• Frayna finishes 10th in Brugse Meesters Chess


    Woman Grandmaster (GM) Janelle Mae Frayna wound up 10th overall in the 2017 Brugse Meesters Chess held at the Koninklijke Brugse Schaakkring in Brugge, Belgium.

    Frayna scored 6.5 points on five wins, three draws and one loss in the nine-round tournament.

    She was in a six-way tie for eighth place but ended up 10th when the tiebreaks were applied.

    Frayna posted victories over Mallet Gregoire of France in the opening round, Marcel Krosenbrink of the Netherlands in the second round, Jochem Mullink of the Netherlands in the fifth round, Gray Mark of England in the sixth round and Peeters Tim of Belgium in the eighth round.

    The first Filipina GM agreed to a draw with GM Epishin Bladimir of Russia (third), Marzano Carlo of Italy (fourth) and GM Dgebuadze Alexandre of Belgium (ninth). Her lone defeat was handed by GM Czebe Attilla of Hungary in the seventh round.

    “This has been my 5th tournament in Europe and my first time to win a trophy. In the past tourneys, I had some fantastic start but would end up badly placed in the last 2 rounds. In this tourney, I played against three GMs (two draws, one loss) and managed to gain more ELO rating points,” said Frayna.

    International Master (IM) Van Foreest Lucas of the Netherlands bagged the title with eight points while FIDE Master Lai Hing Ting of the Netherlands and IM Vandenbussche Thibaut of Belgium shared the No 2 spot with 7.5 points each.

    “It’s just a pity that on my ninth and last round against a Belgian GM, I had a winning position but misplayed it and the game was eventually drawn. Nevertheless, I really learned a great deal here,” added Frayna. EMIL C. NOGUERA


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