Freelance sex workers flock to Zamboanga


ZAMBOANGA CITY: Health authorities on Monday expressed fear on the growing undocumented freelance sex workers here.

This was disclosed by City Health Officer Rodelin Agbulos, who challenged police authorities to address freelance sex workers roaming at night in the city proper.

Agbulos said compared to women employed in bars and clubs who undergo regular check ups at the health office, freelance sex workers cannot be monitored and this could pose danger to the health of their customers.

Before the influx of freelance sex workers in the town proper, there were earlier reports that the evacuation center in Zamboanga City found some female Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) working as freelance sex workers offering their services.

This was confirmed by IDP leader Gammar Hassan who said these sex workers have to survive and they were looking for money to buy food and water for their daily needs.

Government authorities immediately sent a team of investigators to the evacuation center to monitor movements of freelance sex workers in the evacuation center.

At present, there are no reports of “sex services” inside the evacuation center but health officials believe that due to the strict monitoring of sex workers inside the evacuation center, they have moved out of the evacuation center and continued offering their services in the town proper.

The city government is facing a tough challenge this time to manage the more than 20,000 IDPs in the City because most humanitarian organizations have left and turned over the management of evacuation camps to the city government.

International humanitarian organization came here in September last year to help the government establish evacuation centers to house IDPs whose houses were burned during the three-week clash between 400 Moro National Liberation Front fighters and 3,000 government troops.


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