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RODY orders ban on street drinking. Munich’s Oktoberfest is set to violate the restriction.

* * *

Chief presidential peace adviser Jesus Dureza relayed the successful rescue of Fr. Teresito Soganub to the media. One soldier died and several were wounded. Expect CBCP to thank CHR’s Chito Gascon for a job well done.

* * *

UN is running out of sanctions. Nokor not running out of missiles. Nokor’s neighbors are running scared. War of bullies.

* * *

Drug trade is not governed by law of supply and demand. It does not follow that if the demand is nil, supply will cease. With billions of money involved, drug lords will always create the demand no matter what. Easy prey are the youth as users and the poor or unemployed will always be attracted to quick bucks. Equally vulnerable are corrupt cops who need extra money to maintain their extravagant lifestyle supported by fat wallets. Once these people are hooked, they will always work to increase the demand to keep their benefactors alive and well to sustain their normal compensation and addiction.

* * *

An appeal to the following:
Mayors of Sta. Maria and Bocaue, Bulacan, NLEX management, governor of Bulacan, congressman of the 4th district—we badly need another toll entrance/exit to supplement our present Bocaue-Sta. Maria exchange. Entering NLEX takes 30 minutes to one hour.

* * *

Bad driving habits of tricycles, pedicabs and motorcycles:
– overtaking on the right side even on corners when a car is about to make a right turn.

– occupying more than their allotted space as if they’re driving a dump truck.

– they never look at their side mirrors.

– they use their foot to signify a left turn.

– they make “balagbag” too, worse than buses.

– they rarely use their brakes and expect cars to slow down and give way.

– they never care for potholes while passengers accumulate headbumps.

– they usually overload and overcharge when there’s just one passenger.

– they drive as if their time is more important than everyone else’s.

– on national roads, they arrogantly occupy car lanes even if there are service lanes.

* * *

Toys ‘R’ Us files for US bankruptcy protection as online competition bites. We in Southeast Asia should assume the trademark everytime the POTUS and Kim Jon-un are both in a playful mood.

* * *

The UP Beta Sigma Fraternity condemns hazing and violence in the campus. We recruit members who will be icons of productivity and academic excellence. We are currently the trailblazers in the field of environmental protection and health assistance.

* * *

Government work and classes in public and private schools are suspended after President Duterte declared Thursday, September 21, a “National Day of Protest”. With the suspension of classes, movie theaters are not protesting.

* * *

News: Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno has been directed by her colleagues in the Supreme Court to respond to a lawyer’s plea to release her psychiatric and psychological evaluation results. Sereno was given five days to comment on the request of lawyer Lorenzo Gadon, who has filed an impeachment complaint against her before the House of Representatives.

– Do not be mistaken. No, she is not filing an annulment of her marriage to the high tribunal by reason of psychological incapacity.

* * *

Entire Caloocan police force sacked – NCRPO. Police Director Oscar Albayalde is right. BandAid is not the cure to a recurring illness.

* * *

After a decade, construction of MRT-LRT Common Station to begin in September.

* * *

Sen. Richard Gordon is right in slamming the delay in the destruction of the almost 900 kilograms of illegal drugs seized in San Juan last December. He was shocked to know that the judiciary is sitting on the case.

I cannot blame him for his outrage. While his committee was constantly pounding on law enforcement agencies in fast-tracking investigations and speedy filing of cases, the judicial body assigned is strolling in the park without any sense of urgency. One can almost smell that “justice delayed is justice for sale”.

“PDEA files drug raps vs Faeldon, 11 BOC execs over smuggled shabu.”

“Expel Lacson, Faeldon asks Senate.”

Democracy is overworked. Taxpayers’ fatigue is an expected result.

Lawmakers should not seek “special treatment,” says Palace. It’s unfair. They should treat “special members” with kindness as they need medical help.

* * *

I have been a ramen lover all my life. I have to share what I googled in case you want to try preparing one.

“5 Expert Tips for Making the Perfect Bowl of Ramen

1. It’s all about the noodles and broth. Focus on getting your broth full of flavor and richness, and take your time doing it. If you’re not making noodles from scratch, source the best possible ones you can find and buy them fresh.

2. Flavor and body in the broth come from lots of ingredients.

3. Never season your broth.

4. Never salt the ramen noodle cooking water.

5. Cook the noodles properly. Undercooked noodles will be floury and tough, but overcooked noodles will be soggy and pasty. Cook your noodles at the last second when everything else is ready, keep a watchful eye on the time, and make sure you keep tasting the noodles so that the second they are ready, they come out of the water.”

* * *

There was a statement relayed that the House justice committee is inclined to view the impeachment complaint against Comelec Chairman Andy Bautista as “dismissable”. Rejecting the complaint will give Mr. Bautista a breathing space of another year before any similar complaint is allowed. What is going on, Mr. Rey Umali? Is the “small lady” bothering you again?

Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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