• Freezing Valentine’s Day in Benguet


    BAGUIO CITY: Baguio and highland Benguet was freezing on Valentine’s Day.

    State weather bureau PAGASA placed the temperature reading at eight degrees Celcius at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, so far the lowest temperature this year.

    The highland Benguet, perennially two degrees lower, was apparently aching bones and joints even among locals who are used to the highland signature chill this time of the year.

    The more than one degree drop from Saturday morning’s 9.6 degrees, Sunday’s 9.2, and Monday’s 9.2 have hiked the “complaints” even by Baguio residents because the biting cold was beyond parry of thick clothing.

    The Northeast winds, accordingly coming from Siberia, is even fanning the freeze in the highlands.

    PAGASA forecast the possibility of the already freezing temperature to further dive down in the coming days to a low of 7.9 degrees even as the hot summer season starts by the end of February or early March this year.

    Kabayan town’s Mount Pulag, the second highest peak in the country at over 2,900 above sea level, usually records lower temperatures even that of northern Benguet and Baguio.

    Baguio recorded its lowest chill at 6.3 degrees on January 19, 1961.

    Meanwhile, city health officials advised Baguio and Benguet residents to wear extra clothes and take hot drinks to warm their bodies.

    Colds and cough are the usual sickness being experienced especially by young children and senior citizens are also vulnerable to pneumonia.


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