posted their findings on Facebook that it was statistically impossible for her to win the vice presidential race.

    Lawyers for Marcos, meanwhile, pointed out an unusually high undervotes of nearly 4 million registered in the vice presidential race, and said the fight will go on as they plan to file a protest before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) contesting the official outcome of the canvassing of votes.

    Fraud: Signs of a plague
    De la Salle professor Antonio Contreras said several issues swirled around the vice presidential race which now need to be addressed if questions on the legitimacy of Robredo’s victory were to be settled.

    “The issue here is fraud. And it is one already mediated by technology. The signs of the plague are there. I urge Bongbong Marcos to exhaust all legal remedies if only to make sure that this will never happen again. It was actually better that Marcos ended up losing, for it would have been difficult to probe fraud if he won. I can just imagine the illogic that would be raised, the same one now being raised at (President-elect Rodrigo) Duterte: “Nanalo naman. Paano dinaya? (He won. How was he cheated?)” he said.

    He said in an earlier post on Facebook: “There is no glory in winning a highly questionable election. The ghosts of fraud will haunt you. And you will go down the annals of history as a product of that fraud. And worse is when you eventually lose in a protest. You will end up as a blighted footnote.”

    Contreras gained more attention and bashers on social media when he corroborated a statistical analysis made by David Yap, instructor of Mathematical Economics at the Ateneo, of the quick unofficial count by PPCRV showing Robredo’s vote eradicating the nearly 1 million lead of Marcos in the early hours of May 10, when the nation was asleep.

    Yap said it was statistically improbable to say that Marcos’ bailiwicks’ votes came in early, but were quickly overtaken when Robredo’s own votes from her bailiwicks were transmitted.

    Contreras stressed that resolving the vice presidential issues is more important than arguing whether former President Ferdinand Marcos deserves a hero’s burial.

    “I am sorry if I will have to focus my energy on cleaning up our electoral system so that future elections can indeed become true barometers of the people’s will, that I refuse to be drawn into this issue of the Marcos burial. It is an important symbolic issue that has the potential to divide us. But we have been sidetracked by so many symbolic debates that we lose track of those that will have serious impacts on our democracy, like elections,” he explained.

    Contreras also pointed out the “undervotes” – which he said were staggering at 3.9 million.

    Referring to an argument of Prof. Douglas Jones of the University of Iowa, who authored a popular book – “Broken Ballots: Will Your Vote Count?” he said: Professor Douglas Jones is not just a data scientist. He is an election science guro. So I hope this will put him at par, even more qualified than David (Yap, the other professor from Ateneo), myself and the 104 signatories of the statement who claim that they are data scientists, combined.

    Contreras quoted Jones as saying that an undervote of 5 percent is already suspicious.

    “Ours was beyond suspicious at 8.43 percent for the vice president,” Contreras said.

    Another international statistician, Ma.Victoria V. Ferro, provided Contreras an analysis of the election results on a precinct basis, made by an associate of hers who requested anonymity.

    “There were many precincts that had more than 90 percent turnout. A turnout like this indicates voters that are eager to vote and have a high degree of enthusiasm. An analysis of the undervote percentages of the precincts that had 90 percent turnout is very revealing. Take note that according to Prof. Douglas Jones, the noted election scientist from Iowa, an undervote of 5 percent is already suspicious, and that of 10 percent is highly suspicious,” he said.

    “Data shows that we have 3,130 precincts whose turnout was more than 90 percent, indicating high voter enthusiasm, but whose undervotes for Vice President are considered suspicious, to highly suspicious, to even preposterous, with three precincts showing 95-100 percent undervotes!” he added.

    Missing votes
    Contreras also raised the issue of “missing votes.”

    “This is not rocket science. In any election, the equation should be that: Number of total votes in the election = Total votes for each candidate + Number of undervotes (voters that did not shade a candidate) + Number of overvotes (voters that shaded more than one candidate),” he said.

    “I have received information that for the VP (race) this is not allegedly the case. It is being alleged that when we add all the votes cast for all the six candidates, the number of undervotes and the number of overvotes, the sum is less than the number of total votes cast. This indicates that there are missing votes, and the estimate is around 299,315 based on the data downloaded from the PPCRV transparency server,” he added, referring to the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting.

    “If this is true, where did these 299,315 votes go? The answer is nowhere to be found.”

    Contreras also supported the demand of the Marcos camp for a system audit to determine if there were human interventions during the transmission of votes.

    ‘Prove it’
    A political analyst said on Sunday, however, Marcos will have to prove that there was cheating if he intended to file an electoral protest.

    Prof. Ramon Casiple, executive director of the Institute For Political and Electoral Reform (IPER), said the issue on undervotes cannot be considered cheating given that it happened as a natural election occurrence.

    He said that if Marcos would push through with the filing of an election protest case, he would have to prove that the undervotes were a result of cheating.

    George Garcia, the legal counsel of Marcos, earlier said that one of the grounds that might be raised if a protest pushed through, was the unusually high number of undervotes.

    Casiple said that Marcos is using the same argument used by Liberal Party standard bearer Manuel in the 2010 vice presidential race.

    Roxas, in his election protest filed several months after the May 10, 2010 elections, noted that the election returns did not reflect the actual votes for the vice presidential race because of several reasons, including the high incidence of null votes, erroneous uploading of final testing and sealing results from the clustered precincts, reported cases of fraud, irregularities and statistical improbabilities in certain clustered precincts.

    Senate President Franklin Drilon in a radio interview maintained that there is nothing unusual with the high number of undervotes.

    Drilon said that based on the numbers, about 1.4 million voters did not shade any name for the vice president.

    Contreras said he and Yap were being harassed on social media after they posted on their Facebook accounts their findings on the irregularities surrounding the vice presidential elections.

    The harassment turned intense before the National Board of Canvassers finished its official counting on Friday.

    Yap has deactivated his Facebook account after several users started posting “nasty” messages against him.

    Yap had posted on his FB account his statistical analysis of the quick count showing Robredo’s vote eradicating the nearly 1 million-vote lead of Marcos on the evening of May 9. Marcos was leading the count on the night of May 9 but his numbers and those for Robredo were reversed in the early hours of May 10. Since then, “the increase and decrease of votes between Robredo and Marcosa was constant and the graph showed a straight line,| Contreras told the Manila Times the week after the elections.

    Contreras continues to fight his online bashers.

    “I was confronted in private by a young Robredo supporter on FB to provide clear and empirical evidence of election fraud. I pointed out to her the videotapes from Maguindanao and Basilan where LP (Liberal Party) supporters were seen pre-shading ballots for VP and LP local officials, and my own experience with an LP campaigner giving out sample ballots just outside my own voting precinct and of massive disenfranchisement in Lucban, Quezon, both of which I personally witnessed and wrote about here in social media. She just wouldn’t believe me,” he said.

    Contreras said someone also tried to hack his FB account but he was able to repulse the attacker.


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    1. Christian Fontanilla on

      One major point is that Why change a certain character in the middle of counting where in fact this changes can be made during the test of machines?

    2. The better way to resolve the issue if there was indeed ‘fraud’ involved in the process is to have a Judicial recount or if serious infraction is suspected a Judicial investigation…this and that by so-called experts can just easily be refuted by the other so -called experts for the other side…I know someplace that if the lead separating the winner and the loser is too close for comfort, there is an Auto Judicial recount…and thee result FINAL

    3. I believe that Robredo won fair and square – Pilipinos LOVE to elect orphans and widows, regardless. Thanks God orphan POE did not get elected/

      • Which is which? It’s like saying Filipinos like apples but don’t like apples.

    4. Contreras, et al can play with the numbers for as long as they want but their statistical mumbo jumbo will not hold in a court of law. It’s the count that matters. Leni Robredo had the numbers; Bongbong did not.

      Face it. The crimes of the Marcoses have not been erased in the minds of their victims during their evil reign. The propaganda machine of Bongbong almost did the trick but the prospect of his victory moved the human rights community and the Left to act. Fora and exhibits were held in many schools. Thousands used the social media to counter the lies being peddled by the Marcos trolls.

      Face it. Leni Robredo worked long and hard. The rise in her popularity was consistent with reputable surveys and is well-documented. She did well during the 2 debates during which Bongbong was pummelled. He even did not face his opponents during last debate. Even his allies acknowledge that the debate was costly in terms of lost votes for Bongbong. Robredo inspired trust; Bongbong’s background is shady.

      Face it. There were many who voted Binay-Robredo, Duterte-Robredo, Roxas-Robredo, or Poe-Robredo. Escudero, Honasan and Cayetano are not complaining. They know that Robredo won fair and square. Bongbong just can’t accept defeat. He was so confident that he did not bother to attend the 2nd debate.

      Face it. Robredo has more charm than Bongbong. Her smile was natural; Bongbong’s toothy grin was forced and not natural.

      Face it. Marcos should just concede.

      • Face It. There are now witnesses to prove 300k or so votes for BBM disappeared. When this all comes out to open and proven accurate then it will another circus happening.

      • Please, don’t get blinded by the Aquinos-Cojuancos. They are the evil ones not the Marcoses. If my grandmother is still alive, she will slap you for you to wake up from their lies and so called “people power my ass”.

    5. Juanito Parungao on

      Sayang ang mga salita ninyo na nandaya samantalang wala naman kayong ebidensiya.Bakit di nyo na lang tanggapin na talo kayo.Kaya di umuunlad ang pilipinas.Ganyan talaga ang ugali ng pilipino lalo na and politician page natalo dinaya.Sana gamitin nyong mabuti ang pinag aralan sa parehas na paraan.Masakit talaga and matalo.

      • SmartmaticVP2016 on

        kaya nga hindi umuunlad kamo ang Pilipinas ay dahil sa mga mandaraya at corruption!

      • Pano mo nasabing walang ebidensya? Ayan na video, ayan na witnesses, ayan na statistics. Hingi kayo ng hingi ng evidence eh ang tagal ng sinasampal sa mukha niyo. Di niyo kasi matanggap na mandaray mga kandidato niyo. Poor Leni at nagpagamit siya sa mga Aquino. Nahulihan na nga si Roxas ng mga equipment sa hotel niya eh. Tuloy na niya natuloy plano sa Presidency, sa VP nalang. Stop being blind people. Wag na kayo magtangatangahan. Marcos lang kasi si BBM kaya nagpapakabulag kayo at convinced na nanalo si Robredo? Kaya okay lang sa inyo na nandaya siya at patuloy pa rin ang suporta niyo? Anong klase kayong mamamayan. Naniniwala talaga kayo na ang pondo niya para sa pagkampanya ay galing sa pagtitinda ng lugaw? Set all your differences aside and fight for an honest electoral system. Hindi puro personal biases ang pinapairal niyo. Di tayo uunlad bilang isang bansa kung ganyan pag-iisip ng lahat.

      • Maico Gablinez on

        Mahirap mkainsulto ng tao pero di tlaga maiwasan na may mga kupal sa mundo… logic is if u voted for du30, who wld u have voted for vice president? Majority of the voters are fed up with the aquinos’ who are madly trying to cling to power by forcing thier candidates to win for what thier family benefits. Imposible na du30 presidente mu tas vice mu c leni. Kalokohan nah un. Xempre cayetano/marcos kc gusto nga natin pagbabago. Kung matuwid tlaga ung candidato nyu dapat di nah sila namili ng boto or gumastos para manira…

    6. A big question on 3 plus million under votes. Does it mean that these votes were not counted by the VCM machines ? That is impossible because the voters were given receipts as to their choices. Do you mean 3 Million plus voters were so stupid not to read their votes ? How come Leni is targeted while should it be Duterte be targeted because he is the Enemy of the State ?

      • But you should understand, computers could be programmed to issue receipts that show something different from what really transpired in the processing of data. Besides, the voters were not allowed to keep their receipts. That is another big question. Why? There are a lot of glaring questions that need answers. We cant’t just accept what they are saying. Remember, whistle-blowers are now coming up one by one and from all over.

    7. Edgar Soriano on

      I agree specially that there are perceived conspiracy between Pinoy, LP, Drilon, Belmonte (sitting as NBOC) and Comelec.
      I agree for an audit so that all doubts will be cleared. Comelec should, must initiate. But by this time? All evidence are cleaned out already!

      • Loida Pantarotto on

        yeah you are right.they would have cleaned it out alreadyif comelec was to be trusted they should have stopped the counting and had the investigation right away.it is against the law to touch or manipulate the machines while the counting was on thats the main reason why people are up in arms.

    8. If there is fraud, how come Mar lost ? VP position is really nothing. Leni cannot have any position in government if Duterte do not want to give any position. If Pnoy wants Mar to win, he should have cheated the votes like what Arroyo did to FPJ. Pnoy do not like Duterte, why did Duterte win ? My opinion, the system worked. COC were counted and tabulated. There were manual audits made. What more do you want ? Another election on VP position only?

      • When Mar became no. 2, Leni overtook Marcos. They did not predict that the margin between Duterte and Mar would be that big. Who would believe that Mar would be No. 2?

    9. ms leni, imposibleng di niyo alam ang pinaggagawa ng partido nyo. ok lang ba sa inyo na uupo kayo as veep sa paraang NAKAW LANG! hindi po ganoon si ginoong robredo, di po ba? sa totoo siya. payag kayong dungisan ang pangalan niya? ok lang sa kanya, wa na siya. pero sa mga anak nyo, payag kayong balang araw ay malamang naging veep ang ina nila dahil sa maniyobra nina marimar at noynoying? nawala na ba ang kunsiyensya nyo bigla?
      please lang madam imelda, gamitin nyo hanggang sa huli ang lahat ng pera nyo para ipahiya ang mga hunghang na liderato ng LP.

    10. You will always have the doubt of the Filipino people for the entire duration of your tenure as VP who cheated and allowed to be used by the yellow cult. Your bus ride drama, lugaw and ice cream fund raising scheme without a doubt cannot make you known and be voted by people from those areas. You cannot even win in Metro Manila, how did you win in muslim majority areas?

    11. “There is no glory in winning a highly questionable election. The ghosts of fraud will haunt you. And you will go down the annals of history as a product of that fraud. And worse is when you eventually lose in a protest. You will end up as a blighted footnote.”
      These statement are very true like what had happen to first Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Isn’t it trivial? Well at these very moment these two names were fraud and has been part of history books. On the contrary, Vice-president elect Leni Robredo is not because she is righteous and straight.

    12. Leni is the winner.Who is Contreras anyway! 93,000 plus Vote Counting Machines(VCM not PCOS) of all the precints nationwide transmit their results to Comelec & PPCRV after conclusion of voting around 6 pm. Paper printouts were all provided to all parties. The only way to cheat is at precint level!!

    13. More of a “fraud-claims set to hound the almost vp bobong marcos”. Lolz

      Hindi maka paniwala ang isang marcos na natalo sya! Yung gawain kasi nila nuon hindi na nila magawa at ipinupukol dun sa kabilagn aprtido ang kanilang na master ng pandararaya.

    14. Roxas, whose name is well known throughout the Philippines got only 9.6M, while Robredo, a new comer, not familiar name and who has no tract record, got more than 14M votes. WTF! She;s not even Cory! Just by looking at the numbers of the VP votes, people with high IQ could easily see the fraud. Unfortunately, people with low IQ could not see it. People, this is not about who’s winning but to let the voters will prevail!. There’s an old saying – an honest centavo is better than a stolen peso.

    15. Buti na lang “na-sequestered” mga properties ng Marcos families,and their assets frozen. If not, ginamit na nila yung mga bilyones na pesos ninakaw nila pang-lagay sa mga oficiales ng Comelec, Congress o Supreme Court. Hindi sila BBM mag-wawagi sa maitim na hangarin, kasi marami pa ring Filipinos, whether in Comelec, Supreme Court, Army & Police ay marangal at di mababayaran.

      The only thing the Marcoses can afford now is resort to distortion of facts, disinformation and dirty tactics thru cheap or free social media. Their payrolled social media army set up cheap ghost writers in websites, concocting fake stories, and propaganda. If BBM & Imelda have their billions unfrozen, they would have marshalled the poor people, pay them Ph1K each to march in Luneta, out of desperation.

      Hindi papayag ang mamayang Filipino na ipalibing sa Libingan ng mga Bayani si Macoy who’s been dead for 27 years, simply because he was not a hero. Hindi siya bayani. Siya at ang pamilyang Marcoses ay:

      1. Manloloko at Manlililanglang (Macos was not a hero; he claimed he led “Maharlika” unit. After thorough investigation, the US Army has discredited and proven it false. It said Maharlika was “fraudulent, preposterous and a malicious criminal act”. Marcos cheated in the 1986 presidential election when 35 computer programmers walked out due to his administration’s obvious manipulation of election results leading to People’s Power Revolution)
      2. Magnanakaw. There’s “video evidence” ng mga kurakot ng Marcoses when they first landed in Hawaii, after fleeing Malacanang. Hundred of crates of cash in pesos and dollars, gold, jewelries were recorded. Inventory list were submitted as documentary evidence by the US Customs to the US Federal Courts. However, Marcos supporters refuse to believe these as they continue to deny that the Marcoses stole unimaginable wealth from the Philippines.
      3. Mamatay-tao. Murder of political leaders & opponents. Under orders from Marcos killer machine, Metrocom Chief General Prospero Olivas and PC Chief General Romeo Gatan killed thousands of students, workers, teachers, nuns, union leaders brutally murdered, tortured and disappeared.

      • Himdi mo alam ang sinasabi mo. Si macoy ang pangalawang pinaka mayaman sa buong mundo bago plng ito naging presidente ng bansa. Basa basa din ng history pag may time. Gusto mo i send ko pa sau ung video na nakakapag patunay na mayaman ang marcos bago pumasok sa pulitika. Duh

    16. Fraud my ass!! bias article.. what do you mean by undervote? remember in voting there is no such thing as a COMPULSORY vote which mean a voter can omit a certain position if he/she doesnt want to fill it out.

      • Maico Gablinez on

        U dont even understand what undervote mean yet u claimed this page is not credible when those people dedicated thier lives to study about this particular issue… Amazing….

    17. Marcos is the best president in the history. Aquino is the worst! Tama ng LP sawa at pagod na mga tao sa inyo na paulit ulit sarili at mga pamilya lang nakinabang! Dapat makulong ito si leni pag napatunayan na tuta lang ni Aquino di kilalang tao basta bsata nalang maging VP at ano next President na agad agad di naman ganun ka tanga ang mga tao!!! Marcos and Duterte the best


      And INSULT, again, clearly the writing on the wall for a discerning outside unbiased observer to read- the Duterte Admin is holding back their options to provide a clear cabinet position to this woman by virtue of her questionable and fraud related ascension to the VP.

      The Duterte Camp should be wary of these two Bicolanas @#+$₩¥¥£€, Leni and Leila, he should watch his back, at least for Leila – Digong has categorically stated dont mess around with me and pick a fight you will not win…he will reveal all the stinking corruptions at the DoJ, Bucor, And cases of selective dispensation of PDAF issues…the Leni is the Dark Trojan Horse by this shrewd narcisstiic Nonoy

    19. Couple of things Marcos can consider:

      1. Get highly respected data scientists from top universities such as Oxford,Cambridge, Harvard, MIT or Stanford to study the results .Their conclusions ,if they point to fraud, will bolster tremendously the case for fraud .

      2.If the results from these experts point to fraud, Marcos should seek Duterte’s government to intervene and check for manual recount .If that fails, then Marcos could begin a grassroots effort to seek funds for a a manual recount ,starting with Muslim Mindanao ( ARMM etc ).

      Its no longer about Marcos.Its about the “New Philippines ” which many are hoping to see ,especially with someone like DU30 in charge.

    20. …a good and wise fighter never give up…sooner or later, he would remain victorious!he would not let his lips be zipped in silence. ..he continue to reveal and expose all evil things made by wicked men and defeat them by God’s power and grace…

      • your idol bobong marcos, son of the family of thieves, cheaters and looters
        will also die many many times like his tyrant father of thieves and cheaters and looters. marcos id still dying but the winners die only once.

        shame on you guys.

    21. well said, Mr. Contreras.. DEsperado na talaga un 2 baklang si Panot at Marimar.. kc makukulong na sila sa mga kahayupan nilang ginawa.

      • your idol bobong marcos is a lucifer in flesh like his tyrant father of THIEVES and looters and cheaters.

    22. Historically and culturally many decades of graft and corruption in the Philippines have occurred. Therefore, why would the issues be brought up now? Future elections in all parts of the Philippine Islands, particularly Mindanao where most political dynasties including the Ampatuans have private armies killing political opponents, have a great need to be monitored. Philippine National Police should be in red alert because the notorious rulers in provinces have hit squad and they intimidate voters. Filipinos who lived during Ferdinand Marcos regime had knowledge of heinous killings and assassinations of Marcos’ political opponents as well as looting the Philippine Treasury for estimate $10 billions. Estimated 10 billions in dollars; today, you can imagine the equivalent now of $10 billions.

      Bongbong Marcos, his siblings and the notorious decadent mother Imelda Marcos and descendants live on blood-money. Their lust for power is evident in Ilocos Norte where the aged Imelda still holding a public office as a Representative and sister Imee Marcos is the Governor of Ilocos Norte. And now BBM tries to steal the VP position from Leni Robredo, the widow. Low among the lows, these Marcoses are acting like there is no God who watches everything. That blood-money which they live on would burn their bodies in the bottomless eternal Abyss of pain and sufferings for the wicked and as Satan’s followers.

    23. The Marcos camp along with the Marcoses proclaimed Rocket Scientist and IT’s Scammers are illicitly forcing the election result’s in their favor, a typical game play the Marcoses does to doctor anything to resume plunders job that were unfinished by the dictator father to clean out the nation treasury. These people helping BBM will be monetary beneficiaries of a massive plunder as soon as BBM overthrow Digong out and resume the presidency. Such Marcos plans not going to happen because Divine Intervention is at work. Evil is not going to triumph over Divine. It is written and it will be done. Marcos rule ended in 1986 and his era is buried in bottom of the Manila Bay.

      • this the beginning of the end of the family of THIEVES, CHEATERS and LOOTERS. losers die many many times but the winners die only once. look at bobong’s tyrant father he is still dying and dying until now.

    24. Keep fighting for the truth . . . people can easily say daang matuwid and easily agree to support the fake slogan – SHAME ON THEM! Let’s work together for a CHANGE. Enough is enough for the Filipino people. Hand in hand we will create a better country for the future of our young kababayan and for our own children!

    25. Hoy punggok. Your manok Binay lost so was your second choice Grace Poe.
      I know you’ve always been pro Binay judging by the way Kapangpangan are.
      Dugong Aso because you eat dog meat that is dirty.
      Put ang Ina mo. Maliit ang iyong bayag kaya ka tinurotot bang asawa mo na masarap

    26. Emilio Aguinaldo on

      THE YELLOWTARDS TRIUMPHS OVER THE MARCOS DICTATORSHIP, MARCOS DYNASTY, DECENCY OVER LIES, PROPAGANDA MARCOS COMIC BOOKS, GOOD OVER EVIL!!! First Marcos wants the vote tabulation count to stop, now he wants a recount of the votes. Marcos alleges fraud but shows no proof. With an army of lawyers and deep pockets, Marcos can easily buy and bribe his way to the office of Vice President! Marcos cries like the little boy who cried wolf three times! In the story, the boy cried wolf, alarming the entire barangay, barrio people to come to his aide, but there was no wolf in sight. The boy cried wolf again, but there was no wolf. On the third time,
      the wolf showed up, and the boy cried wolf again, but the barangay, barrio ordinary people did not show up this time! Story lesson: stop crying voter fraud, massive cheating when there is no evidence of voter fraud and election cheating!! In an free and fair election, one candidate wins and another lose! Hey Marcos, this is not 1986 snap election, when your father cheated President-elect Cory Aquino!!

    27. newsinfo***inquirer***net/787918/they-got-the-ballots-and-shaded-them


      The law requires and the SC agreed that there should be a paper trail, but there was none! There was a piece of paper, but no trail. The voter’s receipt did not contain our names or any identifiable marks therefore one could juts go and buy a machine (there’s plenty of them, that prints receipts using thermal paper), print fake receipts and switch them with the real ones and no one would know. The COMELEC officials need to be impeached for violating the law.
      Simple lang ang pagdadaya, at the end of the voting, during the tallying of the votes in each precinct, they could have written a hidden source code to deduct a certain percentage of votes from Chiz and Cayetano and added those vote counts to Robredo.






    28. For the sake of Filipino I for one would like to request Sen Marcos to please continue with his quest for electoral protest and not to stop until truth comes out…Since under votes are proven very high in percentage, I do believe there’s cheating done, this is not fair to us, or even to candidates who were cheated…audit, recount ir whatever legal action must be done, CHEATING MUST END NOW!

      • Filipinotristar on

        Bakit kasi more than 200K ang lamang ni VP Leni kay BBM dapat isa lang boto para mas lalo masaya. Meron nga dyan tabla sa bilangan at dinaan nalang sa toss coin para wala masayang na panahon to serve their respective constituent. Concede na BBM, wala ng manual voting at manual counting. Di narin pwede ma-hijack ang mga ballot boxes kasi transmitted na agad. Try next time nalang baka sakali manalo ka na.

      • bobong himself is the son for the family of cheaters, thieves and looters.
        are you blind or are you on drugs or pcp.

    29. Sure, it could possibly hound her. And even bother her conscience and spend a few sleepless nights since she is an honest person. But, did it bother the Marcoses? Especially BBM? Why? Do the Marcoses have exclusive rights to cheating and corruption? That they can plunder the country, insult the intelligence of the Filipino people, and still be able to walk the streets with their chins up? I honestly don’t think Ms. Robredo had anything to do with the cheating if ever it was true. But, heck, tell BBM. What goes around, comes around.

      • I agree. the son of the family of cheaters, looters and thieves will die many times like his tyrant fahter but the winners will die only once.

    30. Misleading the people will haunt you and the people who works out with thru cheating.

      2 Thessalonians 2: 9-12
      9The coming of the lawless one will be accompanied by the working of Satan, with every kind of power, sign, and false wonder, 10and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie, 12in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.

    31. What an utterly biased and pro-Marcos article! On the contrary, Vice President Robredo will not be hounded by any hint of election fraud.

      • We will eventually be a witness when the real truth unfolds itself in broad daylight – who cheated an who was robbed.

        We will wait with bated breath when that thing happens beyond June 30, when the yellow machinery loses its grip on chicanery of machinations.