• Freddie Aguilar to be appointed Presidential Adviser on Arts and Culture



    We were wont to think Freddie Aguilar has quietly returned to his deep passion for singing songs with nationalist content after the brouhaha at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) with his controversial appointment as executive director nipped in the bud.

    Because of his self-imposed silence, even some friends in the loop think Ka Freddie, as he’s fondly called, was merely placed in the back burner by President Duterte himself to simply cool off.

    But think again. It seems for the love of President Digong the republican patriot in him cannot be silenced. This we found out after chancing upon him in one of his scheduled gigs at his Morato joint courtesy of Isadora, a good friend from way back and recently acclaimed female lead as Teresa Magbanua in an indie film.

    Through his disclosures we found out that Ka Freddie will be soon appointed as Presidential Adviser on Arts and Culture whose blueprint is ready for approval.

    Ka Freddie thinks that this advisory cultural animal is not a mere duplication of the programs already existing. He cites among others that the NCCA is not exactly measuring up to the notion and mandate of reaching out and giving cultural support fairly to everyone needing them.

    As adviser to the President, one of his functions therefore is to make arts and culture per se available to all, and not just to select fair-haired friends, associates, artists in the loop of the NCCA turf.

    Sounds like big words, but Ka Freddie has assured us that his mandate relative to bridging the gap of the so-called elitist culture with the kind of arts and culture prevailing among the unheralded, authentic cultural bearers of the same will apply to the rest of the concerned agencies.

    Why was his much-touted appointment at the NCCA went to naught?

    Other than some technical considerations to the position, Ka Freddie thinks it was pointless to force himself on a system that looked like a snakepit inhabited mostly of “yellow” vampires ready to devour him whole in flesh and blood.

    He would have accepted the position if the “yellows” were thrown out of his way. In the meantime, it looks like with his proposed position as arts and culture adviser/consultant to the President, Ka Freddie is elevated a notch higher than all other cultural agents of the government put together.

    The position according to Ka Freddie is not a payoff. The President is a long time good friend of his for over three decades now, and yes, still counting.


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